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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lottery ticket

I seldom buy a lottery ticket but do so today for the fun of it. Now, begging the question, what would I do if I won. I know exactly what I would do. I would buy a larger farm and create a senior horse sanctuary, I'd also provide a place for senior dogs who have been dumped at shelters to live out their lives in a happy loving place. I would also team with groups who help abused/traumatized children. Animals are healing and can reach a child when no one else can so that is my big dream.

I would go on a vacation too since I haven't had one in about fifteen years. I've never been able to take Kylie anywhere and I'd love to do that before she grows up.

The idea of being rich is scary considering so many people get big money all at one time and it sort of ruins their life. I really don't think of being rich but of being able to do what I love and survive. Helping a few animals and kids along the way would be the added bonus. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New horse arriving

I met a senior retired horse on Sunday, his name is Polo. I really liked him and I got the call today that his owners would like a stall for him this Sunday. I am elated to have him come and enjoy our place. I love senior horses, they are so sweet and enjoy the quiet atmosphere at the farm.

Today I saved to cats to look like lions, they were very long haired Himalayan cats. They turned out great and I am sure feel much better as they had some mats. I took Copper my Sheltie to the groom shop today and he got a bath and a blow out and visited with many dogs. He had a good time and is sleeping now after his big day.

I am soooo...... tired right now I am typing on autopilot! Evening feed and then bedtime.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today was a reminder of what I love about my life

Chores in the a.m. then I picked up a load of sawdust and then back to the farm. I groomed two very large dogs today, it took awhile to dry them and the second dog had a tough skin condition. I am happy to say I got the crusty build up out of Peaches coat, washed, blew her coat out, trimmed and scissored her. She is much more comfortable now I think and should be feeling much better. I finished today with barn chores and the rest of the jobs around here at about 10 p.m.

I am tired but I feel really good about what I do. I feel very healthy and much more confident grooming because I have learned so much from the groomer I assist part time.

We brought a round bale in a couple of days ago for the paddock and the horses have pretty much devoured it. I call them in for feeding time and they waddle through the arena like customers in a buffet diner.

Micah our collie mix caught a groundhog in the backyard yesterday, first time ever. The groundhog got away after I caught Micah. We were all dazed with disbelief, it was tough on us tree huggers and I am sure the groundhog too.

The kennel runs are under construction and should be done by Sunday with the exception of the gates. I rebuilt the outer fence for the dog run and it looks much neater. I have some more rubber gravel to put in there plus I have to do some weeding.

Over the weekend we had neighbors help us with a dump truck, a bobcat, and a bulldozer. Things are slowly getting done here and we should even get some gravel for the driveway soon. I am left with rebuilding the fence to the large pasture after a section is graded properly and the fence is moved to make another paddock.

The only thing left will be to scrape and paint the house. The previous owner went through a divorce and the house sat vacant and it is in a very bad need of paint. Hopefully, that job will be done before winter. It would be a dream come true.

Buzzy a senior horse was moved on Sunday to a new barn that has a bigger community of people. Our barn is small and we focus on the care and happiness of the horses but unfortunately we are small and it is a quiet place compared to the large boarding barns.

We may have another senior coming in who lost his pasture buddy and seems to be a little depressed. I went to see the horse at his owners home and I really liked him. He was very sweet and I am sure we will be able to lift his spirits.

Tomorrow I will be working at the groom shop and I'm going to take Cooper one of my dogs in with me. It will be another busy day but I will get to meet a large variety of dogs and so I will be very happy. I love bathing and drying dogs, they feel so much better when I am done. I get lots of kisses and snuggles. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a sunny day can do

I worked on the tractor tire but it's going to take a little more work, I hope to have it fixed by the weekend. I got a new supplier for round bales and brought one home. I still have to unload it but will sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

I sorted some bricks and did barn stuff of course. I'm pretty tired and will probably crash after night feeding. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Late movies & a busy day

Stayed up late watching movies last night but got up around 7:30 and hit the ground running. I fed the horses and watered the arena down and came in to take a nap but it wasn't happening. The phone rang all morning so I gave up and went back outside.

All the horses were out and had a great time. The grass is starting to green up a little so no more big pasture till the end of May. I dug a spot for an above ground vegetable garden and put a tarp over it to kill any grass I didn't get up with the shovel.

Andrew came down and leveled a big load of brick to fill in the hole the previous owner left by the house. I pushed some piles down and leveled them with Big Red in the back so any manure is gone now. We got a delivery of hay at the end of the day. Uncle Gregg got a flat tire and the tire was stuck on the car and that took a couple of hours to get straightened out.

Right now my hands hurt I think from shoveling, I did the stalls too by the way. I'm tired and think I'll have no problem sleeping tonight. More brick on the way tomorrow and we will use some of it for walls in the kennel.

I heard more rain on the way which really stinks... at least no tornado or blizzard. 

Melancholy, homesick

Yes, I sometimes feel homesick for my grandfather's farm, for the mountains back home. I had two grandfathers, the first (grandpa Phillips) was my closest friend and who I owe my life to, the second (Hayward) I owe my love of farms and horses.

Grandpa Phillips taught me that my name and my word were the most important things and whenever I did anything to do it with all my might because it was what I stood for, in other words, never do anything that I wouldn't be proud to put my name on. He taught me about the Lord and Jesus and to never be afraid and about unconditional love.

Hayward was worldly and a bit of a rascal but he was intelligent, generous, charming and a wonderful farmer. Hayward taught me how nature works and about the cycles of life and to appreciate the land.

