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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pulling back

I have taken the last week to pull back and withdraw from interaction with friends on the internet. I have made myself have quieter evenings without so much computer and phone activity and I have tried to go to bed earlier.

Towards the end of the week I was exhausted from work as I have a very analytical job that gives me decision fatigue. I can get very burn out depending on how demanding the week is on my mind. I went to bed earlier and even though I did not sleep right away I benefited from the dark and quiet of lying in my bed and just trying to relax.

Another aspect of what I am trying to accomplish is to have a quieter mind and mouth, I am working hard to try and not swear as much and also to stop thinking so negatively. Getting to know my biological family and ancestors I see patterns of both negative thinking and expressing thoughts negatively or too sarcastically.

Things sometimes are not apparent until you take a step back without anyone around and  you start looking inward. I have had difficulty with reversing negativity because it is easy to fall into but the swearing is not so difficult.

I am working on getting estimates for the new flooring for this house and at the same time some things that will have to be done on the new property. There is so much to get done and prepare things for Dusty and his family to move in here and to be able to move in June with all of my animals. There are things to consider for Uncle Greg who will move in after he retires.

Now the nice weather has come the people I am trying to make things happen for seem to have disappeared, I am struggling with this but as I have told others, never do a kindness expecting a reward or anything in return, I now have to practice what I preach.

My daughter I have not heard from in at least two weeks, I had the flu and was very sick with a high fever and asked her to stop by because I was considering going to the hospital but she wouldn't come. Mind you I gave her money just before I got sick and so presto disappearo. I know it is her age and phase partially but that does not make it less hurtful to me.

In the end, I look around at the beauty outside, all of my wonderful animals and having a good job, I realize how blessed I am and it is time for some inner reflection. When I feel alone facing things and dealing with things they seem to workout and in ways that I know God is behind them. I do get tired of being strong and having to make many decisions regarding two properties but I guess I will get through it.

The next week I will continue to work on my thinking and feeling while I have solitude to do so. I have chores to do in the evening now that daylight is longer that relieve some of the anxiety my job brings on. I have been able to complete specific things that need to be done here one little project at a time but there is much more to go.

I had a very good day yesterday as I spent time in the morning on the new farm and the Amish neighbor who is a carpenter. The pond is crystal clear because it is spring fed, the fish come up to the surface so you can see them, there is a duck that has chosen to live there who is very handsome, the trees are filling out so that I can see how they look now that spring has come. I met some neighbors who are really nice.

It is a much quieter place than here, yesterday the neighbors shoot guns off for hours here and the other neighbors who have a lot of outdoor recreational vehicles race around all day. At the new place there will be few cars, mostly buggies and neighbors who are not as close and are very low profile.

My Daniel though has had a bad time with the weather snap from very warm to cold, he is getting to the age where he probably has arthritis and a deteriorating disk in his neck. I have ordered something to make it easier to get onto the couch, I have also started giving him joint supplements. Daniel is a huge dog, it will be difficult at times to make him comfortable and all of this is old age, he still thinks he can run and jump but then he hurts himself. This makes me sad to see as I know it will get worse over time, the blessing is though that I can spend time with him because I work from home, time is precious with pets because they don't live as long as we do.

Daniel will be my last Golden, he has a very pure heart and no matter how painful it is he will follow me and he will not rest unless I am within sight. If I am sick he will not leave my side for anything. We have a deep bond and he will be my last Golden, I love my other dogs, I will always have dogs and save lives but Daniel is my heart.

It is another blessing that after all these years I can make Daniel more comfortable, I can give him more time when he needs me. It was not always so and I am grateful these things are possible. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hugh and Bit

I miss Pony terribly, I always will and Bit was lost without him. Hugh had to heal but almost immediately he was accepted by all the horses but what he means to Bit is much more. They were stalled next to each other for about three weeks, finally I let them out together and Bit is much better now. Hugh and Bit have bonded and it seems to have helped them both, it has restored balance in the herd and given me peace about Bit, it hurt me to see him so lost.

Little Sassy Massey

There are many days that I still miss the farm we had, I miss the old oak trees, the barns and Big Red. I bought a giant tractor at an auction for the farm, I never owned a tractor and I got spoiled because it could do jobs that were difficult or impossible to do by hand. I am not materialistic but I did love that tractor. I have been searching for a tractor for a couple of months, a smaller one with four wheel drive and bucket. I found one in Wooster, I paid a lot more for it than my Big Red because I didn't buy it at an auction but I did okay on the price.

