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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The winds of fall

The nights suddenly have been a lot colder, the wind has picked up blowing the leaves off of the trees. Time to find wood, I didn't have the resources to buy wood all summer so I started to find some in earnest. I found some nice block wood at a reasonable price. It burns hot and longer, it is also much cleaner, no bark and the ashes burn down really well.

With fall it is also time to bath the dogs for the winter. Dusti was looking really scraggly, he's so old now and his hips are bad. I can't groom him on the table I have to get down on the floor with him. That's what I did, I sat down on the soft carpet and he laid down and I took the clippers and cleaned him up and scissored him, it wasn't a very neat job because it's so hard to work on the floor and he can't stand up for long. Next was a warm bath with good shampoo. Dusti had some scabs under his fur and now the air can get to them so they will heal. He's feeling much better, less itchy and he smells really good.

Since the fire burns and the insert blows the hot air around the house the dogs get hot and I thin their coats so they are comfortable, it's a plus with the shedding too.

The bunnies cages got cleaned up, we got a load of wood and horse feed and so we are set for a week or so. I always feel like I am running just to stay on top of things.

The ponies are making a dent in their round bale and getting fat, that was the plan before the real winter temperatures get here. I would say at night that little bit is as wide as he is tall with his hay belly but of course he has a really thick winter coat. Pony was a little too thing but he's making up for it now. It's good that he doesn't get too much weight on him, he could founder easily and that is bad.

I've been struggling lately with being a single mom of a teenager, it's tougher now than it's ever been. Kylie is a good girl but she's 16 and she's strong minded and in a full blown teenage rampage of emotions and temper. It exhausts me sometimes and I hate being the only parent fighting all of the battles. They say it doesn't get easier...

This week is going to be very busy, I feel stressed about it already, it will make the week go quickly.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time pass so quickly

The cold weather is coming, in this part of the country you have to get ready for it. This past week that is exactly what I have been doing. I washed all of the horse blankets, called my hay guy to get a round bale for the little horses, got an oil change and tire rotation on the truck, and the chimney cleaned.

We had a close call with our bunny Theodore, he got an upper respiratory infection dehydrated and almost died, we had to take him to the vet and we got it all taken care of. He's a very sweet bunny and we've had him for a few years, I knew he needed to go to the vet or he would die, money is tight but I did what I had to do and he is back to his happy little self.

My brother took his little bird home and Juliet the parakeet, I asked him to take them so they would get more individual attention. We still have the little bunny that we took for a family that was living in a shelter. I am trying to find a home for him too, he deserves the individual love and attention a family can give him. I love him but I don't have the time to give to him and that isn't fair, if I can't find him a home of course we will keep him and do the best we can.

Kylie went to southern Ohio with a friends family over the weekend and have a wonderful time, I would have liked to go with them but there isn't anyone to house sit the animals, money is tight and I have to get things done around here.  

I received a text message from one of my friends from Wells who was hired when I was, he and many of the underwriters were given a 60 day notice of layoff. The mortgage business has slowed down and will continue to do so through the winter and may not pick up again if rates go up more. I am fortunate that I moved to a smaller company that isn't over staffed, they don't layoff people. Large companies are known for large layoffs in my business.

My next endeavor is to bring wood in for the winter. I am starting late on it but I will manage to find some hopefully at a reasonable price this month.

Cody and Aubrey are doing very well, we see them almost every day and work them a little. They like where they are and I like it too. I spent a good part of time since we moved from the farm worrying about them and now I feel much better. Cody is getting older, I love him so. It is good that I am able to spoil him and spend time with him, he deserves it and I remember when we were so close to each other and it's good to build that closeness again, good for him and good for me.