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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fast temperature change but no tornado

I am very happy to say that besides a little thunder and lightning there are no other weather issues. The sky looked really bad for awhile but the temps dropped and everything settled down. I fed the horses their late night feed and they were busy munching while the thunder rolled a little.

Stalls available

With springtime comes changes, we will have two stalls available April 1, and 3 May 1. 

Tornado watch really?

Okay, beautiful day with really high temps and sunshine but a tornado warning in February? I cleaned and fluffed all the stalls this afternoon, filled the buckets with water and fed the horses a small amount of grain because of the warm temps and possible colic.

I sprayed the rest of the barn down and it looks good. I am hoping the storms will pass us by. I am also hoping the spring isn't full of t-storms and tornado's.... just saying. 

God is so good

Some days I know the Lord is really blessing us. I was concerned about a neighbors dog because I had not seen him in awhile and I just said Lord I wish I knew he was okay, while putting my boots on this morning guess who I saw from a distance! Mojo is the dogs name and he is looking fine.

While working in the barn I got a kind offer from a friend to drag the arena which I can do but he has better equipment and it will make it really nice, on top of that Dave is going to build kennel walls for me out of brick to improve the kennel and easier to clean.

This month undoubtedly will be very difficult and my friends and even family have asked me why I am not angry and I have explained to them that God expects me to be the best person I can be and to bless others that persecute. I believe this is why God helps me, I can stand up for myself just fine but I know sometimes it's best to let others feel justified even when it can make a tough situation become overwhelming. I ask God to provide for Kylie and my animals as I have a duty to provide the best care for others pets and horses so long as they are in my care. 

On the other side of the situation, I feel a sense of relief because I will soon be free of a situation which has caused me anxiety almost from the beginning. This month will be most difficult but I know that things are now rolling in the right direction, God who is merciful blesses us daily and who am I to doubt His power and love. I am pretty free of fear and anxiety and am even more determined.

I bleached and washed the tack room this morning and the cross tie area where dirt accumulates, I cleaned and bleached the block building and am thinking about the changes that are coming soon there. Friday the new horse feed arrives which I am really happy about and can't wait to make the transition.

There is nothing like working in your own barn, or business. Tomorrow I do the next best thing and that is to work in a great groom shop with lots of dogs!  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh it's the farming life for me

I wear tall rubber boots in the winter and without fail one pant leg stays stuck at the top and the other goes over the boot. I walk around like this all day, I should tuck the other in but I don't. Little bit got out under the fence again, it's always the mini who is the rebel.

I talk to myself in the barn and talk to the horses as I go along my day. They listen patiently but usually don't answer or they just walk away and pretend they don't me.

I never manage to hay the horses without getting hay down my shirt and sometimes worse places. I have to spray my foot, leg or face with water at least once a week when watering the horses or something is wrong.

I forget at least once a week to take off my boots in the house and leave a trail of barn stuff through the house. Let's see what else, I frequently have wet or muddy jeans cause I don't tuck the legs in my boots like I should, well I guess that's enough for now. Just reflecting :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Early Rising and Stalls

I got up especially early today to do stalls and work in the barn. The horses were thrilled last night to get an extra feeding but of course they forgot about it this morning and acted like they hadn't been fed in a week. So much drama in the morning with the banging, thumping, whinnying and commotion. I cleaned the majority of the stalls and fluffed them, emptied water buckets and let them dry out and swept up a little.

My little herd when out in the big pasture today and the larger herd will be in the arena and back paddock. I could use a nap now but instead I am doing some cleaning in the house and taking care of this and that.

The sun is shining and teasing us all, it's warmer today but it is warm one day and freezing the next. I'm not complaining though as it is nice to have a little thaw in between snow and ice. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I hate laundry

It took an hour to sort laundry, refold and put away our clothes. We have fallen behind on the putting away part for a few weeks now. I'm tired! I am happy to get things in the right places though. We have lots of barn clothes as you need to keep clean clothes handy working in a barn or with pets, or in the mud!

I had an office job for a few months and had some nicer stuff that I won't need to wear now but I put it away for special occasions (joking). I am much happier in jeans, boots and a hoodie. I think I will wear them for the rest of my life happily. At the bank, I wore heals and suits and enjoyed that years ago but now it's just being my farmy self that makes me happy.