With the help of Dusty and his horse trailer we got it home last weekend. It is a small Massey Ferguson, diesel, four wheel drive with front end loader and ag tires like Big Red. It is older but in excellent condition and is enough to move round bales of hay around and gravel. I hope to get an old manure spreader soon which will really be helpful.

The tractor sat in the barn for a couple of days, I eyed suspiciously as I did chores and finally when the neighbors weren't out and I felt confident I started it up and drove it. I had been really nervous about driving Big Red since I'd never had a tractor before and that tractor was bigger than my pickup truck but after being forced to drive it I was over being scared real quick. Same with this tractor, it took about 10 minutes of fooling around on it and I felt right at home.

Driving it made me feel better, somehow just being able to do things with it like I did on the farm seemed to have a healing affect. I hope when I move to the new farm that I will also feel healing, I've been homesick for the farm since I had to leave it but I didn't realize it until the past few months. Things happen and you accept them and keep going but it doesn't mean it doesn't break your heart. It isn't about things, for me it was a dream and knowing that the land and being close to it is in every fiber of my being.

I did not lose the animals though and that is what I am grateful for everyday. I managed to keep them and keep a roof over Kylie's head, it took a lot out of me, it was hard and I felt broken for awhile. If it were not for God I am not sure I would have made it mentally or emotionally intact, honestly.

So, new beginnings and a new life maybe. I not only have a grown daughter but now a son and his wife and children, Dusty has shared his family with me and we all love the land, they've helped me and worked along side of me, the children will grow up with their horses and mine and a donkey and a tractor and soon a big pond. The new place has a spring fed pond, woods, and a small arena.

My brother loves to fish, I know he'll enjoy the pond when he retires. I pray that there will be no more hard times for awhile, no more loss and sadness for awhile. I want to believe that there will be happy times, precious memories to make, peace and love and sanctuary.

I still work many hours at my job and every moment that I don't is precious to me, I try and enjoy every living thing here and the land when I am able. I still thank God that I can walk to the barn at night and feed the horses and brush and pet them, they are home and God willing they will be for as long as they live. I also thank God that I am able to work from home, I work regular hours and many hours over but I am always near what I love.

The new tractor is not a Big Red but it is red and it is sassy.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Vet calls

Hugh was gelded before he came and the vet that did it cut him on the side instead of directly below which would have drained easier. He got an infection before coming and they had him on antibiotics. The infection was much worse by Wednesday and I called my vet to come out.

When you sedate a donkey they actually can get very hard to handle as they fight it, my vet chose not to sedate Hugh and they proceeded to clean out the infection with iodine and gauze without it. Hugh was swollen and in pain and he put up a fight but they held him and got it done.

He got a shot of antibiotic which is what he should have had in the first place and washed down with the hose after that, we also started him on bute. His wound is still draining but the swelling and infection is gone now.

The amazing thing about Hugh is after his incision was cleaned and after he had reared and fought and bit he immediately walked over to the vet and vet tech and put his head down against their chests as if he were sorry and grateful. The other amazing thing is I chose not to tie Hugh up to hose his wound down every day with cold water and instead confined him in a smaller area and followed him around with the hose and he stopped and let me clean the entire area out thoroughly.

Cody hit his head in the stall Sunday and his eye was swollen shut, I had the vet out again because I wasn't sure if he had injured his eye, the vet determined nothing was wrong with his eye he had hit his head and that is why it was swollen.

I have had my horses for many years and never have vet visits but we have had a few recently. Hugh really had a tough time before he got here, I am glad I could get him feeling better and now he will heal without any more issues.

I spend more time now with the horses in the evenings just petting them and babying them. I enjoy petting Hugh but I also know it is important that each one get special attention. Hugh has felt well enough now to sniff the other horses over the fence, they play spat a little but I think they will all get along. Hugh seems to like Little Bit and doesn't show any aggression in the stall over the divider. Bit on the other hand does lay his ears back and spin around at Hugh when he thinks Hugh wants his hay which Hugh does but he can't get at it.

