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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still Smelling Good, Nothing Else Much Going On Except a Lecture

Yes, he still smells good and he has two different scents on, one on each sleeve! Anyway, plenty of work in the barn and I started cleaning the house up tonight because this is going to be a busy exhausting weekend. It will start with barn chores tomorrow and working on phones and more barn chores. I may go to a friends house for New Year's Eve or stay home haven't decided yet.

Saturday starts a round of pet sits that last till Monday. In addition, I have an old friend stopping by sometime and Kylie's friends are doing a Sunday Night sleepover here. Not to mention the two dogs I am keeping here for a relative. I have a very full life!

Monday my class starts again and also my regular work schedule in the evening will be full. I will have to try and get as much sleep as possible to keep up with everything but this weekend is going to be real hectic and sleep doesn't sound like something that I will get a lot of but we'll see.

I got a lecture from my 13 year old daughter this evening that I was acting like her friends at her old school talking about guys and relationships and that I should think about something else. Surely the humor in this is obvious. I haven't considered dating in oh lets say about 10 years. I have always put her first in everything and protected her in every way possible. I've worked hard and now I feel I could try going out with someone or at least flirt for heavens sake. It has apparently made her uncomfortable and I was set down and warned of the danger of thinking too much about the opposite sex. Hurray for me!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Man and His Feminine Side, Farm Sitting, and Sunshine

Today started out very well as my new/used coffee maker made the coffee as scheduled and it tasted great. I had ran vinegar and salt through it last night to clean it and wasn't sure if all the residue was out. The sun was shining and I went to a farm not far from here to meet the owner and her horses for a possible job farm sitting for her in the future. It was a very nice place and the owner was especially nice so I look forward to having her as a client.

We returned to the farm to free horses and to clean stalls. I finished most of them and Kylie and I and a friend headed towards Fairlawn to snipe some discounts after the holidays. Kylie and I were planing on going to a couple of stores that would be what could best be described as stores women would appreciate more than men. Since our friend happened to be a man I have to say he was very graceful about the experience except he decided to spray himself with very expensive woman's cologne. Not knowing of course that the expensive stuff really stays on. The rest of the afternoon I must say smelled really good and someone was a little self conscious about other men thinking maybe he might be interested in them. (I enjoyed that part)

We finally came back to the farm and finished chores and I had a conference call and now have some cleaning to catch up on. I'll be calling to check on my friend tomorrow to see how the fumigating of clothes went this evening!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Man Trap, Weather Change, and Work Groove

This morning I let the horses out and cleaned the stalls and took care of the little chihuahuas in my care for the next two weeks. I tried getting the furnace to lite in the block building and fought a battle with the hose which was partially frozen.

My friend and I finished putting together the wire kennel in the block building and with him standing in it I thought it would make a better man trap. After all, had I closed the door... I would have trapped one right then and there. The moment passed and he was free to roam again in his wild habitat.

I spent the evening in a great deal of pain. The weather is changing and years ago I would ache from any change. I was surprised that today my hands, wrists, and arms are throbbing like a tooth ache just like they used to when I was much younger. I took four ibuprofen but unfortunately it hasn't touched the pain which is unusual.

I worked till just before ten and then was allowed to leave early not because I wasn't feeling well but because the calls for everyone must not have been very productive. It was a relief because I was feeling the pain and wasn't as up beat as I usually am.

Kylie and I wrapped the chores up at 10 and I cleaned a new/used coffee pot my old neighbor Andrew gave me. It is programmable and I am excited to see if it works tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.

I got another call to farm sit for another stables and I'm excited about it. I also have another potential farm client that would be on a regular basis. I enjoy doing farm sitting and it is a good way to earn income. Someday, I hope to have a good client base built up but I like having regular hours and having a paycheck for backup too. This new calling job is excellent because it is flexible and I am very happy about that. Plus, I am helping excellent causes like cancer and Alzheimer research. My mother died of lymphoma and my step father who was an angel died from Alzheimer's.  Both are terrible things and it will be good for them both to be completely eliminated someday. I hope I can help make a difference in anyway possible.

With all that said I am very tired and still hurting and I look forward to my dogs and their therapy in the form of warmth on my weather forecasting bones and joints. After all, tomorrow is another day to set the man trap and maybe I'll catch one and study it for awhile before I release it back into the wild. It will be the Mantrap Research Foundation (sounds like I need some grant money).

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, ERRR It's Yellow Snow I mean Big Yellow

In All It's YELLOW Glory

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mischief, Snow and Getting Lost Close to Home

Mmmm.... I just woke up today wanting to stir up things! So, I called and sent texts to the ex-husband to get him all twisted up. My dad who came for a visit the night before decided he wanted to leave his two little Chihuahuas with me for two weeks and dropped them off this morning. Of course he got stuck in the driveway so I had to pull him out with the help of my neighbor Andrew and big yellow (my big bright yellow Dodge Ram).

