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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleepy Day.... Not

Feeding horses in the A.M. and a pet sit. I had to visit Tractor Supply for a couple of things and then back home. I took a nap but had to get up for another pet sit and to notarize something for a friend. I forced myself to get up and took a shower and went out to do what I had to do. The situation fell through for the friend and so I went to the pet sit. I talked my brother to taking me to the tack shop just to look around.

After our little trip out we came back and did chores. We were invited by a friend to go out for ice cream and that was a treat.

It is a damp day and I am finally in bed and anxious just to burrow down in blankets and sleep. I'll be ready for anything tomorrow but tonight I will savor sleep.

Cody, Peppermint, Mares, Furnaces, Etc.

I rode Cody today with Shirley. She rode Echo and he did well and Cody and I just kind of farted around in the arena but it was good cause Cody got some exercise and attention. There was a peppermint fairy in the barn evidenced by random candy canes placed in the cross tie area.

Angel is a wild girl. No contact with other horses in years, no concept of space or ground manners. She was terrified to see the other horses in the pasture over the gait and at the same time very excited. It will take a while for her to settle in to her new digs and feel secure.

The furnace in the block building appears to be fixed at last. I am so happy!

The etc. is for everything that happened today that I am to tired to describe here. It wasn't a dull day and I enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trying out the New/Used Camera

The Mother of All Hay Days

The good Lord must have known this Saturday was going to be over the top for me. I was originally supposed to work at a local kennel all morning and my dad was supposed to come in the late evening. My dad is a trip and a half and exhausting because he is very eccentric and self centered. Also, we were getting the new horse, and three hay deliveries and Monti needed bathed and picked up.

The kennel called and they didn't need me after all and my dad called and he had car trouble and wasn't coming. Thank goodness.

The first to arrive was the horse Angel. She did well but hadn't seen another horse in years or sawdust. She was nervous and excited but happy and she finally went into her stall. We had to have Mac move back to Dave's parents farm for the stall space so he came next to pick up Mac.

Next instead Angel's hay coming to us, I went with Dusty and Kylie and we picked it up. Dave had returned with hay for Billy by the time we got back. After unloading Dusty's truck he was off to get the rest of Angel's hay and the big hay delivery came. So, 200 bales of hay in the loft which is a barn owner's blessing.

Everyone worked so hard to get it done. My truck went to Seville for repairs and so a quiet evening but enough events for one day to be sure.

The Day After, and Then Some

Went to barn to clean some stalls. The dog who is staying overnight arrives. I love Monti he is an awesome lab mix. While his owner is dropping him off I get a call from someone in town from Wyoming who wants to drop their dog off for a bath and pet sit while the shop. 

So, stall cleaning, dog washing and another pet sit. I did an intense stall cleaning because after talking to the vet I decided to take the senior mare for the elderly lady under certain conditions. I figured it would work out and the Lord would bless for helping out since the lady couldn't pay the full board but she had 80 bales of hay to give and things have a way of working out if you have faith. 

Unfortunately, while driving to Medina to do the pet sits it turned out that my truck has a major issue which is a u joint. My brother has decided to stay a few days so we have wheels and Kylie's dad has volunteered to fix the truck as I can't afford to fix it now. I also find I think I have a pretty big cavity and will call my dentist to see if he'll take payments which he probably will because he is a pretty generous guy. 

Thanksgiving, Thank You Lord

Up early, feed horses, put ham in oven, go do pet sit. All done it's 10:00. Did a quick clean up of the sun room where we will eat. Started rest of dinner. Another pet sit and then dinner, a fire and some relaxation. Food turned out great and it was a perfect day in our new home. I had bought a used leather couch set and it is very comfortable and I even turned on the TV.

The Cleaning Marathon

After the previous days events I was whooped so after feeding horses in the AM I went back for a nap. When I got up I began the cleaning Marathon and it ended at 2:30 a.m. that night but it was all done and so was the dressing leaving just the simple stuff for Thanksgiving morning. I had a pet sit in the middle and the usual chores. Kylie's dad also came to see her and helped out some by picking up a couple of items I forgot from shopping from Hell night the day before.

I am so glad I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner here and get the house organized. We lit a fire and enjoyed the cozy warmth. This is our first holiday here and I love this house and the good feelings I have here.