I miss Pony very much, I know Bit does too but I think that Hugh was meant for us and hopefully we will have good times together. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hugh arrives

Friday was hot and I had a tank top on and was burning up while working on the stall for Hugh who arrived Saturday morning. The transport went fine and he got off the trailer and slowly went in the barn. Little Bit and the horses gave him a sounding greeting and Little Bit especially was excited.

We led Hugh into the stall and he sniffed around and Little Bit and him looked each other over. Saturday was cold and the wind was awful. Hugh's foster mom helped me put up fence so Hugh had his own smaller space attached to a larger pasture. I let the horses out briefly and they wanted to smell Hugh but he kept his distance. I brushed Hugh though and let them smell the brush and they looked like they were not sure what that smell was because it wasn't a horse.

I froze yesterday, it took a hot shower and a hot fire to get the chill out. Later that night I tried giving Hugh his medicine and he wouldn't eat it in grain or applesauce but he did do pretty well when I mixed it up in a syringe and put it in his mouth but he didn't particularly like me afterwards.

This morning he was fine and he ventured out of his stall and looked around and stood in the sunshine. It was cold but the wind wasn't blowing and so we weren't all freezing to death. I was so tired from the day before I took a couple of naps before going out and walking Hugh some.

Dusty and Jessie and their little girls stopped by and we all went to visit Hugh. I should have taken a picture of Lee hugging and kissing him, she is only two and half and she loved him and he seemed to love them all. What a happy and beautiful moment.

Little Bit is laying his ears back and kicking at Hugh through the divider between them when I hay them both, but when Hugh walks outside Bit calls for him. I can't tell you how I miss our Pony still, I had some sad moments fixing up the stall and wishing Pony were still with us. I know that Bit still misses Pony too but it is good to give a home to another animal. It is good to share a home and love, Hugh wasn't abused but owned by an elderly lady that couldn't keep him anymore.

You know I prayed about bringing another animal home and in so many ways I felt peace about this even though I don't have experience with Donkey's I have just always wanted one. The Lord has blessed me again with something good. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I feel excited

It seems like my life is all about chores and work 7 days a week and it can become monotonous. The last couple of days things have started moving and I am excited. Hugh is coming this weekend and I have to get the stall ready and do some fence repairs but am really eager to finally get him here to begin his new life.

Next week I am closing on the farm I am buying, I will be moving there in the spring. The next few months will be a series of chain reactions with work to be done here to get ready for the move and renovation. The floors are being upgraded from carpet to wood for when my step son and his family move in.

At the new place I will have to install new fencing and have some repairs done in the stalls and barn. There is a pond and a small riding arena with a house and 10 acres. This will be the last time I move, it will be my home and where my horses will be buried someday.

There is a sunroom for the birds, the pond is for my brother who will be retiring in the fall and will live with me. The arena is for me, I will be able to spend time with Cody without having to be outside in the mud etc. There will be no boarders or the hassle of people trying to run a barn that isn't theirs or people tramping through where I live.

The dogs will have plenty of room and there is an extra bedroom for when family visits. It is not a fancy house but it has been remodeled and there is geothermal that was installed last year.

I know I will probably work as much as I do now but I am excited and feel like the future is going to be something fun and exciting at least for awhile. I am also excited that Dusty and his family will be living here and his two little girls will have a nice place to make many memories.

I wanted to take what my dad left me and do good with it and helping Dusty and family and my brother are two ways that I can do that. Kylie is on her own now but I did get her a nice little car. Of course I am helping the donkey by giving him a home and I am tempted to take a couple of goats but we will see.

I am grateful that things are easier now, I am grateful to my dad but mostly I am thankful to God from which all things come. I have said many times I have been blessed so much and it was true and continues to be true.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A donkey I love

I have been visiting a donkey who is at a rescue, I call him Hugh. Tomorrow he will be gelded and after a waiting period I hope to be bringing him home. The plan is for him to eventually bond with Little Bit since we lost pony and Bit is missing someone closer to his size.

I have really fallen for Hugh, he is very cuddly and sweet and I think he knows that I want to be his new Donkey mom. While visiting Hugh yesterday I had my first experience with a mean rooster, I got a scratch on my leg and learned not to turn my back on him. Hugh did chase him off once I went into where he was and I was really happy about that.

I also enjoyed the company of two potbelly pigs and a couple of really sweet goats. Below is a picture I took while Hugh was wondering why I was holding my phone instead of him.