House fire down the road

We heard sirens over and over again as fire and rescue trucks flew down our road. I looked out side and then out the back door and saw a huge fire down the road and I knew it was one of three houses. It was one of our friends house and it was a bad fire with the second floor basically consumed and the roof gone. The people were not home and the neighbor saved the dog. It was a horrible shock but I thank God that everyone was safe.

I offered to care for the dog and since my friend has lots of heavy equipment I offered a place here on the farm for him to move things temporarily if he needed to. All of the neighbors were there for support and it is good to know that when something happens that people still care and will come together to help someone else.

Of course, I pray for strength for these friends because it is a very dramatic experience for anyone. I thank God for their safety and the survival of there little Sheltie. It makes me think of people in the area that may need a place for their pets when a disaster happens. Maybe someday, I'll be able to offer a place they can bring them till they are able to take them back. It sounds like an important service to donate in a time of need.

Yesterday was a great day for me

I spoke with a feed distributor and plan on changing the feed most of the horses are on, gradually of course. I researched several companies looking for a fixed formula with all the things on the label that is essential to health, coat and digestion. I also stumbled upon the Ohio State University Extension site that offers free course work covering basic care, nutrition, and a whole lot more. I enrolled in about 15 courses and am looking forward to working through them.

Another change here at the barn will be three feedings instead of two with smaller portions so the horses eat several times a day. During the summer months the horses eat pasture most of the day and when I can I bring round bales in for the winter so they can eat continually in a group outside.

I updated my business site to include useful links and started an estore that includes some of my favorite grooming tools. I also changed some of the services we offer that are specialized and that I would like to concentrate on this year.

I will have two stalls available soon and I hope to bring in more senior horses because that is my passion. I have a small stable that will house a total of 10 horses and I have 4 of my own. It is a nice place for owners who want low key, no drama, and a comfortable environment for their horses. The stalls are 12x14 with mats that allow drainage and each horse has natural light coming in from the ceiling, their own window to the outside and can hang their heads out to see their buddies. The arena is awesome and the pasture is special because it provides a natural tree line for shade and milling around with plenty of room for a good gallop and rolling. The horses go out every day by the way, when the weather is bad then they spend time in the arena or the small paddock. No one has to stand in a stall for days on end without exercise or interaction with other horses.

I finally got around to washing a fly mask for Mare Girl. It is a good idea for her to wear it for awhile to give her eye a chance to recover. She put her head down and waited for me to put it on her and seemed pleased when I was done. Her cold is better and her eye is not swollen or draining but it isn't as wide open as her other eye and it looks a little off color. We will just keep working on it and do the best we can to make her comfortable and happy.

I took over this place and the house is rough because it went through a nasty divorce and the roof and other essentials were not fixed. The siding needs painted, I put the roof on but the cosmetics have been left for the time being. As far as horses and dogs, they love this place because of the space, the smells, and the one on one attention I give them. Over time, we will make it fancy but right now we are all about giving good, safe, and caring service.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Course: Basic Horse Care & Management

Courses through the Ohio State University Extension Office, Yippee!

Course: Basic Horse Care & Management


Here is a pic of Roxy close range of course cause she is on my shoulder being very studious.

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I love Friday's

I'm sitting here with a cockatiel sitting on me trying to nudge her way into my attention span by rubbing her forehead and beak on my face while I am typing. I tried eating a sandwich and when I tried to take a bite she stuck her head in mouth. Now she is trying to take my glasses off.

Anyway, the stuff I put in Big Red's tire stopped the slow leak and it is good not to have to put air in it every few days. I am talking with a new feed distributor and have studied some labels and am ready to switch to a new feed that will improve the health and appearance of the horses.

I gave Scrappy a bath today and blew his coat out. Scrappy is a Chow/Sheppard mix and he is a very nice dog. Today he decided to just walk into the bathing stall and sit down. While drying him, he raised each of his front legs so I could dry him better and turned for me so I could get both sides. He seemed to enjoy the drying and I put an attachment on the dryer hose so it would not overwhelm him, he even let me dry around his face without a fuss.

Stalls and chores are done and I look forward to watching some TV and relaxing until night feeding. Mare took her eye medicine well and ate her food with her antibiotics included without trying to pick through it. Her eye lid is still closed more than the other eye but her cold better and her eye has stopped draining.

Roxy the Cockatiel is still here wearing me down so I have to go cause I have a little bird eye trying to stare into my eye at close range to remind me she is here. Not to mention the squeaks she is making to annoy me further. I love me critters, yes I do.