This day can end now!

Days can be deceiving as they can start out okay and then turn to crap. I woke happy and relaxed and went about my usual chores and then came in to get Kylie to start her day because she had an orthodontist appointment. I took her to the appointment, went to the feed store in Copley, and then to Petsmart because Annabelle was almost out of Avi-cakes and that would be a disaster for us all because when a Cockatoo wants something they will let you know.

When I got back I fed Satire and did more chores and let the big three out and by that time my dog grooming appointment arrived. The appointment went so, so.... the dog is very sweet but afraid and didn't respond well to commands. She warned me when I went to clip her side and she was hard to clip so I gave her a bath and dried her. She did well for the two later but the clipping was rough.

As soon as I finished the dog and she went home I went into the house and we got company in the barn. An older couple had found us on the internet and they wanted to see me because they had an elderly neighbor who must leave her home and has an elderly horse with no place to go. I agreed to meet the owner and go see the horse before I agreed to anything. I jumped in the big yellow pickup with Kylie and off we went. The truck started making some bad noises but we proceeded. I met the owner of the horse and got the story and the horse Angel who is 25. I told them I would have to speak to the horses vet and I would think about it overnight.

Back to the barn to do chores, Kylie and I had missed lunch and dinner at this point. I decided to go get the few things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner at the store so I wouldn't have to get them on the next day when the stores would be packed. Again, we jumped into the pickup and went to the store. By this time I was fried pretty much so we got the things we needed and then I realized I had lost the cash in my pocket somewhere in the store... never to be found. It really upset me but then I have never had that happen except one other time. I just decided the good Lord must have had a different purpose for it and someone must have needed it more. But, I knew I needed to go home and to eat and get some sleep.

Yes, the day could end. I was too tired that night to finish this post so I am writing it now five days later!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drama, Drama, Sawdust, Drama

We had a real down pour this morning and some nice big puddles. I waited till this afternoon to go get sawdust and Kylie wanted to look at tack so we did. I bought a used saddle pad I had been eying forever and we found a nice leather halter for Aubrey that was half off.

We went to the feed store and I gave them a hard time as I feel this is my job. I did get sawdust and some new feed to start Cody and Aubrey on. After a label comparison it seems the feed may be better then the feed I have bought before and it's cheaper.

We came home to play around with the new stuff and we had several visitors.  It seems tonight wasn't a good night to do family horse stuff as some folks weren't in the best of moods. Thank goodness the horses were and Cody was the gentlemen he always is, I love him so for being so sweet and willing to please. I rode him again a little tonight and ordered some reins tonight too. I'd like to ride him a little everyday like I used to if I can.

I was pretty down this evening afterwards because of some drama so I ventured over to visit the neighbor and had a sip of moonshine. Interesting stuff, I don't drink but sure needed to just get my mind off of things and relax. I didn't get totally drunk or anything just sort of sleepy. I feel better now and I enjoyed the company and just talking. Maybe I have discovered a new form of therapy... we'll see.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleeping the day away, enjoying the arena

I fed everyone and went into the house, I went back to bed. I decided to get up and take a shower and thought that would wake me up. I showered and went back to bed. I don't think I got up till after 2:00. It was great.

I didn't get things done in the house but did get things done in the barn and cooked fried potatoes and eggs for us this evening.

We had barn company later and Billy, Mac and Cody were ridden. I even rode Cody and it felt like old times. My seat is still decent and even though I haven't neck reined Cody  in years he remembered very well. Kylie rode him too and did very well. It was nice to have some rest and recreation today and it was warm then later a full moon.

I have a couple of grooming appointments this week and lots of cleaning to do. I will probably have some pet visits over the holiday too. Tomorrow I am going to solve the sawdust issue once and for all. I am ordering bagged sawdust  because I did the math and it may end up being cheaper. No more sissy delivery boys, I'm all done with that.

It is supposed to rain the next few days which is disappointing after wonderful days like today. I will want to take some power naps for sure but need to press on with whipping the house into shape.

