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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Work, work work

This week was very busy and with lots of work. I kind of felt like going somewhere and having fun but don't have the time and of course I'm too tired.

Mare Girl has a boo boo eye, I took some time tonight to rinse it with a cleanser and press a cold wash clothe against it. She was not happy about the wash but really appreciated the cold cloth and the ointment I put on her. I put a fly mask on her and her blanket to keep her warm tonight. Mare Girl is a sweet old girl, she got bullied by Jackson today and Preacher stepped in and broke it up for awhile and then my brother brought them all in as Mare was being picked on again. Jackson is next to the lowest in the herd as far as rank and takes it out on Mare sometimes. It's tough for senior horses sometimes.

I am happy tonight to be under a warm blanket on the sofa watching TV with a sweet dog sleeping on my feet. I love my little house with all my creatures. I finally found one thing that Nana (Umbrella Cockatoo) doesn't like to eat, Taco Bell. So, I could eat in peace for once without Nana reminding me that I am supposed to share everything I eat with her.

Looking forward to tomorrow just working around the farm. I plan to do  a little clean up with the tractor blade and clean the basement and block building. For now, I am going to snuggle down and enjoy the warmth. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

No time, must blog...

This month flew by and as January and February all always challenges there is no exception this year either. I've had a persistent sinus infection, cold, ice, snow, rain, warm temps... we've seen it all.

We have a new senior horse we are boarding named Buzzy, he arrived here under weight but is now gaining steadily and that makes me feel good. All the other horse babies are doing great and getting through the winter without any issues.

We are boarding two dogs right now that are very sweet and grooming is picking up which is also nice. I love working with animals and wish to do so all the time! I have a little part time job on the side right now to help with the winter heating bills but don't enjoy being away from the farm.

Tomorrow I will be bringing in some hay from a local farmer and next week getting sawdust. I have some great coupons for senior feed which is always expensive so we will be stocked up on that for awhile. I am looking forward to some drier weather to finish the projects outside. I always get a little jittery during these months cause I hate to be cooped up for long.

I am thankful for our big tractor with the 4x4 and good tires. We are able to spread manure and do the things that need to be done regardless of how high the mud or snow is around here!

Big Red gets a new muffler, fancy!

Cleaning up and grading before all the rain

Live Snuggies!

Preacher and Buzzy make friends

Echo so handsome, pretends he is not getting his pic taken

Horse attempts to mug human

Marcy attempts to dump a bag of feed into a container while Buzzy (her horse) tries helping with that over the gate or more accurately, trying to mug her for food. 

What dogs look like when they know they are in trouble

The picture says it all!

Okay, all Goldens off the groom table

I have four wonderful dogs and it was time for them all to get baths and trims and so last Sunday was the day.

The Goldens were first but apparently they thought that they needed to keep Cooper my Sheltie company while I was drying his coat. They are true companion dogs!