The furnace in the block building decided to go off and on and off again and the Chihuahuas have very little fur and so I had to put them in the basement or they would be Chihua-cycles by morning. It took me forever to get just two stalls done with phone calls, my neighbor on the other side who helped me start putting together a dog run in the block building and a zillion other things.

I quit long enough to make a run for sawdust and ended up missing a turn because Griff went with me and we were yakking and ended up in Barberton and then got lost. We found our way back, hit the feed store and I made it home just in time to finish chores and run in and get on the phone for work.

The evening went okay as I am still adjusting to having the job from home on the phones. The dogs and the bird Nanabelle Sugie were all good and didn't make a lot of noise. Kylie's dad Dave came by (the ex) and helped her with a project and they had some fun.  

Tomorrow will be Chihuahua sitting, stalls in the a.m. and maybe a little shopping. I think a nap would be in order to as today will eventually catch up with me. Although I could don some horns a tail and a pitch fork and have a little more fun getting into some more mischief, we'll see and also I am sure the caffeine in my system will spur me on.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Christmas

This year has completely changed our lives. Change in employment, residence, and relationships. All for the better and all with incredible blessings.

Our tree was beautiful but for the first time since I had my little girl Kylie there weren't a lot of little and big presents for her under the tree. Since my mom died there have been more than a few year where I never received a Christmas present. Since I am an adult I was always just very happy to give Kylie a great Christmas Morning.

The point here is that she did get some very large and important gifts but they couldn't be wrapped and they couldn't fit under the tree this year. Presents like a beautiful horse named Aubrey, a barn to play in and go to when she feels like getting away. A beautiful pasture to walk in. A better relationship with her father and maybe some healing for them both. They spent the day on Christmas eve shopping for art supplies that Kylie wanted. She also sees me more than when I worked those long hours away from home. She also has two very good friends that love her and she can talk to and visit even though she is home schooled this year which is also a wonderful blessing. All these things were from God of course and He was kind enough to let me along for the ride!

For the first time in many years I got the only two things for Christmas that are material things that I had actually wanted. I got a comforter for my bed thanks to my brother and a very nice neighbor bought Kylie and I a pink daisy BB gun. I never had one as a kid and thought being on a farm we should have one. It is funny how God works, you would think I was the child this year!

I avoided the TV commercials and shopping because of the ugliness of commercialism. The losing sight of what the season is about even if you don't believe in a God the message is supposed to be love and you really can't buy and wrap love. Caring and helping those around you are really the most rewarding things. Even if you don't believe Jesus is the Son of God, if you read about Him the message is He came for the broken hearted, the unlovable, the poor and the every day person. His message was and is that we are loved and to share the gift of His love by pouring it out to all that will receive it. We don't have to do things for other people out of obligation or guilt. I don't think we have to say anything about God either but by pouring out love and being genuine if there is light and goodness in your heart, the message is there and is clearer than all the words in the world.

There is such a great need in the world and this last couple of years have been very hard on many people but an even greater need is the desire to be loved, to know a person is important to someone, to experience  kindness instead of harshness or indifference. We celebrate the Lord's birthday on Christmas but for those who don't know Him, we can celebrate with them His joy, His love and His sacrifice...  in sacrificing some of our time and our joy and our love to share it with someone else.  

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Merry Kindred Acre Farm Christmas

Our first Christmas in this new place, a warm house that's cozy, a wonderful barn, two ancient oak trees, land, my lovely animals and many good friends.

All the stalls are clean and the everyone got Christmas Eve hay and fresh water in their buckets. My wonderful brother bought each dog a toy for under the tree at the dollar store. Kylie and her dad had a great afternoon shopping together and I worked till noon. I am happy to do a job that keeps me at home but will pay bills. It is also interesting to find that there are many generous people willing to give of their time and genuinely care about the cause they volunteer to help. I am doing my part to help too and I talk to many senior who are just glad to speak to someone.

Christmas 2010 and the Lord has blessed me very much and I am thankful for His greatest blessings, His Son, His Love, and His Salvation.  Sheppard's, a manger, lovely animals all surrounding the King of Kings how perfect.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping up a pretty decent day

I finished my away from home training today and I did pretty well and recruited some volunteers for some very worthy organizations who help many people. I have to be persistent and determined to accomplish what must be done and at the same time confident and positive. I can be very naturally cheery and that annoys some people but I think in a job like this it is a plus. I am happy to have a part time job that is flexible, I can work at home, and have some steady income while the business builds.

I have a farm sitting job that will be ongoing in January, some kenneling and grooming but December has been very slow. The first three years are hard when starting a business and this is the first year for me. I need to market myself more. I have a contact at a well known pet boutique in Bath and  I need to call on her and introduce myself and ask for referrals.