I got a call from my old neighbor today wanting the phone number of the family moved in next door to him (they leased my old house). Apparently, the chickens got loose and made their way over to the neighbors garage and came in by way of the man door. Hilarious I couldn't stop laughing.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day of Interesting Occurrences

Today was a bit unusual because we had an interesting visitor. A women stopped by the farm who had been interested in buying it but was afraid of the work and repairs. She works with horses and handicapped kids and needs to rent stalls for the winter to use the indoor arena. I liked the idea right off the bat and so we will be getting together to see if it will work for the months of January through April.

Bravo and Riley went home this afternoon. They are two dogs we kenneled for the week. I gave them both baths this morning and brushed and dried them. They will be back before the holidays for another bath and they will be back in January and February for more kenneling.

It occurred to me that this week coming is Thanksgiving. I will need to clean the sun room up and the rest of the house as I will be having dinner here with my brother. I could go to a friends but since this is our first year here I'd like to do a small one for us. So, I am going to be busy in the house this week and try to get everything ready.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Less Moody, Thrift Shops, and Horses in the Barn

Had a productive day today and tried to focus on getting things done instead of moody men. Whenever I really need to be left alone because I want my space and time to think or I have lost interest then they suddenly appear.

We went to a big Salvation Army store today and found some great snow boots, a nice LL Bean jacket and some jeans. I am loosing weight and my pants are starting to get too loose (Praise the Lord and Thank You Jesus). Winter clothes are important to work in the barn when the temps fall so we need to be prepared.

It was a nice day for all of the horses and everyone got to stretch their legs either by going out on the big pasture or being free lunged. The two quarters got some exercise in the arena and seemed to have more energy and look like they are loosing some horsey cellulite. Aubrey did a nice job for Kylie lunging so she took him out and let him run in the pasture.

The barn is a nice place for horses and they all seem very happy. The two quarters are starting to get a little more cuddly with us and all the other horses are very warm and loving. It is a great peaceful environment for everyone of human and animal kind. 

Loving my Farm, and the Animals

I love them all. The horses, the dogs, the rabbit, the birds, the cats. I revel in every moment of the day with them and with my daughter Kylie. I am jealous of my time and protect it. Although, some days can be difficult for one reason or another. One reason today is sawdust and the fact that the dogs pulled down a plate of Baklava off the counter and ate it. Oh, and did I mention moody men...

I still rejoice in the seasons good or bad, the land and my companions here. The more I work the stronger I get and the more confident I feel. God has a plan for us I know. I am resigned to just go with it, go where He leads. Abraham was sent out into a new land without really anything excepts God's promise. The story of Noah speaks for itself etc. Who am I to question God's plan for my future or making a life here on this farm. I must learn to accept God's gifts and believe in His wisdom without question or worry.

Kylie had a great moment with her horse Aubrey. She lunged him tonight and he did a marvelous job for her. She felt very good about it and I was very proud of her. I took some time to reconnect with Cody tonight and just play with him. He is so wonderful and I don't stop and take enough time for him many days. He has his pasture mates but I need to do my part and spend time with him. I also need to ride him.

Sleepy now and looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow in the barn. It is a pleasure to pour coffee and walk to the barn in the morning. I get caught up in what I am doing and the morning flies by but it seldom feels like work. This is all very good.

Men and Mood Swings

Need I say more...

I don't want to blog about sawdust but I must

Sawdust shouldn't be complicated but it seems it is for this farm. The land the barn and arena sit on is a little odd shaped and the large entry to the barn is at the far end. It seems at one point a sawdust truck got stuck making a delivery here so, apparently, the ground must be dry as the desert sand, the sun must be northeast and the crow must sit on the chimney for all the conditions to be right before Smith's Brothers will take a chance and make a delivery.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rain, Bills, Mud and Driving Harnesses

The day was cold and dry in the morning so I let Bit and Pony out. Aubrey got a chance to graze a little too. At lunch time I let the little ones back in and put the three big ones out. It rained later in the day and they got wet and then rolled in the arena.

I took time to get caught up on bills and funs stuff like that. Evening chores were simple since I had cleaned most of the stalls in the morning. The place is muddy but that is all part of the farm seen. We need the rain but I hope we get some more sunshine this month. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Dave came up to spend time with Kylie and his horses and Dusty came too and brought a big harness to work Billy with. It was very exciting to see Billy in full gear and Dusty working him. Dusty agrees with me that Billy is too fat and should loose weight and I got his blessing to trim him down some. Billy jiggles all over when he walks so he has some room to cut back.

