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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Thursday, May 31, 2012

fast moving day

The vet came to see Polo today and he is recovering very well. Polo and Cody spent time in the arena together grooming each other and doing horsey things. I think they should share some hay when they are together because they get bored, maybe tomorrow we'll try it.

Mike helped me adjust the back blade on the tractor and it is working much better now. I have dirt to move and I want to clean up the paddock and smooth it out. I am going to cut some of the tall grass and trim around the fence for the next few days. Things get hairy around here pretty quick so I have to hustle to keep up with it.

We have two adorable puppies we are doing daycare for and they are very sweet. One of them has a little cold but she should feel better in a couple of days.

I helped Shirley today with a crate and met her chicks, they were super cute. I had a ton of phone calls today and picked up a round bale in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I have an appointment and also am going two groom two little dogs. The weather is nice and tolerable. The horses are very happy with the grass growing the cooler weather and less bugs biting.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun in the sun

My idea of fun is not always the same as probably most peoples. I am pretty much a home body and like just doing farmy stuff and it is fun to me. I did some house cleaning in the barn and since it was so hot we hosed down all four of our horses.

We promptly turned them loose in the arena and back paddock to let them role and get covered in dirt, the reason is nature fly control. No poison spray and they enjoy it so much. They were all down with their hooves in the air and came up the same color. Cody is red and white and pony is a palomino but they were both as brown as bit, they loved it. Now, when they came in this evening the dirt had dried and they had shook it out and Cody having so much white, looked white where he was supposed to.

Kylie saddled up Aubrey and rode him for a little while and he did very well. The new feed is really popping the horses coats and they are very shiny and sleek, plus they are rounding out and muscling up. I really am pleased with the Buckeye products and am glad not to be feeding Purina or Safe Choice anymore it just wasn't doing anything for the horses.

Nana got another bath today as her white feathers still look dirty in some places. She was hanging on the bars in her cage and spreading her wings and flapping them and in parrot talk that means I really like my  bath. The payoff for getting her soaked is she is quiet and happy for the rest of the day instead screaming and demanding attention. She always carries on when the sun goes down until I come and tell her nigh, night and pull her blanket down. She always wants to say goodnight. This morning I walked outside and left the door open and she came down from her perch and said good morning and hello as plain as day.

We watched some TV this afternoon at the hottest part of the day, I took a nap late afternoon and Uncle Gregg came down for a few hours. It was a good day and fun for me especially watching eight pairs of hooves up in the air and seeing them thrash around as they try and role on each side.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When your down

Yesterday I didn't feel like I was on top of the world. I tried to make today a better day. So, I tormented my pets. Not really but they thought so. Pony and Bit got a nice shampoo bath with Bit getting shaved because he never looses his winter coat easily because it is so thick. Bit looks so cute and charming with his little self prancing around. He was mad as heck though for getting a bath.

Nana and Loki got spritz baths, after all they are parrots from rain forests.Loki likes water but Nana only likes it when the sun room is hot and I have to sing to her while I spray her. 

I cut the grass in the back yard and did some trimming at dusk. Kylie and I watched some TV in the afternoon when it gets really hot. 

Tomorrow I am thinking of grooming the dogs or at least one a day. Cooper will go first and I am going to take off belly fur and trim his feathers short for summer. Maybe I will wash Cody my horse and I know he will hate it but he really needs it. I will have to drag him away from any dirt after his bath because he will drop and roll any chance he gets. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Too Hot for me

It was hot and dry today with a hot wind, I don't like it when it gets this way. I'm get tired and cranky. The horses had hay outside and the pasture but they wanted to come in early. The bugs were biting because it is threatening to storm. I let them in and gave them some hay and hosed the roof of the barn to cool it down.

Polo the little stinker is trying to get out of eating his beet pulp. He didn't eat it this morning and this evening he picked at it but when I checked again later he had eaten it. He is a darling horse with lots of personality, you can't help but love him.

Kylie got her eyes checked and picked out a new pair cause her other ones broke. It's been quiet really for the most part today. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, Jesus loves me

I was sweeping the barn tonight and I was playing some tunes on my ipod when Whitney Huston started singing "yes, Jesus loves me". I had to reflect on listening to my mom sing this song to Kylie when she was a baby while rocking her to sleep.