Tonight I came home and found Kylie and her Dad cleaning stalls and they had finished by the time I arrived and were just cleaning up. They had hayed and watered and all was left for me to do is give out the feed. It was nice to be able to come into the house for awhile and rest before jumping into action.

Tomorrow I will be working from home during the day and on Friday but next week I will start my evening hours. I am excited to do my morning routine, work my regular business and be with the animals and then spend a few hours on the phone in the evening working. I can keep moving and doing things and getting exercise and only be immobilized for a few hours and I will have a break or can walk away for a few minutes. If I have to pet sit I can still do that and come back and finish the job.

I have four sleeping doggie angels sleeping around me right now and the Christmas tree lights twinkling and all is well tonight at Kindred Acres, tomorrow... that is another story!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marathon Day

I enjoyed today's training session and it actually seems like a fun job. It is very fast paced and I like it because time flies.

I'm tired though. I started with chores this morning and changing into business casual and working till 6 and coming home to pick stalls and finish feeding. Kylie gave Satire his food at 6 and hayed everyone and I did the rest when I got home.

Next was some laundry and updating my home computer and installing software. I got stuck with a phone issue which I'll have to resolve tomorrow if I can.

I got a grand welcome from Nannabelle Sugie and the dogs this evening. I  missed them all and my lovely horses too. It will be much easier for me once I get in the swing of things working at home in the evening on the phone. My days are for the barn and evenings for picking up a regular cash flow.

I will sleep well tonight because I'm very sleepy now. Starting Thursday I'll be able to work from home and that will be better. Kylie is reading her book to finish up her literature for school and I hope she is able to finish it soon because all of her classes will be up to date. Homeschooling for the first time this year is an adjustment but I like it and Kylie is doing well.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Grace Abounds at Kindred Acres

Each day something good and kind happens for us here. Tonight I had a special problem and the solution was delivered by a friend who found it laid upon her heart by the Lord. She didn't know the issue but she had the answer.

I'm blessed everyday and tonight almost brought me to tears because of God's mercy and love. Really I'm overwhelmed by it all.

I pray that someday the Lord will let His blessings flow through my heart and hands to be able to freely give to others and enrich their lives and the lives of many of His creatures.

As a child I had many rejections, disappointments, abandonment and abuse but when I look at my life now and how beautiful it is again it moves me to tears.

Angel went out with Billy again today and Shirley and I had fun watching her start to unfold and become a horse that is part of a herd and the collective again as she was intended to be. This will be a joyous year for her when she is able to run in the pasture with other horses.

In January, I may have a job farm sitting for someone who has sheep. I've wondered what is like to care for sheep. I have secret ambitions of course with herding dogs, sheep, and being a shepherdess.

Christmas is near and to celebrate I am thankful for all I have received and for the love given freely to me from my Savior. Thank you Lord for being the Sheppard of my life, the Nurturer and Protector. Thank You for giving me wisdom and the love in my heart for Your creations, guide me to be a better servant and caretaker of all You have entrusted to me.

This is so my life!

The Nativity

Our tree

Today, thanks to my brother

My brother came specifically down to help me get the tree up and decorated. I haven't been motivated this year and my brother Greg has helped on many Christmases with the tree, presents, and wrapping. I'm glad we did it because this is the first Christmas in a new home and I do love this place. I brought out the Nativity that I have had since I was a child and put it on the mantle and lit a nice fire.

I planned a nice evening since Kylie went on a sleepover. It didn't turn out as planned but I really enjoyed it. I had the tree and the fire and spent the evening alone. I made an excellent late dinner for myself that included scallops & linguine with homemade cheese sauce.

I watched some good old movies and enjoyed my cuddly dogs. I also put a bunch of stuff in the crock pot which means something healthy and hot for most of the week without having to cook much else. Tomorrow some feed store business and playing with horses in the barn. I hope to brush Cody and play with him a little. I get busy with everyone else in the barn and let him go sometimes. I want to ride him again soon.

Today, thanks to my brother

My brother came specifically down to help me get the tree up and decorated. I haven't been motivated this year and my brother Greg has helped on many Christmases with the tree, presents, and wrapping. I'm glad we did it because this is the first Christmas in a new home and I do love this place. I brought out the Nativity that I have had since I was a child and put it on the mantle and lit a nice fire.

I planned a nice evening since Kylie went on a sleepover. It didn't turn out as planned but I really enjoyed it. I had the tree and the fire and spent the evening alone. I made an excellent late dinner for myself that included scallops & linguine with homemade cheese sauce.

I watched some good old movies and enjoyed my cuddly dogs. I also put a bunch of stuff in the crock pot which means something healthy and hot for most of the week without having to cook much else. Tomorrow some feed store business and playing with horses in the barn. I hope to brush Cody and play with him a little. I get busy with everyone else in the barn and let him go sometimes. I want to ride him again soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, everyone comes at the same time

My brother comes, then Dusty and Nick to deliver wood, Michelle, Gloria, and then Dave. All within 30 minutes of each other!