Dave helped Kylie work Aubrey and it went very well as Aubrey learned he can't spin his hindquarters around. Kylie also put her harness on pony and he was happily going along with her. Pony is like a different little horse now because he is content and likes to have a job and a girl that loves him. I also lunged Cody and brushed the mud off him. His coat is very soft and shiny.

The day was cold and wet but the evening was fun. I started a fire and that always takes the edge off the chilly evenings. Kylie is feeling better today too after last nights trauma. I did get some laundry and house cleaning done but have more to do before things are in order.

I have a Harley parked in the barn and covered and I finally got Griff to admit he is moody. I explained that it is weird for a man to be so moody and that he must have a feminine side but he didn't think that was so. I guess if he has all the mood swings then that saves me the trouble. (laughing here).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Finances, Being Sore, and Dog Fights

Today started out the same and my knee felt much better. I got a call early by a person wanting to look at the car I have for sale and they came and liked it so it is a done deal. It was a big relief to get it taken care of because I own the truck free and clear so no car payment anymore.

As the day progressed of course my knee started swelling and by the end I was ready to get off of it. We were letting all the dogs go out for potty and there was a dog skirmish. Kylie and I got bit trying to separate them but it was superficial and no stitches or hospital visits. For the rest of the week everyone will have play time in separate groups.

I'm way behind on housework and laundry again so I will try and get caught up tomorrow. As for now, we are all wiped out and I am not even going to attempt to clean anything. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sawdust, Mowers, Busting my Knee, Pie, a Fat Stubborn Horse and Too Many Dogs

This morning I was sure I wouldn't do that much and get started on the walls in the sun room and catch up on laundry. I didn't get those things even started but here is what I did do. I found two chubby quarter horses outside the  barn door this morning ready to come in. I cleaned their stalls and fed the rest of the horses and let pony and bit out.

I spread manure, shoveled the rest of the sawdust out of the back of the pick up truck and hosed it off. I disengaged the gears on the riding mower so I could push it into the block building to keep it out of the weather. I walked to the house to start laundry by way of the basement door and stepped on a piece of plywood that was wet and fell.

The plywood is partially buried by the door because the guy who owned the house before ripped off the garage and left a big hole and never filled it in. He planned on expanding the house but gave up because him and his wife split. So, there is a big hole next to the house with dirt and gravel piled up and a plywood ramp half buried at an angle that happens to be as slick as ice when it is wet.

The plywood is no more because after tearing my knee apart and wrenching my arm when I fell (bawling my eyes out and then taking a shower) I went and got my sledge hammer and shovel. It is in pieces and under shovels of dirt and gravel so no one will fall again. I am now sitting in my chair with ice on me knee and will be very stiff tomorrow.

After pushing the mower my neighbor who has been working on it came over to put the starter in and unfortunately it was the wrong one. He is charging the battery overnight since it had sat for so long and is pretty much dead. I bought a pie at the store and convinced him even though he was sulking to have a piece. I didn't have to do much persuading.

I decided to exercise one of Kylie's dad's horses since he hadn't been worked in a few days. Billy is a huge (trying not to say fat here) quarter horse. It went okay but Billy is pretty stubborn and he is in need of some serious exercise. I've cut down on his daily rations but he really needs a regular exercise program and to burn some of the fat he has accumulated.

The dog watching is going well but it is crowded and awkward at times since we have two pack leaders in the same house. I have to stay vigilant when they are all together so there are no squabbles. I have utilized the block building during the day so that Bravo and Riley have some space and my dogs have theirs.

I know tomorrow I will be very sore and stiff. Hopefully, the discomfort will ware off if I get up and get moving.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Young Man's Compliment, 6 Dogs, Aubrey, Mulching Leaves... and More

Today I think was the warmest and prettiest by far. I wore a short sleeve shirt and felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. With winter being so long and drab here, every drop of sunshine is important. We will have two guest dogs until next Saturday and last night was the first overnighter. My dogs had to change the dynamics of the pack to make room. I have a very large German Sheppard sleeping on my feet right now. Micah, who is head of the pack below me is now in third place. The Golden, Riley, is somewhere in the middle.