Mare, some not so good news

Mare Girl is a senior who came to us from an elderly owner who wanted a place for Mare to stay and be happy in her twilight years. Mare had a problem with her eye and then developed a respiratory infection and it was time for the vet to come out. The respiratory infection was simple as it required some antibiotics but her eye may have the beginnings of glaucoma. According to the Dr. Naso it can become a very painful condition and it may be necessary to remove Mares eye. I have seen horses with a missing eye and they can get along well but because of the cost of the surgery it is a guarantee that Mare will be put down instead.

I am saying a prayer for Mare that her eye can be treated for awhile without her being in pain and also that maybe I can ask for some donations to save her instead of putting her down. I am not a non-profit and the owner is on a fixed income so I know she doesn't have the means to do anymore financially, I understand that older horses have to go sometime but my dilemma with Mare is her love of life and her goodness. To me her life is still valuable. I have gotten a $100 pledge from another animal lover and if it comes down to surgery maybe we can scrape up some of the $600 and save her from an untimely end.

In the meantime I am administering the meds to Mares eye and hoping for the best. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Power cord has arrived

My power cord to my laptop wore out and I ordered one from the internet to replace it and it came today. Luckily it was just the cord and not the pin inside the computer that wore out. The official cord cost about $80 but I got one from an off brand for $18 and it works great.

Yes, I am so happy to have my computer back in action. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleepy cold

Snow this morning but not really sticking just cold. The one headlight that works on the tractor decided to randomly come on and drained the battery a little. I hooked up the charge box and the engine turned over.

I spread the manure and then cleaned my groom room thoroughly. I've been studying my notes for grooming to sharpen my skills on more complex trims.

I am sleepy right now with the cold and grey skies, guess more coffee for me!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nice day out but no laptop

Nice day to work outside but no laptop time. I watched some tv this morning which I never do. Put gunk in tractor tire to stop a slow leak, pulled the tractor and the wagon out of the barn, and watered the arena.

I groomed a friends dog and took a nap and then stalls. Now maybe a little more tv and night chores later.

Nana got a spray bath today since the sun room was so warm, she took it gracefully. Nana is like a toddler, very sweet but has a mind of her own.

Ok, my texting is getting better with no laptop, boo hoo.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laptop down

My power cord is shot so no laptop till cord replacement comes in the mail.
I am having withdrawals I must have laptop..... Whoa as me
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Staying up late, people like to visit

I couldn't resist the urge to stay up later last night and just watch some tv and hangout with Kylie and Marcie. I've been a little sleepy today but busy. The phone rang all day and we had plenty of visitors and friends wanting to go out etc.

I stayed home, it was nice to get some things done, take time to do the stalls and make sure everyone horse is out. They were all running with their tales up and having a good time. Kylie is on a sleep over and my brother is here and so tonight I am going to relax. I plan on studying tomorrow and Monday, going to the feed store tomorrow, and cleaning the house some more.

The weather was decent but it got colder when the sun started setting. It was a very good day and I will be good tonight and not stay up too late. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunshine today

We have had snow or mud here for quiet awhile but today the sun was out and it warmed up and although there was mud it is looking better. I enjoyed this morning and worked in the barn cleaning the arena and watering it down. I cleaned the kennel and hosed it out really well and mopped the floor.

I went into the shop today and started a database with address of possible new customers. I took Kylie with me and introduced her to everyone. We spent a couple of hours working and came home and did stalls. I washed mares eye and let Scrappy out and the two dogs I am kenneling Bogie and Bandit.

Later I went out and cleaned Buzzie's stall while he was out in the arena being ridden. Tomorrow, I will let my little herd out and my brother asked if he could ride Cody Sunday, he hasn't been on a horse since he was young. I think Sunday will be an interesting day.

Tomorrow I think it is time to clean the house and go to Tractor Supply. My brother is doing the stalls tomorrow for exercise and to give me a day off. I love working in the barn but it is nice to have one day to do other things.

I haven't checked the weather but it would be nice to see some sunshine again and if things dry up before Tuesday (big if) I could take Big Red out and play. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm in heaven

I made the right choice, the day was wonderful at the new grooming shop. Very relaxed, great dogs, environment, just everything.

I hated to see the rain this  morning but it was nice to have warmer weather. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Helping a friend

Today I took a few hours and did something different, I helped a friend clean up her business computer because an employee had really screwed it up. It is all better now and I had fun. Did the stalls and cleaned all of my grooming equipment and put it in my portable grooming bag for tomorrow. I invested in some very good equipment that makes the job a lot easier.

