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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Donkeys can be very serious

Two friends

Cooperative geese

Penny and her entourage are kept in the barn at night since the pond is frozen over to keep them safe. I let them out to roam if there is grass exposed but if the ground is covered with snow I only let them out in the barn during the day. If it is nice enough to let them roam I let them out in the morning and walk to the pond at the end of the day to escort them back to the barn.

Today it started snowing in the afternoon and for the first time they walked around the house down the driveway and into the barn on their own about the same time I would normally bring them in before sundown. 

Penny of course was leading them all the way. In the beginning of winter they didn't want to be in any shelter but with the brutal temperatures I insisted on them coming into and staying in the barn. I think they have learned to appreciate being in a stall with hay bedding and water and out of the wind.

I really have grown attached to Penny and the other geese, they give me great joy and amusement. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Sweet faces

A Christmas Tradition

Three dogs and three toys but only one Golden Retriever. Every year I wrap dog toys and put them under the tree and the dogs will not touch them even though they can see and smell them and KNOW they are dog toys until I tell them it's okay to take them.

It is the same every year, Mica and Cooper know that Daniel my Golden will take all three toys and they let him. Daniel will be in dog toy heaven for days trying to carry all three in his mouth and playing favorites with each toy at different times.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Coming full circle

21 years ago I bought a horse and named him Cody and in the beginning I spent every day with him and we had a very special bond. Life happened and being a single parent I didn't have the time to spend with him and sometimes I felt very guilty.

I held on to him anyway and I have looked at this face looking in at me when I clean his stall for the better part of 20 years. Looking back at the rough times and even if I couldn't spend time with him that he was taken good care of, had his herd and was never in the hands of someone that would hurt him or be sold at an auction.

I have waited a long time to be able to be with him and feel the deep connection we once had and finally it isn't a dream or a hope any longer but a reality.

Since I haven't ridden in a long time I struggle with the saddle and the bridle and my riding seat but Cody is patient with me, he just quietly waits for me to get the tack right and tolerates my poor seat. Slowly it is all coming back including the memories, I was young and he was young and in the beginning we learned new things together and we had fun. I am old and he is old but now it is a calmer thing between us.

I know Cody loves me, I can feel it when he is near me and when he nuzzles me when I am letting him out of his stall. I know that when I take him out now to ride or exercise that he feels maybe as I do that it has been a long wait.

I searched for the right saddle for us for awhile and I found one that is light weight compared to our old saddle but just as comfortable. I rode in it tonight and felt deep in the saddle like I used to, the feeling I had forgotten about. When I exercised Cody first I didn't speak to him, he read my body language and knew what I wanted without words. I took time to listen to him in the way he moved and make him feel good.

We rode tonight, we rode a little like it used to be when it was just Cody and me and the quiet of the evening. I was so full of joy and Cody was just mellow and happy to have his hay afterwards. I wanted him to know how happy he had made me, I hugged him and he ate. I walked from the barn to the house, tears in my eyes because I felt I had found something precious that was lost for a long time. There are tears in my eyes now from the love and joy that I feel.

I don't know how many years Cody and I will have left together, I only know that time is precious and we must enjoy every moment together. We are older but there is that glimmer of the past peaking through when I was young and determined and Cody was young and unsure. There is a warm ember of that special bond still glowing and with a little coaxing it will burn again brightly. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Humbly thankful

After loosing the farm in Granger I tried to get over it and forget it but I couldn't, it took me years to realize that I would never stop wanting a farm. I looked for a long time for a place even before I was able to buy another farm and one just sort of came out of nowhere.

I bought a farm in February and let the sellers stay till the school year was up, I moved in this month. The interesting thing was that I am deep into Amish country now and have many Amish neighbors. I have one really good Amish neighbor who just happened to be a carpenter. The place is perfect except the barn where the stalls are was in very bad condition, my neighbor fenced the place in for me and built new stalls, the work is impeccable and affordable.

The house is completely remodeled and has geothermal, there is 10 acres with a small arena. I never looked for a property with a pond but this one has that to and it is a large one. The pond is spring fed and has a giant bass in that was hand fed and his name is Lenny. I also have 3 geese.

I had special mats installed in the new stalls that are stabilizing and have a base of limestone, everything drains and stays dry no matter what.   I also had skylights put in over each stall, there is always natural light in the barn and a little hill for the horse to go up and down and woods for them to go into to stay cool during hot days.

I have another neighbor that sells 1000lb round bales very cheaply that lives on the corner of the gravel road that is my road. Buggies travel down my road more than cars, the Amish waive when they see me.

While in the middle of the new construction and the process of moving my brother had his brain surgery for Parkensens and it was a success, he stayed with me during his recovery. My step son and his family are now living in my old house hoping to buy it some day and are 7 miles from here.

My daughter Kylie is out on her own but seems to be struggling, the only troubling thing going on right now. I am sad for her but at the same time frustrated as she wants to do things the hard way.

The horses made the move okay and the parrots and the dogs, I took four cats with me and we may have lost one, the older one who we have been nursing for a few months. The other two cats are both males and are at the old house, Moe one of them may end up here anyway.

There are woods here with older bigger trees, the land is beautiful and I can see it all from an upstairs sunroom and from the sunroom downstairs as well. I have brush hogged the land that the grass had grown up and am slowly working on the weeds, there are apple and pair trees with fruit on them.

I have mixed feelings right now, it all seems to good to be true, I feel unworthy but at the same time I feel I have finally found home, where I belong, part of things I should be part of. The quiet, simple beauty is overwhelming after so many years of struggling and never seeing an end.

I thank God for everything and at the same time I am still in awe of everything around me and how it came to  be. It is hard to settle down and just accept this gift, this blessing, to sit back and think that God has seen me through and delivered me so many times and now has brought me to this place.

It was important to me to have a final place to live out my life, to bury my horses somewhere that I would remain. It is also important that I am able to help my step children and my daughter and my brother. God has made all of it possible. I think that eventually I will feel at ease with everything but for now I feel wonder and amazement.