We have some nice firewood to help keep us warm for a few weeks and some more groceries. Gloria brought sawdust and the starter on the tractor was sent out to be rebuilt. Everyone comes and helps in one way or another.

Angel our mare who was in a field by herself for at least 15 years got to visit with pony and Billy. Pony was not interested in Angel and let us all know he wasn't making friends. Billy a nice gelding did well with her and Angel being a bit bossy actually did very well. We all hope to have Angel out to pasture with a buddy in the spring. She is already doing better as she isn't good with manners or space. She's very sweet and I am glad she has come to us. Dave who is an experienced horse trainer (Kylie's Dad) helped us by introducing Angel safely to the big door to the arena and the small paddock. He is taller then me or Shirley which helps because Angel really doesn't respect space at all.

Billy is becoming friendly to people instead of aloof as he was when he first came. He is a quarter horse gelding with a very large butt! Billy can be a little pushy but he is doing very well now. I will have to take pictures of Angel and Billy so everyone can see them to put a muzzle with a name.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Micah as a puppy with Kylie, how they've grown

Runaway apples, Elvis and Nannabelle, 2nd Interview

I let the pony and mini out today to walk around the barn while I did chores. They like visiting the other horses but Bit (the mini) zoned in on a bag of apples hidden in a bucket. Before I knew what was happening, Bit was running down the middle of the barn with the bag of apples in his teeth. He put his hoof on it, ripped the bag, and chomped an apple in a split second while the other apples went flying.

My Nannabelle Sugie (Cockatoo) is an older bird but her exact age is unknown. Whenever we play old hymns or Christmas music she will sing along and knows some of the words. Today I played Christmas music and one of the songs sung by Elvis really jogged her memory. She sang and danced and displayed all of her crest and wings in joy. I can't help but think that she is remembering another Christmas somewhere in time.

I had a second interview for a job working with people and their dogs. I am now intrigued by the position. I will hear in a couple of days.


Dusti is barn dog today

Dusti is our senior dog and he was Courage's best buddy until Courage passed with cancer. At the old place Courage and Dusti and I would feed the horses together morning and night. We did the chores together for years. This morning while petting Dusti I was reminded of the pleasure Dusti had when he would accompany me to the barn each day.

Today I decided that I would only take Dusti and we would have one on one time in the barn. He was like a puppy spinning around and barking with joy. He is a very well behaved boy and with four dogs it is easy for him to get lost in the chaos. He loves rides in the truck and scratches and cheese and barn chores.

He mourned the loss of Courage and was a little lost for awhile without him. It was difficult for all of us to loose such a good friend but Dusti saved Courage's life because Courage had chronic separation anxiety. We tried everything and nothing worked. The vet felt the best thing was to put Courage to sleep. I couldn't have that so I brought a puppy home for Courage. He didn't know what to do at first but then he took over teaching Dusti how to climb stairs and go into his crate and how to play. Courage was a new dog after Dusti came and never had separation anxiety anymore.

Dusti is quiet and well mannered now, gone are the days of stealing socks and underwear or chewing whatever he can find. Such a good boy.

Dusti as a puppy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunshine and running done

Was a pretty day and I enjoyed being outside even though it was cold. We did stalls in the AM and used all of the sawdust except one bag (You can relax Shirley, I bought ten more today). I decided to buy equine senior instead of Cheerios for Satire :)

We hit Aldi's, Copley Feed, Farmer's Exchange in Norton, and I had a job interview. I did a load of wash, cooked dinner and started a fire. I have super powers! (That is when I have at least one cup of coffee)

Now relaxing and feeling good about the day and getting things done. I had a hard time falling to sleep last night because all I could think about is what feed store I should go to today. Tomorrow is another interview in the afternoon.

Later tonight the hay fairy will visit the farm to give the horse babies something to warm them up. Some of the horses are wearing dresses to keep them warm, very cute actually. All they need is matching hats and purses :)

Dan Dan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Headaches and Toothaches

I had a sinus headache last night and an uncomfortable tooth today. I went to the dentist and it is now better. It is only temporary but at least the tooth is now protected and hopefully I won't have to have a root canal.

My sister Jane came through for me on this one. We are from totally different worlds because we were raised in different environments. Neither of us had a great childhood nor did either of us have proper dental care as children so when I thought about calling her I knew she'd understand.

I still have some sinus issues which always makes me tired and sleepy but Kylie and I went out for the night feeding and made sure the horse babies had hay for a cold night. Tomorrow is going to be a little better and I have plenty to do. I have to hit the feed store, do an interview and maybe Aldi's.