I felt sorry for the little children today that never get to hear that song. Christianity has gotten a really bad name these past few years. You hear about judgement and condemnation in the name of the Lord and I believe that is a primary reason why children don't ever get to know Jesus as a friend.

I know the Bible very well, my grandfather read it to me every day as a child for hours, I heard his sermons he wrote and I listened as he talked with old time pastors that would pay him a visit. I know about sin and judgement in the Old Testament.

My grandfather when he was young was a hell, fire and brimstone kind of preacher but when I came in to the picture he was gentle, patient, and so kind. Grandfather was my best friend and I saw the Lord through him, He to is gentle, patient and so very kind also.

Jesus is my friend besides being the son of God. I think Christians forget that while sharing the "good news" that Jesus loved in His every day life with people. Jesus never turned anyone away and the very people we condemn today He loved, forgave, and cherished.

It doesn't come across as very comforting when someone is at the end of their rope and you tell them they are a worthless sinner, could never please God, and the consolation is Jesus died for you but you really don't deserve it. Although we all sin, we are children of the most high God, He is a parent and loves us no matter what. We forget that some people were never loved properly by their parents, what then? How are people supposed to understand God if they don't know what love really is.

Jesus had a message but He didn't talk as much as He did and when you read about Him you can see goodness and love. The kind of love that when you feel like no one cares, you've failed and you don't have a hope in the world that a friend, Jesus, does care, does love, and will be their with you at your lowest moments. Not because He has to be but because He wants to be. Just like a good parent He wipes away your tears, doctors your skinned knee, and tells you everything is going to be okay. The things deep in our heart we all need to hear and experience as humans and get very little of from each other.

Yes, Jesus loves me and everyone else regardless of whether we approve or not. I will sing it to my grandchildren and teach them the old ways and they will know God. As a side note, Nana a rescued, plucked Cockatoo of ours who knows this song. I didn't teacher her but she learned it somewhere in her long life and we sing it together, not really a good example though, it doesn't do much good when people want to cover their ears.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Half off day

This morning I did the chores and decided to take a little bit of money and buy Kylie and I breakfast. It ended up being lunch but we needed a good hot meal. We stopped in at the Salvation Army to find Kylie some jeans. It was half off day and we got some good and needed stuff.

I blow through tennis shoes and boots like crazy always working outside and so I don't buy new stuff because it isn't worth it just to get manure all over new shoes. I found a pair of Sketchers and a pair of all terrain boots. I have been having problems with comfortable shoes and my feet have paid the price. Both pairs felt great and the boots are light and breathable for the hot months of summer. I'm feeling much better walking now. Kylie got a pair of jeans, several t-shirts and a tea kettle and all of it cost $7.

The best part about buying used jeans and shirts is you work in them, paint in them, and just beat them to death and then replace them without breaking the bank.

It just isn't practical for us to spend tons of money on clothes and shoes. Besides, every dollar counts around here.

I woke up with a bad sinus headache and it was pretty hot today after being kind of nippy yesterday. I wish it would rain some since it's just may and everything is drying out.

Will and Mare came in the barn today together and Will let Mare drink water with him out of the tub. It took a really long time for Mare to be accepted by Will and Jackson but they have finally allowed her to be one of them completely. She can come to the gate first, drink and num hay without being chased away.

Daniel ripped the head off of his giant stuffed bright pink rat. I pulled some of the stuffing out and through it away to save him the trouble of pulling it out all over the living room. Life with dogs.... always a cleaning challenge.

Nana our cockatoo is so much fun. She greats me when I come in the back door with all her feathers displayed (the ones she still has cause she plucked herself very badly before we adopted her) and jumping up and down and gives a jungle yell. I love Nana, she's like a little toddler and is full of personality and beakiness. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farm stuff

Sunday was really hot, yesterday was comfortable and today was cold. Here's a surprise... I have a sinus headache. I mowed grass today thinking it was going to rain but it didn't so things are looking dry and brown.

The horses had a great day because it was cool outside and they could stay out in the pasture without bugs biting or getting to hot. Mare girl is looking really good with her shiny coat. Will has finally gained weight. Cody and Aubrey look just right. Pony and bit still need shaved and I need to do that this week.