I miss them both and the times I spent with them, they were so different from each other. I often wonder what they would think of me now with the farm and all the things I do. I was a shy child and although I visited the farm, chose to live a city life for many years. Both grandfathers grew up in a time where women didn't farm alone, in fact, I'm very sure they would both be surprised that it is me that the whole farm life stuck with.

I would dearly love to share my life with them now, they both had great senses of humor, we would have a wonderful time. I wish Kylie would have met them both. I took Kylie to see Hayward before he died but she was too little to remember.

My mom canned every summer the whole summer and we had a garden. All of mom's brothers played an instrument by ear and I can remember laying in bed late at night as a child and listening to them play old time gospel all night. That was a long time ago and they are all gone now. I sometimes listen to an old hymn and it brings me closer to them all.

I am melancholy but my spirit is renewed because all that I am now and do has been weaved in and out of those memories and I'm walking in their footsteps. Grandfather Phillips would tell me I know, to stay on the straight and narrow path until I finally reach my destination, my home up yonder.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Calm before the storm

This week has been busy but relatively quiet, that is... until I had to go to work today. The dog grooming went well and I worked on several dogs. While at work my phone wouldn't stop ringing for one thing or another. Echo and Preacher got vaccinated today and it didn't go well with Echo and he got a touch of colic. Preacher isn't feeling on top of the world either. So, to be on the safe side it is night duty every two hours checking horses to make sure they are okay.

I did take a nap and I fell okay right now. I'll probably get some sleep after 2:00 and set my alarm for 4:00. Scrappy isn't coming until Saturday so I won't have to worry about him tomorrow.

I will catch up on some sleep tomorrow and I think the weather will be drier, the rain is a real downer. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daniel cross dressing...

Our ancient oak, the pic doesn't do it justice

Alarm Clocks

Generally, before my alarm actually goes off Cooper (my Sheltie) is poised by my face ready for a licking frenzy and frantic pawing to wake me up. Micah (our collie mix) has joined into the ritual. It was the same this morning with two dogs in my face and third behind them, Daniel, waiting his turn. They weren't the ones though that woke me up, it was the cockatiel on my chest staring intently on my face.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow melts, and I feel better

Thought I was getting sick last night but I felt better today. The sun warmed the outside and it felt good to do the stalls and be outside for a change. The new feed seems to be doing well with my horses, both Aubrey and Cody were running and playing. Cody ran into the arena bucked and then ran towards the gate as fast as possible, came to a dead stop and slid into the gate. Cody hasn't done that in a long time, he used to slide up to the gate all the time when he was younger. He galloped and kicked up his heals more than he's done in a long time.

Buzzy's weight has come to a stand still, I am hoping the vet agrees with me and we can start an extra feeding during the day. Mare continues to look pretty good.

Preacher is such a good boy, he has recently stopped being the guardian of the gate with the other horses except echo and Mare. I prefer he be the guardian but he seems resigned to wait till the quarter horses go through the gate. Echo is easy going as ever of course. All the horses rolled today in the mud except Preacher, Echo and I think Jackson. I put fresh sawdust in Preacher's and Echo's stall and I noticed they had rolled when I went out to feed tonight because they had shavings on their back.

It's almost a full moon tonight, it's nice and bright outside and not too cold. I'll be taking Mare's blanket off tomorrow and no doubt she will get as muddy as possible.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Uh Oh, think I'm getting sick

Chills, burning up, nausea, and feeling yukky. Not cool... 

A great update on Mare Girl

Mare's eye has completely improved and I talked to the vet today, she said that it was a good sign that Mare's eye responded to treatment. It may be that the condition may not progress quickly and it may just be flare ups. Mare may be okay for awhile before anything else needs to be done. She did need another round of antibiotics for her upper respiratory infection but she has gained weight and got her energy and attitude up.

I have finally persuaded Mare that beet pulp is a good thing to eat. She does have dental problems and drops some hay balls so she may not getting enough fiber, hence the beet pulp which is 20% fiber. Mare's has gained weight in the past few weeks and that is remarkable during winter months.

I am relieved and happy that our Mare Girl "Angel" can continue to enjoy life. I saw Jackson run by the back doors the other day with Mare right behind him, giving him what for... So all is well. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bit takes a nap

My dogs sleeping, looks like a heart of gold!

Farm tires

Big Red had a flat on the front end yesterday, the wheelbarrow had a low tire earlier in the week. I blasted both of them with some tire gunk and filled them up, so far so good. The nemesis of all farmers, tires... 

Updates from the barn

Mare Girls eye has improved greatly, she still has some drainage from her cold and I called the vet. Luckily, I have a huge bottle of the same antibiotics she took before and we are going to treat her again to make sure she's over it.

Mare's weight has improved and I believe it is from the beet pulp, I talked to the vet about the benefits of continuing her senior feed with beet pulp added and it was agreed that is was a very good way to put weight on and keep it. Mare had enough energy yesterday to go out with the two quarter horses Will and Jackson, she was able to hold her own and was full of energy.

I got my new feed am hoping to see positive results. Everyone is changing over gradually and the horses that will eat beet pulp are getting that in addition until the pasture is ready.

Emptied the manure spreader this morning and have a friend of a friend that will fix the Cub Cadet before the grass starts growing, Andrew is looking for brick for building the individual kennels for me and he does have a lot of connections.

I'm working on putting together some material for dog training classes. I would like to do puppy socialization here because socialization is essential for any dog. Many unwanted behaviors can be eliminated by socialization or they never start to begin with.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One of "those" days

Things started out as a bad day, got worse and then slightly better. We all have these kinds of days of course, all I can say is I am glad I lived to tell about it. Tomorrow is a new day and I am looking forward to it.