We haven't put a Christmas tree up yet and somehow Kylie and I just can't seem to catch the Christmas spirit this year. I am going to make a concentrated effort to try and put up the tree by the weekend. Maybe some decorations and Christmas music will help us shake off the holiday blah's.


Good for Cooper

My mornings start out with a big greeting from Nanabelle Sugie our umbrella Cockatoo. She is always peeking out from underneath the blanket I use to cover the top of her cage and she will say good morning and what are you doing. The bunny and all of the other birds carry on because it is breakfast time.

Since the barn is closed up tight the dogs have had a special treat which is to go do morning chores with me. As soon as I feed the little ones in their cages and head towards my coat and boots there is a happy flurry of fur and paws dancing. One dog in particular is over joyed at going with me. The little dog we brought home from the dog pound named Cooper, who couldn't even run because he was so overweight. Cooper couldn't jump on the couch either, he was forty pounds and he is a little Sheltie.

This morning Cooper did the Cooper dance and barked as I opened the door. He ran and circled the other dogs as they ran to the back door of the barn and he ran back to me and circled and barked. The snow is deep and Cooper either runs or bunny hops but he is so happy. He can run and change leads and he does the stops and starts of a true herding dog. Micah my collie mix who is the lead dog when I am not around and tries to let everyone know he is in charge tolerates Cooper very well. Cooper is spunky for his size and so I see the two herding dogs hang out together more and more. Cooper also nips at Micah's heals. Micah doesn't always behave well when we get company but he is all business when we do chores in the barn.

The two golden's love visiting the barn and sniffing around. Dusti is old dog and he gets really excited about rolling in the snow. Dusti did some victory laps in the snow and ran to me for a good petting. He sleeps a lot more now and chooses when he feels like doing more.

My big Dan Dan who is a giant fluffy teddy bear knew when chores were almost done and went back outside the man door and laid down in the snow and waited for me.

Of course Nanabelle Sugie greats me when I return with her crest in full sail on her little head and I get a little baby cry from her. Lowkie whistles to me when he sees me. He is a pionus parrot who is a one person bird and very jealous of anyone when it comes to me. Lowkie was locked in a cage for years and I went to see him and I couldn't leave without him. I took him and his cage and put him in the car and brought him home. It took a few days even for him to come out of his cage. He now loves head scratches and is very sweet and loves to cuddle sometimes.

I love my animals and I love to see them unfold and blossom. They all have their stories but I think Cooper came here so fearful and insecure and he is just lovely now and so happy. It brings me great joy.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Blessing

I have a cracked tooth that needs fixed and I have been babying it but it is getting worse. I finally broke down and called my sister in California as I knew of all people she would understand because she has had to suffer teeth problems in the past. She offered to pay for the temporary fix for me. I am so happy because I have suffered with toothaches and it isn't fun. I will loose this tooth if it isn't fixed soon and so I am going to try and get in this week to get it done.

Winter winds and appreciating all my blessings

The wind is whipping around the house and blowing ashes out of the fireplace. We are ready though with snow masks and layering. The barn is pretty warm considering the buckets have not frozen. I checked with the family who rented my old house and barn and indeed the buckets have frozen there. I thought it was cold enough as the buckets were always frozen from January through the beginning of March every year. This years cold temperatures started early but no frozen buckets here. It would be more of a task since I have more horses to care for now.

The barn was comfortable to work in today and I drove the big truck through the snow in the back to make a path through the snow for the wheelbarrows. My neighbor called to see if we needed plowed but I told him it is best to wait till tomorrow as it will just need to be plowed again. My truck can get out and that is enough for today.

We went to the store and bought some toilet paper and sandwich meat and other essentials to carry us through the storm although I think we are able to go out for things when we need them. I threw more wood on the porch to keep the fire going this evening and I have been promised a truck load sometime this week to keep us warm.

I have to sit back and think of each person who has contributed to our making it this far. I think if I believed in past lives I would have been a Sheppard or a farmer, definitely something to do with nature. Since I only know for sure about this life I can say that I have done many things but this is my bent or what I was created to do as the Bible says. I was born to do this and it is very easy for me actually. Sometimes I fear things happening but the Lord says perfect love casteth out fear, I have great love for what I have been blessed with and so  maybe that helps.

So many people have helped in big and small ways. I believe God is faithful and as many people have helped I hope they are greatly blessed for it. The new year is around the corner and I hardly know where the year went. I do remember this time last year being so unhappy and feeling lost. I was actually sick from worry and anxiety. As soon as I stepped out in faith I felt healed and restored.

The cold wind blows and the snow falls but it is good and I am happy to work and enjoy this place.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The storm sneaks in

We were all set to go to a nice church function and the winter weather cut loose. I have tremendous guilt about not going to church. I have terrible anxiety about going but I feel I need to try more. Shirley's car got stuck and it started to snow so we decided to stay and help her get out and also to get a jump on stalls. Tomorrow the snow may be to deep to push wheelbarrows through and it may take some time to get the long driveway plowed.

