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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A redneck drag!

Behold the beauty of a drag for the arena constructed of bed springs and T-posts. Yes, I am the clever designer of this magnificent piece of equipment.

I don't have a harrow so I plan on securing the pipe through the springs, using the T-posts for weight and making a triangular chain to attach to the back of my larger than life red tractor. All this to rake the arena and make it all pretty.

I guess where there is a will, there is a way! 

Poor Big Red...

Big Red's tire got a boo boo with a nail. What a pain to take off a tire that is taller than me. I had help and took the tire in for repair. I will have it back tomorrow and thank goodness as I am going through withdrawals.

I have a big tractor driving addiction, I have to confess. Moving stuff around, making lots of noise, and playing in the mud... now just sitting waiting for all to be right in the world again... soon. 

The glory in the midst of November

Tigs looking for some loving on a sunny day

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time for catching up

Well, it has been a great week but a very busy one. First, the manure spreader is fixed and works great but shortly after, the back tire (the really big tire) went flat and has a nail in it. It's going to be a pain to fix as it's tubed and it has some mighty big weights on it.

Of course, I am going through withdraws because I can't play with my favorite toy the "Big Red" tractor and move lots of dirt around. The back lot is nice and graded but I still have the low part of the turnout to build up so it won't puddle.

At least I can pull the manure spreader with the truck for the meantime. I brought a giant round bale into the back paddock today and the horses were taking naps on it as they ate themselves to sleep. My little herd waddled in the barn tonight and they all looked pregnant (hay bellies).

Joy the dog we were boarding for a rescue went home this afternoon with a foster family and we may be getting in a Sheppard with bad burns till she can get a foster home.

I did some grooming today and moved some wood to the front porch for some winter fires. Tomorrow I am staining the neighbors deck and working on the arena footing so it isn't so dusty. House cleaning is in order since Thanksgiving is next week.

I will be working long hours Monday and Tuesday and going to a concert on Wednesday with a friend. The following week my regular schedule starts and it will be part time. It will be easier around here to keep up with the barn chores and dog grooming etc.

I feel very blessed to have such a full life. The animals that we help actually helps me more. I feel a wonderful purpose working with animals and in nature in general. I am one of the few people that get to realize their life's dream. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A poem I wrote for a friend awhile back

You won’t admit but God does bestow His love
With every breath, He showers on you from above
May He give you eyes to see each little treasure
To intoxicate with wonder and pleasure
As the sun rises each day, may you prosper more
Each night, His presences does guard your door
Long life to you full of laughter, loved ones, and little sorrow
For we are here for a little while and from His strenghth and faith we must borrow
Your secret He knows and will someday unfold
He knows your true and good heart that you wish to remain untold
Many blessings you have shared with all that surround you
Though it seems these kind gestures are not appreciated abound you
So I pray He blesses you and holds you dear
For remember, He is always near
His hand gently caressing your soul, reached out to you from afar
Even though with life’s trials  it appeared to leave things ajar
I happily share the gift of this prose
As from Him the words freely flowed
All His blessings may He give
In you may He dwell and live

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God and his mercy

This day started out like most but it has turned out to be truly an amazing day. So much good news has come and help from the most unexpected places. When all seems hopeless is when God is at His best. Truly, He has delivered us and blessed us profoundly.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nana plays outside and gets a good snuggle!

A most difficult post tonight

I have wanted to write about what has happened in the barn this week but I wanted to wait till the right time to form the right words. It is with sadness that I say that Satire our most senior horse passed away Monday. It came as a shock and he was happy and spirited until the end. Even now, it seems strange to be writing this and to not believe that in the morning when I do chores that he isn't in his stall. I say not in his stall because I know his body in this life is gone but his spirit is still with us. I kind of sum it up as bodies are like shoes and they wear out but you can still walk without them.

A splendid spirit called Satire passed through all of us and touched our lives in a unique way. He was once a fine show horse and well known but I was blessed to know him as he was in the latter part of his days. I saw the heart and soul in him for his family, his herd mates, and the people who met him at my barn.

The quality in Satire was deeper than his outward appearance, it was the courage he in-bodied to live his life with passion. Satire had passion about everything he did and a great love that was inspiring to all that met him. Grace and elegance on the outside and great character on the inside.

His family deeply mourns him and that is a testament to his life. A splendid spirit indeed has passed through us and continues to live in our hearts and minds. Satire is free of the bondage of age, of tiring, and suffering and is embracing the wind in a youthful gallop, not away from us but along side of us.