My bed last night was pouring over with doggies. Heads and tails as far as the eye could see. If it were dead winter I'd have been in heaven. As it was, there was a bit of restlessness that is to be expected as the two new guys get used to being here with us. Breakfast and dinner went well for everyone and the usual going out and coming in for exercise and potty went okay too. The cats and the new dogs are all good as well except Annabelle the Too is a little concerned when Riley stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on her cage to look at what she is eating. I just discovered that Annabelle likes Pringles. I ate a couple in the sun room and she banged on the cage bars with her beak just like a knock at the door. I thought maybe she wanted a chip and yes she did. She wanted it so much she grabbed it and climbed to her higher perch to savor the treat.

I cleaned, Satire's, Mack's, Aubrey's, and Billy's stalls this morning. Afterwards, I lunged Aubrey and then Cody. Aubrey is very obstinate and I worry for Kylie's safety so I put a regular halter and a chain on his halter, over his nose, and up the side of his halter. He persists in turning his rump towards you when he tries to avoid going forward and more control was needed. Aubrey was very funny when he turned his rump around but I could very easily bring his head back around and move him off again. He also learned that he can't crowd me and Kylie is very good at teaching this. He's so smart that he is a real challenge.

I put Pony and Bit outside in the morning until noon and these past two days I have called them and they come from the pasture into the barn on their own. Pony even walks straight into their stall and Bit follows. I'm proud of those guys as they listen very well, at least Pony does.

I spread the manure on the pasture and mulched many of the oak and other leaves that are heavy on the grass. As soon as I moved the leaves the horses moved over and started grazing. The grass will be better next year now that the leaves are cleared from the upper part of the pasture or mulched enough to compost into the soil.

Kylie and I went to Walmart for a couple of things and as we were walking out I commented that I didn't feel old and Kylie said she didn't feel old either (give me a break she is only 13).  A young man was walking near us and paid me a nice compliment that I didn't look as old as I was like his mother. I told him I hoped he told her that often!

It has been quiet here the past few days. There is someone that lives in the neighborhood that visits most days and sometimes I think he is a real hotty but that could just be because there aren't that many guys around. On one hand I miss the playful visits and on the other hand I am annoyed at how he suddenly vanishes for a few days and then reappears like a rabbit in a hat.

I finished cleaning the rest of the stalls before the evening feeding and look forward to a break from cleaning tomorrow. I hung so coat hooks on the back of the sun room door as we always have barn coats etc. that we need to have a place for. I like the sun room because there are lots of shelves, a tile floor, lots of windows and places for the barn stuff so we don't have to drag it all through the rest of the house, it is very much like a mud room. Tomorrow I start filling in places in the sun room to get it ready for winter. The water damage in that room was pretty bad and I need to spread joint compound over the walls and then I will paint them. I will also use something to seal around the windows and put the face plates back on the electrical outlets.

I still have to put some painters compound around the front window and nail the window frame back on and hang the rest of the curtains and pictures. I hope to complete this stuff by Thanksgiving. I managed to take two naps today and I am really sleepy now so time to crash with the dogs for a good nights sleep.

Mac Takes a Nap at Kindred Acres Resort!

The Herd Moves in Closer after Getting a Drink

Friday, November 12, 2010

Six Tails a Wagging, A Stampede, To Much Water

Right now I am looking at six tails a wagging in my living room. We are dog sitting for a week. Now I have 3 golden retrievers, a sheltie, a collie mix, and a German Sheppard. They are all pacing right now and probably will be more settled by in the morning. Dustie my senior Golden is hanging out on the couch minding his own business and Cooper the Sheltie is at my feet just watching the other dogs pace.

A very portly quarter horse was pestering Bit and Pony causing Pony to kick at the gait and he broke the snap thereby releasing both he and bit into the arena with a very large horse. They all decided to head for the pasture much to my disapproval. I caught the rotund quarter horse before he escaped with the nimble Bit and Pony.