Polo has lost a lot of weight but he seems to be stabilizing as far as his founder flare up. Now the challenge is to have him gain weight without causing a flare up. We have some average quality hay, beet pulp, and corn oil in our arsenal to put safe calories in him. He is feeling good and has plenty of energy. He rolled yesterday in the arena which was great because he's wanted to for a long time. I am learning about thoroughbreds and also about founder. When Mare first came to the barn I didn't have a clue about Standardbreds and the same with Arabs but now I have experience with both and their personalities and tendencies. Health issues are important to learn when you are caring for a senior horse, they have some unique problems sometimes and sometimes things are just happen faster and more frequently.

I took part of the fence down where water pools when it rains and pushed more soil and gravel over to build it up. Eventually, it won't pool anymore and the horses won't have to go through deep mud when they go out to the big pasture. It's better than it was last year and it won't take much more to fix it for good.

I took time tonight to talk to Will in his stall and he seemed calmer, he can be stall aggressive with people because he has been treated very badly in his early life. I talked to him and told him how handsome he is and he leaned into the bars and listened. I brushed Polo on his back a little while he ate and brushed Cody a little too. Everybody in the barn had a good day today with the coolness of the day.

I finally got the living room cleaned up yesterday and swept it really well. I had to fix the vacuum cleaner it had some clogs and other issues. With four dogs my greatest fear is not having a vacuum cleaner for a day. I messed with the vacuum for awhile and it is working great, it's old, second hand, and has a bag but it vacuums better than any other I've ever had. Today I came in from the barn and my nice clean floor had toy stuffing all over thanks to Daniel, he was very proud but I thought what a loosing battle around here. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

another sad post

Today we found Buttons one our cats very, very sick. We took him to the vet and unfortunately all we could do is put him down. We brought him home and buried him. I fed him with a dropper when he was a kitten because his mom's milk dried up. He always had issues here and there and knew he'd not been feeling well lately.

My heart is full of sorrow and lose. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My memory stinks

Lately, I have been very absent minded. I think it's stress but it is very annoying. I've forgotten a couple of things this week that I usually would never let slip my mind. I don't want to relate it to age just stress or to many pans in the fire.

Yesterday, Polo got ex rays and they looked better than expected. He will need plenty of stall rest, cold hosing, and light on the food but I think he is going to be fine. His padded shoes are the best thing for him and hopefully whatever the trigger has been the mystery will be solved soon.

My brother called from the hospital, he was in the stroke ward because he thought he had a mini stroke. They kept him for tests and observation but today they think they have ruled out a stroke and think he had a severe migraine. I was very relieved to hear it wasn't a stroke but he did have all the symptoms. The doctors are going to do more tests and give him some good medications to prevent it from being so severe. I told him nice try but he isn't getting out of stall cleaning after all which he only half laughed at.

Earlier today Kylie and worked with Aubrey on getting him back to putting a bridle on without a fuss and also backing without a lot of pressure. Kylie and Aubrey did really well and it was fun instead of being a drill session.

Scrappy came for kenneling for the weekend and a bath and we will have a total of six dogs in the kennel over the weekend. They are all great dogs and very well behaved. I love dogs and I love horses so I must be in heaven.

Mare Girl got her hooves trimmed and was happy to be let out to pasture again afterwards. I love mare she is so sweet and special. She knows how to live a happy life and loves her stall (it's the most private in the barn), loves senior feed, and pasture. Did I mention getting kisses and getting brushed once and awhile? She loves those to.

I did the late evening chores which includes bringing our herd from the pasture, they were waiting for me when I came out and ready to come and eat and go to bed. Love them all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everything happens at the same time

This morning Polo showed signs of founder again. Polo is a wonderful horse and his owners are very special people and love him very much. I know that Polo will be okay but it's frustrating to have a set back after he seemed to be out of danger.

I had a very important appointment today that went very well and I am hopeful good things will come from it. I have booked several dogs for the kennel the first week of June and had to turn two people away because I don't want to over book.

Kylie worked with Aubrey today and they did well. During the course of the day, I witnessed a trainer use some very old fashioned (cowboy) ways of training a horse. I was disappointed to see the approach because there are so many more positive ways to get the desired results. The dominance approach, intimidation equals control sort of theory just doesn't work for me. There are times to be firm I agree, but teaching is about communication and choices. Setting up a horse or a dog to encourage the behavior or task you are looking for and communicating or rewarding is simply saying yes that's what I want you to do and the animal given the chance, will choose the correct outcome. Furthermore, I already know I am in control and the animal knows they are being asked to do something, the question is what and the job is communicating the request clearly.