We finished early and I came in the house and cooked a decent dinner and then went back out to feed at 6:00. I managed to do a load of wash so we don't get piled up again and then I worked on Kylie's computer for awhile trying to install updates.

I watched some TV and snuggled with the dogs the rest of the evening. Nothing really exciting today just low key. Tomorrow I am sure will be interesting and the horses will have to hang in the arena instead of their usual outside time.

I am getting into shape more and more and loosing weight with all the work in the barn which has kind of rejuvenated me. I decided to color my hair the color it was when I was younger as it has turned darker as the grey has come in. I also have been taking better care of my skin. I'm thinking it might be okay after being alone so long to start thinking about dating again. Of course, finding the right victim might prove difficult but at least I am open to trying I think.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting ready for a big storm and men at work

The usual morning chores and since the sun was out I let the horses out in different areas to enjoy the nice weather. Kylie and I were unsuspecting women minding our own business when we were suddenly knee deep in men working at various jobs here on the farm. Men are funny creatures, when you need them there are none, when you least expect them or just plain don't care you can't spit without hitting one.

Anyway back to work on the farm- The first men to suddenly descend upon us were Griff and his friend Greg to paint the block building floor because they had leftover epoxy from a previous job. They were carrying stuff out, blowing and sweeping dirt and slapping paint on when around the corner came Dave and Dusty who were there to prepare the barn for a bad storm.  

Dave and Dusty were intent on clearing out all of the built up ice in the gutter so the places where screws had come loose could be reattached. The gutter looked like it could have collapsed from the weight of the ice very easily and it would have been a real job then because the thing is huge. Next they removed all of the built up snow on the horse barn roof in case the next storm was ice and snow putting too much weight on the roof support system. Finally, the leaking toilet. Yes the toilet that has been leaking in three different places is now fixed.

Later that evening- after all of the men milling about the farm went home we had another man visitor. Josh who came late to work on the tractor but didn't have jumper cables and of course I don't either. Tomorrow the tractor may be worked on because it is best done in the daylight.

In between all of this man powered repair frenzy, we had a visit from Gloria and her husband who were looking in to see how Angel is doing and they brought her some apples to munch on.

Today was a good day. Kylie and I did our regular chores and accepted the help and assistance of others who were all doing good deeds. Of course, I have a nice long list of things to heap on other poor unsuspecting males but I will save it for another day. Not to mention the fact that prayers are answered and that really is the moral of this story!

Pretty much a so so day

I wasn't feeling real good today as I have the makings of a cold or something. I dropped the title of my Highlander at the bank so it could be processed for the new owner and picked up some milk at Aldi's. When I came home I rested and took a nap and then went to the barn and did some chores. I was glad to feed everyone and come back inside, I didn't even start a fire.

Kylie and I watched a Christmas movie together and I am hoping to put the tree up sometime this weekend. Last year was the first year I didn't put one up since Kylie was born and it was because I just couldn't bring myself to get into the mood. Since we are in a new home and have so much to be thankful for I want to have the tree up to celebrate.

We are supposed to get a really bad storm next week and I am going to have to most likely get more sawdust to be ready and maybe a couple of bags of feed. This is bad for December but I am an optimist, perhaps we will get the worst over with and the rest of winter will be a cake walk (fingers crossed behind my back).

I need to work on getting more firewood rounded up too as it helps to have the fire going. The wood in the pasture is buried now so I'll have to find a different source. I hope to feel better tomorrow as I don't want to be slowed down any. I have a Christmas tea to go to Sunday afternoon with my good friends and I also start a class on Monday. Later this month I have to finish training for the part time job I took.

The house has stayed clean since Thanksgiving and the laundry is caught up and I hope to keep it that way as it is better to come into a clean house in the evening when working outside in the cold. I hate clutter and disorder it causes me a great deal of anxiety and discomfort. I can only relax when things are neat and orderly. With four dogs, 5 birds, and a bunny in the house it can be challenging but of course the birds are in the sun room which is allowed to be a little unkempt. Birds are very messy creatures and love to throw chewed wood and seeds everywhere. I can broom the sun room and be done with it.

I vacuum every day but it is easy with a smaller house now. We manage to do okay except for dog hair because the dogs don't potty in the house. My teenager of course is the real mess maker and the one least likely to pick up after herself. I try to keep the chaos in her room and most of the time I am successful.

Well off to bed now after taking bunches of cold medicine and with the tissue box nearby. I hope to sleep well and be ready to go in the morning to do things that need to be done. I have drapes still to hang in Kylie's room and chores and window trim to reinstall and a gutter on the barn to deal with even if I don't have help.

