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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A good boarder gone bad...

Here we see Shirley, one of Kindred Acres Farm horse boarders behind bars.  She missed behaved one too many times and the door to the stall of justice closed. Her sentence... 20 minutes.  Preacher, enjoying his new fashion icon status was not amused because her attire was not suitable as it lacked burrs and he clearly did not want to appear in the photo with her.

After careful consideration of Shirley's offenses, her sentence was commuted and we allowed her to be released on probation provided she behaves from now on.


  1. This really funny and especially that you put the music video on there too!!!!

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  3. Shirley, I would have never quessed that you did time!!!

  4. There is a lot of things one does not know of my mother! Ask about her belly dancing days!! ; 0

  5. Michelle, I think maybe that is just too much information!