I ran into my blacksmith at the gas station and caught up on horse and stable news. Seems times are tough for a great many people with horses and you don't read about it in the news but it is still tough just the same.

Tomorrow the vet comes to see Polo and I hope she is able to shed some light on things. I am going to do some painting for a friend and the regular chores around here. My farmer is back in town and I will pick up a round bale tomorrow sometime.

I think a good nights sleep is order now, I am tired and it's been a busy day. Kylie is tired and worried too and I know she is just over tired, tomorrow she'll feel better.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poison Ivy, Benedryl Fog

I made the mistake of trimming weeds with shorts on (note to self, don't ever do that again), I have some itchy legs and took some medicine. Unfortunately, I was in a fog for most of the day and didn't really wake up till afternoon.

After getting myself all caffeined up I managed to mow more in the pasture, hook the blade up on the tractor and spread dirt over the brick fill next to the house in hopes of improving the look of the house and I pushed manure down in the low spots where I am trying to regrade in the back.

I did a load of laundry, and low and behold my teen daughter decided she wants to learn to cook if for no other reason that she likes to eat something homemade once and awhile. I've been so busy that it is kind of grab, eat and run around here. I promptly went to the fridge pulled some stuff out and turned her loose with supervision, she did really well.

No more meds that make me sleepy this week, I can't be walking around in a sleepy fog. I'm going to bed early tonight to make sure I am good to go tomorrow.

Polo is coming along with his founder, he has lost weight because he has to eat less and let the founder work through his system. He get's some grain and beet pulp starting today and he will start to feel more energetic. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Barn Swallows

I have a favorite bird and that is barn swallows. At my old house we had a nest of them in the garage every year. The babies would learn to fly and every time I mowed they'd swoop and they'd perch on the fence by the garage and watch me, just about four feet away. They'd leave and comeback every year. I knew them and they knew me. I moved down the road to this farm and yesterday while mowing, three or four barn swallows followed me and swooped as I cut. Things felt like old times with my little friends.

Polo got horsey sneakers today so he could have more comfort walking. He seemed to adjust pretty fast with them on and wanted to go everywhere.

Yesterday and today were pretty good days, I'm kenneling four dogs now and one more on Sunday, things are picking up. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An amazing thing

I'll give you a little history on two horses here so that you can truly appreciate my wonder. Jackson, is a quarter horse that is a big teddy bear and everyone loves him but he is very bad to other horses. To be blunt, he is a bully. Jackson has picked on Mare Girl for months, Will his companion is not good with people but great with other horses and he is the head of the herd which consists of Jackson and Mare.

Will and Jackson have slowly accepted Mare but Jackson is always pushing her around. After all these months she is finally one of them and they eat, drink etc. together. At coming in time though Will is always first, Jackson is second and is always chasing Mare.

This evening as I stood in amazement, Jackson stood and let Mare walk past him to the gate and come in without even lowering his ears or chasing her.I had to see if he was alright, he was and I praised and kissed him and told him what a wonderful boy he is. Tomorrow he may be back to usual or perhaps I dreamed this but I hope not.

Polo is doing much better and is happy and playful even though he is still pretty much on stall rest. William is starting to gain weight, he wasn't real thin but he is a quarter horse and he is required to have a big butt! Will has been a challenge to put weight on and I am happy to see he is finally popping. He is a cribber and nothing works, not even collars. I finally put a square broom up in his window so he couldn't grab the wood/metal and he can't crib then. Horses that crib can really have problems keeping weight on and it is risky with colic too.

Everyone else is doing well and enjoying a couple hours on pasture and about four hours on a round bale outside. I wish I had that life myself. We are going to get pony cleaned up and maybe Kylie will show him this summer. He's been shown before and he is very pretty and listens really well. Since he was the reason Kylie hit her head in the barn and got a concussion I will have to tease her about showing him (he'll be on a lead line) and wearing a safety helmet.

I cut some grass today and trimmed weeds, my least favorite thing because the weed eater always makes my hands and arms hurt. Still, things look better and I have plenty more to trim and cut. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some fun for a change

Kylie and I went to town today and had a little fun together. We got lime for the stalls at TSC and parrot food before Nana screamed the house down. We also had a few laughs and did some window shopping. I found some paint samples to bring home to hold up to the house and imagine with great effort another color besides pealing taupe.