I have another house that my neighbor is purchasing and it looks like the transaction will be final sometime early March. Taking care of two properties isn't fun and I will be glad to get that behind me. I have learned to that investing in my business will relieve me of some of my tax penalties from using my retirement to get started. I will be looking for a good tax attorney/accountant to get everything in line this year.

The stress with so many variables has been at times excruciating but slowly but surely things have worked out. The secret it to try and remain cool, positive, and pray. It works for me some days and then other times it's like okay I'm running away now!

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting into the grooming shop and doing what I love. I still have my little grooming room here and can groom on the days I am not working. I also kennel on a small scale and enjoy it because the dogs are pretty happy here and it is a laid back place. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One of the best days

I've had some really hard days this month especially last week. Just plain difficult days but today was splendid. The weather is cold and snowy and the barn isn't as much fun when it is winter time but I still love it. I got a job I am really excited about and there is plenty of room for more opportunities.

I helped a friend go to a two dog family to a three and with one dog having some major behavioral issues. I learned today that all is well and the one dog that was not doing well or happy is doing very well and is much happier. I love helping with behavior and finding pieces to the puzzle of unwanted behavior such as why it occurs in the first place and helping to find a solution.

I cleaned the mini and pony's stall which is much easier now that they have more room and Aubrey's stall is clean too and is much easier. Cody looks great with some senior food and beet pulp. Mare's eye is better and I might have found an easier way to keep the dust down in the arena.

Thursday, I report to my new job and start working and helping design my own advertising for bringing in new customers as a dog groomer. I love the owner and I think we will work well together. When I walked in there were dogs walking around everywhere, not caged but socializing and having a great time. It felt right immediately. Tomorrow, I am cleaning my tools and getting them ready to take with me. Having and using your own tools is very important and really makes you feel good. Well, it makes me feel good. In the spring I am going to invest in the huge horse clippers and maybe do some horse clipping in the spring, especially mini's and ponies.

I even got a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.... life is good at this moment. 

My life is a constant fork in the road

Today I interviewed at wonderful place that is truly about the animals. They offered me a job.... I took it. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's adventures

Today started out as usual, feeding the horses etc. The truck didn't cooperate, the battery died Saturday cause I left the key in the ignition. We charged the battery Saturday but it needed a little more charge as I didn't run it long enough. Eventually, the battery charged and Big Yellow is back in action.

I learned that the mobile grooming job will come through for eventually three days a week which is great considering the farm is a full time job. I will still do kenneling and behavior with dogs and maybe I will work on cat kenneling to as that is something people need and sometimes it's hard to find.

I went to town and got a couple of things we needed in the barn and came back and cleaned stalls. I started up the crock pot and am making poor man's cabbage with hamburger and rice with some diced tomatoes. It's hot and good for the next couple of days.

Emmie the barn manager (cat) had an injury to her leg a few weeks ago and she has been cooped up to let her leg heal. She is still limping but her leg is looking pretty good. She may have a permanent limp, the vet said it wasn't broken but some muscle trauma maybe. Emmie will be out again when it warms up cause she has a lot of barn supervising to do.

I have to admit that the cold weather makes me very sleepy. I've wanted to sleep more these last couple of days and I can't wait till it gets a little warmer because I get so much more energy. Soon, night chores and than a snuggle with my dogs.

Excellent news!

I will be a mobile groomer! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday evenings

The oldest of our dogs with the youngest taking a nap. Micah was a pretty aggressive puppy when we got him but Dusti our senior and a good puppy raiser made it work. They have a special bond, Dusti was the leader and Micah thought he'd take over.

Dusti is still the leader but he lets Micah pretend sometimes. Micah loves and respects Dusti and grooms him etc. Courage (my Golden that passed years ago) and Dusti were very bonded and after Courage died Dusti stepped into Courage's paws over time. There's Dusti, Daniel, Micah and Cooper along with all the dynamics of a multiple dog family.

I did the stalls early today and came in to relax because it can be a challenge to have a business where you live. The relaxing part didn't happen with company and hay being delivered etc. Later in the evening though I had a chance to kick back, get warm and just be at home without being on pins and needles about what I need to do next.