I must have been shaken up because I forgot and left the water running into the tub in the arena and caused a small flood. I almost forgot to mention that Annabelle went on an adventure to the barn and followed me around in the arena. I was hoping she might want to fly a little but she was afraid. We will have to take her out there more often so she can have a taste of freedom and stretch her wings. She was happy to get a snuggle in her blanket though and was much quieter when we took her back to the sun room.

Josh, Kylie's half brother is home from the Marine's stopped by just now. He is such a handsome young man with so much energy. Time flies and I can remember when he was a very small boy and now a grown man.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quiet Compared to Yesterday

This morning I was up and running. I started with feeding the horses, a pet sit, and the feed store. I returned home to clean the newbies stalls out and bring them in from pasture. They did a much better job this time following the feed bucket into the barn. Slowly they are coming along.

We had a visitor who may know of someone interested in moving a senior horse in which is exciting as I love senior horses. We also had someone stop by and purchase the granite table top which has been in the block building since I moved here. It was very heavy and I am thrilled to get rid of it.

But, it was very quiet today as there were no Harley's, work vans or any other odd vehicles circling the house or barn. Not even an ex-husband to stir things up for that matter. The boredom became too much for Kylie and me so we went to Dairy Queen.

Pony and Bit had a very good afternoon with Kylie making up for lost time and playing with them as well as grooming them and making them do silly things!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barn Routines, Interesting Visitors, and Training

This morning I was surprised to see two plump quarter horses staring in the window at me as I did chores. I have had to walk out to the pasture or drive out to retrieve the new horses but they are catching on to breakfast. It isn't there fault as they have been on pasture 24/7 most of their lives. I like being able to call and have the horses come in but it will take time for these guys to understand the barn routine.

We had an interesting visitor today who stopped by and his name is Dale. He has brought cows and miniature donkeys to pasture down the road for years and I've never met him. Dale had an Australian Cattle dog with him and demonstrated the commands he uses when sending the dog out to herd and to retrieve him. It was awesome and something I hope to learn to train someday as I am a big fan of herding dogs.

Kylie's new horse Aubrey is doing very well. He has a lovely trot and whoas when being free lunged. You can see the horse and her getting closer every day. What a wonderful thing to be able to watch.

Tomorrow I will try and focus more on what needs to be done and less on distractions and chatter. The days go quickly and I have plenty to do before the real winter sets in. I started chili tonight and am keeping up with the laundry and the barn chores are going really well. I have some pet sitting to do tomorrow and Thursday also.

Dogs ears, tractors, and confessing

I have two Goldens who get yeast in their ears. I have a special product that will eliminate the yeast and prevent it from growing but when I use it ears on my dogs the ear flapping sounds afterwards like a helicopter. I need to use it more often and then things wouldn't get so out of hand. I love my Goldens but their allergies can be hard to manage.

The Russian got two new batteries today. I am getting it ready for a buyer to look at. I love the thing but it is too big to keep in the barn and too big for me. I put the clutch down on it today and I could hardly hold it down cause I am too short. I will be selling it and making more than I paid for it and so I am content.

Sometimes when you share your thoughts with someone it can complicate a friendship. I am hoping for simplicity and I am trying to resist stirring the pot so to speak in order to keep it simple. My nature is to get into mischief so this is a true test :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunshine and Productivity

Today was a much better today I think because the sun was out and things were bright.  Started out with chores and letting the little ones out to pasture. When I came back Dave had stopped by and was working on moving the bars on some of the stalls so we don't have another repeat of the pump incident.

Shirley came and we all had some fun watching her work with Echo and we let the big three out. Kylie and Shirley worked with Aubrey some and he is doing very well but is very smart which is good and bad. Kylie will have to find ways to keep ahead of him.

I took down the hanger for the picks and made one for the new barn broom which is awesome. I also put up some screws to hang the lunge whips on as I am always trying to find which wall or corner one of them is leaning on. Now everything has a place and should be easier to find.

I played with the birds and put a new rope perch in Annabelle's cage so she can get into her birdie tent at night. She shredded her old one but that is what they are for. Annabelle will need a new tent soon as she has made holes all over to crawl out of and there isn't much fabric left.

The dogs were stinky and loosing bushels of hair so I washed and groomed all four in a grooming assembly line. They have all crashed now and are sleeping. They look and smell really nice and their fur is all shiny. I am hoping for less hair and dander in the house for awhile. Trimmed nails too because I hate when they step on my feet it hurts.