Bring it on Mr. Winter....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting the sniffles and more snow

I fell asleep on the couch last night listening to the fire crackle. I am enjoying the moments of feeling safe and secure in this new home. I enjoy the coziness. Yesterday was a nice day outside and I also took time to do some things in the house and relax during the morning time.

We woke to more snow and I have a blocked ear and the sniffles. I went to work on this right away and I think a nap is order to fend off the possibility of getting sick. Our new snow masks arrived in the mail yesterday and they are much better than my old one. It is important for me to keep skin on my face covered in extreme weather as I have eczema and rosacea. I hate when things flare up so I am prudent about protecting my face. I never had a problem with either till I hit 40 and then it went crazy. Both issues have improved greatly since becoming self employed and getting out of the office space.

Been watching Joyce Myers episodes from her website and feeding my spirit as I need to so I don't slide down the mountain again!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A productive day in the barn

This morning after feeding horses we went to Norton to pickup sawdust and horse feed. It was a nice drive and the trees were still flocked with snow. Actually, everything was flocked with snow still. We came back and cleaned all of the stalls and let everyone out in one area or another. No one really wanted to stay out for too long except for Aubrey and Billy (aka Dooley) cause of his wide posterior.

Angel girl went in the arena and was fine till she noticed three geldings eying her over the back gate and one whinnied. You would have thought she were being chased by a wild rapid grizzly bear or something. She really thought about jumping up on the handicap ramp by the gate to the stall area of the barn. We had to close the big back doors for her to calm down. She spent the rest of her time standing next to pony and bits enclosure and when she went into her stall she was happy just staring out her window and taking a nap.

Satire went out in the snow for a little while with his buds and everyone got a chance to stretch their legs. I stretched mine carting tubs and wheelbarrows around and I'm thankful for the snow being plowed around the barn.

When I finished the barn work I came in for a shower and we had a special visitor named Jesse. She is the girlfriend of Dusty, Kylie's brother from another marriage etc. She's a very nice person and she helped Kylie with some of her school work. I cleaned up the house and did some laundry and then took Kylie to Fairlawn because we needed some things to add to our chili. I bought some incense at the  Dollar Store to pitch into the fireplace to make the house smell nice. The outside smells good to as the smoke coming from the chimney carries the scent around the neighborhood.

We started the fire when we got home and I added more to the chili for tomorrow. The dogs are here and they are all sleepy. They were out in the backyard playing today on and off. They run and romp around in the snow and chase each other. Four dogs seems like a lot and sometimes it is a little crowded but the upside is that they exercise each other and never have separation anxiety. Just plenty of fur around though but I can take care of that down at my groom shop by the barn.

Cooper is finally settling in and trusting more. He actually will get up next to Kylie and lay on her and give her kisses. Cooper is the Sheltie I brought home from the county animal shelter. I think Cooper had a rough life before living with us and he is afraid someone will take him because at first he would hide if we tried to take him to the car. Cooper loves car rides but he would be fearful depending on how we would try to lead him out away from the house.

Micah and Cooper are now much closer. Micah tries to be leader of the pack and I have to keep him in check sometimes but he lets Cooper get away with more and Cooper will actually let Micah know he doesn't like being bullied.

Nannabelle Cockatoo enjoyed beans and celery from the chili. She always likes to try or eat what we are eating. We played tug of war with the potholder today and she sang to me to get my attention.

I think those are the most interesting things of the day. Everyone is happy and all is well tonight. It was a little too quiet today around here actually. I don't plan on taking up knitting though!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A snowy day but a fun day

We have about two feet of snow on the ground here right now. It's still snowing... Even though the snow makes the work more challenging it is still fun and I love what I do. I have good friends who helped me today. My old neighbor Andrew showed up this afternoon with a buddy with a truck with a plow on the front. I called Andrew earlier in the day and ask if he knew anyone. The driveway was plowed and the parking area behind the barn.

I didn't go to the feed store today because the stuff I need is still at the Norton store. It is a further drive and so I will go in the morning and hopefully the roads should be better. I did get out and get Kylie some waterproof boots and some better gloves.

At the end of the day we played on the big snow mound at the end of the parking lot area. We got soaked and had a great time. The barn is cozy with all the snow encasing it. The fire performed a little better today but it is still cold. I think this weather calls for some chili which I will throw in the pot tonight.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Curse desk jobs and the fire that won't light

I had a day of training today for a part time job I can do at home. I had to sit from 9 in the morning until 6 tonight. I simply despise sitting.... I want to move around all of the time. The time of day that I would be working in the barn I was sitting listening to trainers and filling out paperwork. I just wanted to puke.

The training room had a vent problem so there was no heat and it is really cold when you are sitting still so I wore my coat all day and the coffee machine had no cups so no hot coffee either. I have three more days of this nonsense and I can then work from home all day Friday and then start evening hours on Monday. At least I can get the restlessness out of my system before I have to sit down and make calls.