I just came in after night chores, the horses got their night hay flake cause it's so cold and the senior horses got their late evening meal. Water buckets weren't frozen and I topped them off and put the hose away. It was good day, everything got done and hopefully it won't be as cold as the last two days. I have a couple days to get some house work done which sometimes gets set aside but gets on my nerves when it isn't up to par. Tomorrow I work with a puppy, I'll be at a grooming shop on Tuesday and I will do another ride along in the next few days.

The quiet evening is almost at an end. My pups are snoozing next to me and the house is warm and comforting. I think I am pretty rich at the moment. 

Mare Girl

The lady of the barn gets her hooves done. She has an absentee owner but her old neighbors come and check on her and pays for her medical care etc.

I called them yesterday and they are going to have Mare's teeth done again. She's a senior and she hasn't had the dental care she needs and so it will be good to get her teeth done again.

Mare has a weepy eye and I've been washing it out. She gets the weepy eye in the winter according to the people who look in on her and she had it last winter too.
Mare does have trouble with her hay and is on senior food but won't eat it if it's watered down but I have been adding a little beet pulp which at first she avoided but is slowly getting used to. She loves her blanket that was given to her by Shirley one of my other boarders. Mare needs her winter coat and so appreciates it when I put it on her.

She still loves to go out and be in the big pasture and be free and she loves her stall. I have her in the corner stall that has a little more privacy and she goes right to it (she has nailed the gait a couple of times and went to her stall). Such a good lady!

Forgot to thank Andrew

We have a very long driveway and when it snows it's a hassle for the boarders except my neighbor has a plow truck. Thanks Andrew! He comes and does the drive for me at no charge to make my life easier in the cold months. I have a back blade for the tractor and can do it now myself but instead I can keep the tractor hooked to the manure spreader in the barn and not have to freeze my tail off on the driveway. God bless you Dude!

Learning and the why's pet nutrition


With the weather temperatures up and down it is a great time for horses to colic. If a horse goes down with colic they could die and at the very least it's an expensive vet visit. I have learned that part of the reason for the colic is horses don't drink as much water with low temps and that can cause colic. One helpful remedy is beet pulp because it must be soaked and it adds moisture and water to a horses diet. Also, the hay at the end of winter here has more staff with the exception of orchard grass mixes and so it's drier and it has less nutrients. Beet pulp is great for fiber and it falls in the forage category between hay and oats as natural forage.

Oats are great in the winter as a topper because they have extra protein and carbs for the cold weather. Vegetable oil which is used in premium feeds to help a horse gain weight when they struggle is a very good way to add calories to when needed. Beet pulp is also included in premium feeds for horses who have difficulty gaining weight.

The funny thing about different ways to feed is you can any vet or horse owner or stable owner and hear these things are great or horrible. My brother (related by marriage by the way) and we talked about when he was a boy and his grandfather who had working horses that plowed fields among other things and recalled his grandfather feeding oats and growing beets for winter as well as hay. Greg never thought about why and you know we think of these things as outdated or something new and exciting (depends on who you talk to).

Pasture management and hay are whole other issues up for bickering over. My grandfather and a farmer I know who takes time to cultivate in a natural way, without chemicals and relying on the old ways (like several hundred years of animal husbandry) shared their knowledge and experience with me so I just don't pull my principals on these subjects out of my rear to be blunt. The knowledge has served me well and brought me closer to the land and the animals.

Today's product guarantees can be deceiving as the labeling for animal foods including horse feed isn't as regimented as say people food products. When the label does not list specific ingredients such as a horse feed label that lists general terms when it comes to what grains are being used in their concentrated feed (wheat, soil hulls, corn, oats etc.) than that means it may not be consistent as far as those ingredients each time the feed is made. However, if a horse or dog food bag spells it out in detail then it must include everything it says with each bag supplied to the consumer. General terms give the manufacturer much leeway to cut their production costs but still charge the consumer. Grains in concentrated pelleted foods are bought in large commodities and those commodities change in price on the market so surfing the market is what feed manufacturers do to make as much profit as possible with the cheapest ingredients.

Purina Equine Senior is a great example of detailed listing of the product ingredients compared to other Purina products as well as other well know horse feeds. Comparing the labels sheds some light on the quality and guarantee of feed. Dog food, another great money maker for pet food manufacturers, that's another blog. The USDA regulates the labels and of course the general terms and vagueness is downright scary really to me on some popular dog food brands. SCARY..... 