I expect it will be a busy day tomorrow. I have some business to take care of and calls to make. I have one more thing that I have been putting off and that is the litter box in the basement. Not one of my favorite chores but it must be done.

I hope to start working more with Cody. He is a great horse and I love him. It is time to do new things together and enjoy this place. Maybe there is more to life than manure....

Micah, he's got lots of personality!

Dusti, my senior dog and he loves to be groomed

My Dogs! They all got bathes today

I love my dogs, they follow me everywhere when I let them and I am always surrounded by my boys!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Manure.... Sawdust... It's my life

Kylie went to another church function today with the Perkins and I'm very happy because I am really bad about not getting her to church and it is good to have help with this. After chores I put the Razzleberry Pie in the oven and made some phone calls and let the pony and bit out to pasture.

I brought in the little guys after visiting the neighbor I decided to make a sawdust run. I brought home three bucket loads and was lucky I didn't loose much as the tailgate dropped when I was putting the tarp over the top. I had a very slow ride home but it was worth it because I don't like money basically blowing in the wind.

I cleaned all the stalls which weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I am thinking I will be taking a break tomorrow because I am tired of manure basically...

My brother came down with 4 gallons of milk and some bread because he thinks prices are going to go up in a couple of weeks. I'm really glad to get the extra groceries as Kylie drinks a lot of milk.

I managed to get into the house before dark today and start a fire. I'm really sore and sleepy so after Satires last feeding I am going to sleep.

The white stuff was coming down a little today and I was thinking we will have a long winter this year.  The fireplace helps fight off the gloom of cold winter days. I think that is what I like best about this house. This is such a good place to be and I'm happy here. At times it's hard keeping up and balancing the finances and two houses for awhile but hopefully things will get easier in that respect. It is all worth it even though I have some anxiety about the future. I will press on, shovel more manure, and try not to inhale too much sawdust!

Friday, November 5, 2010


More Aubrey's Destiny

Aubrey, a young girls dream

Horses, Goodwill, and Angels in Disguise

Kylie and I got off to a good start. We had a telephone conference with her teacher and she is doing okay but needs to complete more hours online. I can give her credit for many things she does with me that involve math, reading, tech stuff, and other life experiences.

We moved on to finding an outfit for her to wear to a church function. We went to Goodwill to see if we could find some skirts etc. We came away with a nice overstuffed winter vest for the barn, a couple of hats, some jeans and a dress. Kylie ended up wearing something I had in my closet with a nice blouse. She went to a womans retreat with some friends and had such a good time she's going tomorrow.

When we got back to the barn we played around a bit with Shirley and Preacher. Kylie and I both rode Preacher and then Shirley showed us some things with Aubrey who is a fast learner. Later in the evening I cleaned Satire's stall and I lunged Cody. I will have to really clean stalls tomorrow because we are out of sawdust and I'm going to get some in the A.M. I put Cody in cross ties and brushed him and moisturized his mane and tail.

While I was out in the barn my friend Kim called and asked if I wanted something to eat because she was picking something up. So she brought me some Chipolte.

Aubrey pulled off the board next to his stall and exposed an electrical outlet which I was going to try to cover tonight. I called Griff and asked him if he had any electrical stuff. Within a half an hour he pulled in with a friend and they shortened the tubing and wires that went to the outlet and secured it above the stall. It is much safer now and will not be a danger to any horse. They also secured a loose outlet and fixed the connectors that were busted.

The little things that people do that are unexpected really relieve a great deal of stress for me. I work hard and I'm pretty handy but I am only one person. The Lord has sent me some pretty remarkable helpers lately. Ones that have helped me for simple things like grooming their dog that got into burrs, a pie and some coffee. All very simple things.

There is also a TP fairy in the block building which is much appreciated.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy day, but not motivated

Cold this evening and the barn gets good and cold. The horses did not want to come in and so I went and got them and let the other ones out. Preacher was naughty because I let loose of him half way to the barn and he turned around and went right back out.

I ended up messing with the pump again because it has an adjustment on it that has to be just right or the water doesn't turn completely off. Our new neighbor came over to fix the toilet ring because I traded for grooming their dog and he helped me adjust it. We also turned the water on that controls the sprinklers and so I moved the hose out of the middle of the barn to the faucet over their to simplify things.