I make many phone calls today that went well, all business of course. I will be making a few more tomorrow. Kylie braided my hair this morning and it has looked good all day. We had a little drama with a family member that is mad at me but I think it's all better now, we will see in the next couple of days.

We had a few laughs today instead of being stressed and over worked. It was a pretty good day.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Attacked by a bungee

I went to Litchfield today to get a round bale and while securing it with a bungee (as tight as possible) it broke and about knocked my face off. I was stunned for a few minutes but besides some swelling I am okay.

Today was one of those days that I didn't feel like I got much done. I dropped the hay off in the barn and Kylie and I had fun watching people as we drove by (mouths agape) because we were in a big yellow pickup with a huge shredded wheat looking thing in the back. The suspension on the truck is pretty lame so that added to the humor as we felt like bobble heads.

It was really humid today and I hate that especially working in the barn. I did get some paperwork done and low and behold my dad agreed to help me with some bills. Maybe that is why I have felt faint all day, just couldn't stand the shock.

I am really worn out today and feel beaten down. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will feel like taking on the world again.

The flies were bothering the horses today as they do just before a storm. It seems a little early in the season to be dealing with flies. We do have fly predators in the stalls already.

I did get laundry done today, organized garbage cans and trying to get things looking as good as possible. I need to borrow a pressure washer to take the chipping paint off the house. Hopefully, it will be cooler tomorrow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Something new is in the air

I have wanted to have some classes here at the farm for dog owners for a long time. I have finally decided to pursue it so I have created a puppy socialization event for May 20th. The signup is here:

Puppies socialized at a young age benefit greatly and are happier dogs!

The backyard

Mowed the lawn in the backyard this evening. Great place for dogs as it is completely fenced in. I did the thing I hate to the most and that is trim all the weeds around the house and front, tomorrow the back around the buildings.

The little path in the picture is the path made by going to the barn to do chores. I've worn a path in the grass.

The barn has windows for the horses as you can see in the picture. In the morning they talk to me as I make my way to the gate. They are saying bought time, now feed us. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

A hot tub would be nice

I am sore all over today from being on my feet for two days straight running around like an insane person. Humidity may be part of the problem too as my legs and ankles hurt. I would like a massage and a hot water tub right about now and to be able to sleep in. Alas, I can only dream...

I gave two gorgeous cats lion cuts today and they were very pretty. The kitties were very patient and calm about it, thank goodness. It was hot and humid while cleaning stalls and I am behind on sleep so I did take a little nap.

Kylie and Polo are feeling better, I am hoping for a cooler day tomorrow. I will have a very busy day tomorrow but should get more sleep tomorrow night than tonight. I have a lot of work planned for the weekend and hopefully I'll make a dent in it.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Action packed day

Last night I took Kylie to the emergency room for a bump on her head she got a couple of days ago when she brought Pony in and he spooked and went backwards and she hit her head on the ramp next to the gait. It didn't seem very bad but she started getting dizzy etc. so she has a mild concussion. She will have to take it easy till her symptoms and headache go away.

This morning I started out by making phone calls, I missed two early morning meetings because of the late night emergency room thing and so I rescheduled them. Next was cleaning the kennel and rotating horses in the pasture, stall cleaning, and some visitors. Clients came to see the kennel and reserved time for their dogs.

Polo has been lame for a few days and we thought it was the new exercise he was getting and just being sore. Today it was much worse and he had a real problem with his two front feet. I called his owner and she came down and we decided to call the vet, she checked him over and he has foundered. I think we caught it in time to minimize the damage. He will get hosed down, limited hay, and pain medicine for a few days. I am glad we got the vet out because he was really feeling the pain and at least we know what is going on. We don't know why he foundered but the vet will check for different things once he's better.

I had a very good friend stop by and we are putting together a plan to get some cosmetic things done to the front of the house and some other things. We are also going to work on marketing and a few other really important things. We may be able to get some volunteers out here to help paint etc.

This day has been really full and I'm pretty sore and tired. It was a good day except for Polo. Tomorrow I have to groom two cats and I will be here working on some of the cosmetic things. Friday I have a meeting and Saturday and I am sure new things will arise.

It's was too hot and humid for my liking and the horses but at least it was not pouring the rain down. Hopefully tomorrow both Polo and Kylie will be feeling better. 

Correction... our breakfast

Where's my breakfast barn attendant?