When your ex is a good person

My daughter's dad and I have our differences and we fought a lot early in our divorced years but now we have both grown inside. I have to say thank you and acknowledge that Dave is a good and caring person and father. He has come through for us when of course he didn't have to. We help each other out now and love our daughter. Divorce is not ideal but it is better when two parents love their children and care and respect each other in honor of the long relationship that having a child together creates whether married or divorced. Thanks Dave, for all the good things you have done and being my friend when you didn't have to! 

Here's a thought

Those who have little, give much. The power of God at it's finest. 

Incredible people and pets

This weekend my spirits have been lifted by some incredible people and animals. Winter is a tough time on a farm with battling the cold and not so pleasant weather and also the utility bills (which are difficult for a lot of folks). These past couple of months especially have been really hard with trying to balance a tight balancing act on the financial end.

I learned once again I don't do well sitting behind a desk as I had a part time job to give us some extra money. But, I have also learned that my love of dogs and horses is truly where my future is and working with people who feel the same.

In helping some dogs to find homes and sharing my resources I have made good friends. Those friends did not forget about me and now have helped me. It is the love and kindness that make a difficult time better, simply knowing that someone cares is the best gift. People don't always know how a kind word or just a good deed can help the heart more than anything. So, thank you to all who have lifted my heart and renewed my desire to do what the good Lord gave me this place for, to be a blessing to his creatures.

Yesterday, I had the most incredible day riding along on a dog grooming van. Our first stop was a dog who has fear aggression issues and has bitten the groomer every time she has groomed him and some severe enough to send her to the ER. She didn't get bit this time and we worked through some of the dogs issues. We did get trapped in the van with a very afraid snarling lunging dog but we worked through it without a bite or the dog getting hurt. This is what I love, helping an animal through issues so they can have a happier life. (without becoming a doggie chew toy myself)

The groomer does a lot of senior dogs too which I love to groom because many groomers refuse to do them and I love giving the dog comfort and making them feel better when they are not able to take as good of care of themselves when they were younger. I hope someday to learn canine massage to help reduce pain and discomfort for our seniors.

Now horses, of course I love all of my horses in my barn, the boarders horses are my children too cause I see them everyday and know them all as I do my own. Ego's are a funny thing with their people, I don't have degrees in horse care just experience and I am somewhat empathic (I can feel or sense what an animal feels) and both have served me well with the horses. You can't document experience or empathy and hang it on your wall to validate your abilities and knowledge to others and so I sometimes just have to sit back and watch an animal wait for their human to get the validation from someone else to get past their ego and meet the needs of the animal. In the past, I have been ridiculed for suggestions and had to walk out to the barn everyday and feel a horse's need and suffering until it becomes an emergency or a battle to make the horse's needs known. Still, they are my horse babies and I love them.

Hope is a life force, when we pray we are to believe and therefore we have hope. As humans, it is really tough sometimes to believe and hope can dim. I think the worst affliction to a person is loss of hope. God wants us to come to Him because He wants to show us how much He loves us, He gives us hope. We all must remember though that through giving love and hope to each other, we are revealing a small glimmer of the face of our loving God to someone else He loves just as much. Times are tough but not to tough for a warm place for two dogs on my property for a family that ended up homeless and in a shelter. Interesting that it warms my heart to help them for they truly love their dogs and the good Lord has sent wonderful people to help me along my way as well. Hope and someone caring, the best medicine. God is amazing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rain, mud, and sawdust

I tried scraping the mud away before the sawdust delivery but it rained last night and of course the whole farm is mud. The driver of the sawdust truck tried to bring his truck into the barn but got stuck. Luckily, I was able to pull the 20,000 lb truck out of the mud with my tractor.

For a tractor that cost $2700, Big Red is worth it's wait in gold. Diesel, 4x4, and roughly 56hp it may look rag tag but it kicks mud butt! I ended up with the sawdust outside with a tarp over it but I have to admit I had a great time playing in the mud.

The rest of the day was stripping stalls and loading them up with fresh sawdust. I dumped all of the buckets, cleaned cobwebs from Cody's stall, hosed down the isle way in the barn, swept and hung up stall picks. I had better hope to find things as I left them and not laying around for the rest of the week.

I feel like I finally got somethings in order in the barn and am back on track with the chores. Kylie cleaned out the two bunny cages and I will tackle the basement over the weekend.

I am tired but it is a good tired. It is good to be outside and doing the work I love. I even sat outside for awhile and enjoyed the fresh air and actual sunshine. Things are always a challenge running a farm but today I was reminded of why I love it so much!