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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Okay so maybe one more post

I am slowly getting mad. I have put about $60,000 into this property in two years, $22,500 in down payment. Now when I have just gotten a job and it will take a couple of months to approach a bank again for financing I am being thrown out, no refund and they want to sue me for the lease payments I fell behind on in the spring, never mind that I have used all of my savings to improve the property. I went out and got a job with a really good salary, I didn't sit back on my butt and now I am being treated like a low life. Now I have to start a job and I don't know where I'll be living in a month. Yes, that's nice, I'll be able to concentrate on a really good job that could save us right? (excuse the sarcasm but I am venting).

They will ruin my credit further, keep my down payment and leave me, my daughter, and my animals out on the street. Well, my friend has talked me into getting an attorney. I am looking at another property tomorrow but I will not sit still and have someone trash my credit, sue me, and throw me out after all I have been through without a fight.

I can tolerate loosing this property, even the money, but to ruin me so that I can't even get another place to live, forcing me to possibly have to give my animals (family) away and after all of the people I've helped with this place, all the animals I have helped, no I can't stomach it.

Guess what, it's all about money. When money is more important than someone else's life and you can feel justified ruining someones life in order for you to have more stuff.... well, it is time to really take a look at yourself. I don't want to hear another christian tell me God is going to do something. I know He will but I didn't turn people away that needed help with that advise. I know God blesses me because I bless others. That is the way it works, God makes you prosperous not to get more stuff, to go out and sow his seeds and to share what He has given you. I don't envision heaven being full of stuff and more stuff, I don't think God is going to rate your stuff. What will He be impressed with? All I can say is people better enjoy their stuff now because I am guessing they are going to be surprised when they meet the Lord, stuffless.

Here's some food for thought too, when you are dealing with a large corporation you have to fight for every dime and get the best deal you can but when you are dealing with a small business don't nickle and dime them to death. Here is a revelation, they are real people that don't have huge assets, they want to live and they should be compensated fairly. Picking apart everything and feeling justified about not having to pay a fair price hurts families of small business owners. Yes, if you beat someone down you will get more stuff but at what price? Someone else's hopes, dreams, future?

This week I went to a car dealership that I have dealt with for years. They knew me and trusted me. They pushed through financing on a car before I started my job, without a down payment, and with not so perfect credit. I have a truck that gets 12 miles per gallon, it would put me under fast commuting, God and the dealership gave me a break. Why? I can't answer the question, all I know is it happened and it will make a huge difference in surviving financially.

I guess my frame of mind at this point is that is time to open a can of whoop a_ _. I may end up on the news with this story if I am pushed far enough, they say the camera makes you look a lot bigger, I hope I don't have to go there.

 Please do pray for me and if you know someone that needs a break or help, think about what I have said. Keep in mind I am the first person to save or help an animal, people are very selfish but in helping them I help animals. You have to solve the problem of homeless pets by helping people first. Besides, anything I obtain in this life belongs to the Lord, I don't own it, I am obligated to use it to His good and benefit. I must glorify Him and be a beacon to all according to His wishes. I expect everyone reading this to think about that whether they believe in God or not, it is the way the world was supposed to be. Seriously, money and things aren't what life is about.  

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