I ended up walking out in the rain to catch two other horses tonight. I was instructed that they would be okay but I didn't have the heart to leave them in the cold rain all night. Just can't do it. I gave everyone extra hay for the night and came in to get warmed up.

I was really blessed with the family that took the old house they are just so very nice. God blesses me in so many ways.

This day started out and I thought I am going to stay in the house and rest but you know when you plan on that everyone else doesn't cooperate. When I did go to the barn to start stalls I was dragging but in spite of not being motivated things did get taken care of.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bit is good for Randy this time

Bit is shorter now

Randy trimming pony

Not one of my better days...

This morning started out pretty quiet and I thought I'd stay in the house for awhile but then the previous owners father came by to finish fixing the furnace in the block building where I do dog grooming and kenneling. I left him cursing at a rusty pipe and went into the barn and helped Kylie with Aubrey and Cody.

The next thing Randy comes and he trims five horses. The last one was Mac and his stall is where the water hydrant is where he can hang his head out of the stall. I was thinking I'd let him out soon and left his halter on forgetting about the Hydrant (I knew myself or someone would make that mistake sooner or later).

I decided instead to let the other horses out first and then let Mac and Billy out later and went in the house for a little while and Kylie returned to the barn to find that Mac had gotten his halter caught on the hydrant handle and broke it off.

I pulled the old pump handle of another hydrant that was in the feed room. I called Griff to see if he had a large wrench to try and open a valve on another hydrant which he dropped off but it wasn't the right wrench so I went back to fixing the other hydrant. I put the handle on but had trouble lining up the bolts and called Dave for advise. We were discussing the possibilities when I took my finger and pushed down on the rod by accident which was all it took to line everything up.  So, I have that feeling where I could kick myself for letting it happen but feel better that I could fix it.

By the end of the day we had gotten everyone out of the barn, cleaned the stalls and cleaned things up. I didn't feel overall that I accomplished much in the day but the furnace is fixed without any cost to me, the hooves all trimmed, and I learned how to change a pump handle without water gushing all over the barn and drowning the horses!

Tomorrow will be a sawdust day. We need more to keep up with the manure of mass destruction!

Theo Jansen's Strandbeests - Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention Episo...

Blacksmith Coming Today

Time for a trim! Randy Menke has been our blacksmith for at least 10 years. I appreciate Randy because even though he was coming to trim a horse, a pony, and a mini, he always came. In other words... we weren't a big barn with a lot of business for him.

He's honest and feisty which always makes a visit interesting!

Coalton is dubbed a new name

Kylie has renamed the two year old horse her father brought her. He is officially "Aubrey's Destiny" Aubrey for short. She knows most people will think it is a girls name much like Micah which is one of our dog's name. Actually, it was originally a masculine name but has changed in the US to a name associated with girls. All I can say is the name suits him well.

Pictures to follow of this guy, he's very cute.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Manure of Mass of Distruction

One of the latest additions to our barn is very special. He is a beautiful quarter horse who is bit on the chunky side and needs to be firmed up a bit. His name is Billy and cleaning his stall will make me look like a body builder.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun, new adventures at Kindred Acres Farm

Spoiling horses this morning and trying to get everyone on a turnout schedule. Today wasn't dull but busy. Kylie and I are learning new things with the new horse Coalton who will probably receive a new name soon. Shirley was of great assistance showing us some of the training she has learned from different horse trainers. The methods are gentle and geared to teach and not to force. Since this young horse doesn't know very much it is like writing on a new sheet of paper.

Kylie is very anxious about things and torn. I let her take time to work pony and bit and Cody tonight while I cleaned stalls. Pony was very happy to have her attention back as was Cody. Preacher got a relaxing groom and then she did a little work with Coalton. He is beginning to respond to her and look to her for affection. She is starting to warm up to him too.

I had fun trying to get the other new horses in after dark from the big pasture. They were good for me but it is getting cold outside and they weren't sure where they were supposed to go so I guided them. They need to romp some because they have a high level of energy.

Glad to be in and will be taking a long hot shower to get rid of the chill.