My dogs missed me apparently very much as they acted like I had been gone for years. I was smothered in wriggling furry bodies as soon as I sat on the couch. Plenty of pawing and licks and snuggling. I missed Kylie and all of my fur babies in the house and in the barn. One good thing that happened today is another pet sitter called me and wants to refer all of her farm clients to me as she is recovering from an injury. I would love to do more farm and horse sits. She has a client that has alpacas too so that would be grand.

I dread tomorrow because of the snow which is now up to my knees. I don't mind driving but I hate not being here to make sure things go right. I also need to get to Medina Farmers Exchange because we need sawdust. I will have to call them tomorrow and see if they really are going to deliver or not. Maybe they can leave it in the driveway and I can just throw it on the pickup and drive it back to the barn myself as I won't get stuck in my truck.

My snow plow man has decided not to plow for me this year so in between breaks I am going to have to locate someone else to do this driveway. It had to be a huge snow the week I'd be tied up. Have I whined enough yet?

The furnace in the block building appears to be fixed thanks to my friendly neighbor and he also helped with the driveway today. Kylie helped do things and did her school work and Shirley helped out at the barn. I went out to the barn when I got home and it was nice to feed and do my farm chores and afterwards to wrestle with Kylie and the dogs in the snow in the backyard.

I'll have to go to bed as soon as we feed Satire and make sure I am rested for the day long training again tomorrow. I will be bringing a sandwich and my own coffee I think. Yes, and a blanket to put over my legs.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Elusive Pick Up Truck...

I finally got the call late this evening that big yellow as in my big yellow Dodge pickup with four wheel drive is finished. New u-joints, wheel bearings, and shocks. I never thought I'd miss that truck but I do. It is a nice ride and it's mine. I hate asking for rides and I have to get sawdust and horse feed tomorrow.

Today was a fun day anyway but cold. I was glad to get into the house and start a fire. I finished the caulking around the window and the fireplace. Tomorrow I will hang curtains in Kylie's bedroom and try to start the sun room finally and at least get the crack around the top of the entire room filled.

Next week will be difficult because I will be in training and will have to make up farm work in the evening. I've done it before when I've had too but I want to get as much done for winter as possible tomorrow.

Snow is coming tomorrow so having my truck back will be very important in getting around. I hate that we have to get a lot of snow the week I won't be here all day to deal with it but I will make previsions for everything before Monday. I'm picking up more salt tomorrow to use on the drive way. Hopefully the snow will stay further northeast and stay light for us this week.

I also have to deal with a septic issue because I think the pump is not working causing septic gas to backup. I am hoping it will be checked out early in the week and is covered by a warranty.

After next week I will be able to work from home part time which will help with the utilities. I also don't want to miss out on all the action because this place is always interesting and fun most of the time.

I think I gained some weight while my brother was here and because of Thanksgiving. I can't gain I have to loose to have a real good fling before I turn fifty. They tell me it is hard to loose weight when menopause kicks in so I want to do it before it is too late!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging by a Warm Fire

I am sitting by a very warm fire with the lights out just typing and watching the fire. A great end to a pretty good day. My brother Greg went home because he has to work tomorrow. He was a big help to us while he was here and took me where I needed to go. The truck is still not back but I think we can make it till the weekend and I should have it by then.

The furnace is still acting up in the block building and a friend is working to try and find the problem. Angel went out in the arena today and seemed calmer but she seems to like to stick around the pony and he is kind of enjoying it. I want to call her Aretha for some reason, maybe cause she needs to get the barn diva attitude.

Winter weatherizing has begun on the house. I didn't take much time but I did get the front door sealed and part of the window caulked so I can put the window trim back up. I ran out of painters caulking and so I will have to get more to finish. I will next be working on Kylie's bedroom, the sun room, and the back door.

I ended the evening with actually doing something fun. I got a lesson on riding a four wheeler and got a ride on one going very fast and making lots of sharp turns. It was scary and fun at the same time. I have a great sense of humor but I have spent most of my life working and haven't had many opportunities to just be playful. I had a hard time just having fun so I will have to practice more doing fun things and being more carefree I think.

Here I am with the fire and a cozy house and I feel really blessed tonight.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brrrr.... Trucks, School Work, and The First Snow

Everyone except the new horse went out today. I picked all of the stalls and cleaned up the feed room which gets on my nerves when it is all dirty and disorganized. My brother came to the rescue and helped Kylie get caught up on school and they worked all day together.

My truck is still being repaired as it needs new wheel bearings and they should be done tonight. I am so grateful for the help because the truck has low miles and it is our only transportation now. If everything is fixed it will be a good ride for a long time. I will only need some of the rust fixed and shocks done and that will be it.

The first snow is here and it is light but a reminder that winter is coming and we need to be ready.