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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

News, snow, taxes

Taxes and plenty of raking over expenses and I have to tell you that last year things exploded as far as what you can claim on a tax return. We had so many changes and situations that fall under different categories that I am sure it will take me till the weekend to get it all sorted out. What is really challenging is doing taxes in the same room with an Umbrella Cockatoo. I usually don't get irritable with Nana but when I am trying to concentrate really hard I just want to put her cage outside. Not to mention the Cockitiel  who insists on being on my shoulder and picks at my ear and hair if I am not paying attention to her. If the IRS has issues with my return I will make sure both birds are present during the audit.

Snow... ewww, yuk, disgusting, and I could just keep going. The horses who were like really happy this morning to be out were besides themselves to get in this morning.  They got hay this evening because they were cold and damp. It wasn't bitterly cold so I guess I was okay with it as long it is like gone right away.

News.... it looks that for certain we will be having a equine massage class here the first week of May. It is also possible that an opportunity for expanding my experience with dog training is possible. I feel really good about both. 

Why Barefoot Horses? In 3 Minutes or Less with Joe Camp

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First load of dirt arrives, Echo and Angel are friends

It was warmer today which is a welcomed change because the chill in the air gets old after awhile. The warm sun always makes you feel more up beat. Kylie is working on her school stuff and I am trying to get taxes done. I have been procrastinating for awhile and I now have to just knuckle down and do it.

Angel has finally decided to be social and when I let her out today she sauntered down the arena to the back door and sauntered back. I put some hay near the door for her and Echo came up to munch with her and she put her head near his and they both looked pleased with themselves. Preacher galloped outdoors today to his whole he's eaten into the round bale. I didn't see much of him for the rest of the day except his back side with his head buried in hay.

The other herdies were out in the big pasture playing. Aubrey and little bit like to play together and of course Cody attacked the giant bale out their too.

Andrew brought the first dump truck load of dirt and dumped it into the hole next to the house. Everything will look so much better once it is filled in and smoothed out. It is very kind of him to do this. He is like a younger brother to me and his wife and boys are very sweet.

It means a great deal to me when people do things to help us. I pray for them to be doubly blessed!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pet Loft, Round bales, and other mischief

I have a client who told me to visit the Pet Loft in Bath awhile ago and I kept putting it off. Well I went over for a visit last week. Since then I have had more contacts and networking than I have in months. There is also a possibility I can help someone out temporarily and at the same time they will be helping me out. When I spoke this person, I couldn't believe it when she started thanking God, I mean in a serious sort of way and I knew it could be a good thing.

Okay, round bales.... all I can say is I have some very happy horses. They can't wait to go out and they are satisfied when they come in at 6:00. I am not going through bales and bales of hay and the stalls look great. Yes, this is a very good thing. I have one in the sacrifice paddock which has great drainage and is basically very solid ground and the other under the old oak tree. The rest of the grass that is trying to grow is mostly being left alone which was the plan. The horses are extremely content doing what horses do best, nomming hay all day long!

Mischief... who me? Well maybe...


Now things are starting to move! God is good! Contacts for resources and new business for myself and for the farm. I am so encouraged today to be involved in God's plan!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ridiculously cold, Angel, and fat horses

Okay, I'm cold and I'm tired of it. The morning isn't bad because the sun is bright but the afternoon and evening are just to cold to do anything meaningful outside. I am SICK of this! Whining I know.

Angel is really feeling good because she went from being really blah to I will run you over just because I feel like it. So, time to exercise her and get into shape and burn off some of that attitude.

Fat, well plump horses are everywhere these days. Cody ate so much hay from his round bale yesterday he actually laid down in the pasture. Some horses do this all of the time but I have never seen Cody do this ever. He truly looked content. Everyone is eating their fill of hay these days except Satire who eats some but has his Purina Senior to gobble up and then waddle around the barn.

Aubrey is putting on some nice weight too and his fur is nice and shiny. Angel will be in tip top shape soon too and her coat looks great. One last not, Preacher always walks out of his tall and slowly down the arena through the back gate. He is very stiff jointed and just has to loosen up. This morning when I turned him loose he galloped outside, really. Now that is happiness. 

To a good friend, thanks Griff!

A friend who makes a sign for me, I really appreciate the help. Things are tough right now as we get over the hump of winter utility bills. The phone thing just didn't work for me as I can't stand to sit still. Twenty years of just sitting behind a desk and I just can't ever do it again.

I put a couple of applications in for some part time work which will be good temporarily. Amazingly, while helping Griff hang this sign another pet sitter drove by and stopped. She's a Christian and very successful. We talked and it seems she feels that there is a need for farm sitting especially with horses by someone experienced. We also talked about referring each other business.

God is always at work here and it's exciting. Thanks to all the people who have been supportive! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Important announcement

This is the emergency blogcast system we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for an emergency announcement:

It was reported today that in the midst of an entire herd of geldings, the singular mare Angel has come into season. The situation borders on the dangerous and ridiculous. Anyone wishing to approach the situation should proceed with extreme caution as they might get kicked or overcome with extreme laughter due to the behavior of overly doting geldings.

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled blog. 

Why have a passion for nurturing senior horses?

I love senior horses and I love to take care of them! I've met and cared for a few this past year and I hear comments like it would be better to just put them down, why let them live when they don't do anything or something similar. I've thought carefully about when you should consider making a decision to end a senior horses life should he or she not pass over on their own naturally.

First lets consider the one thing we all have in common both human and animal and that is the strong will to live. The desire to survive regardless of physical limitations, environmental obstacles, and quality of life or care. A senior horse still calls to the herd, is passionate about food, and will be spirited when waiting to go out with the rest of the herd.

A senior horse most likely has had a working life and served their master or masters well but now he may not be able to carry or pull or move in a pleasing manner yet he embraces life and raises his head and tail in the wind, enjoys the warmth of the sun, and craves attention and love from his or her master or caretaker.

There are health issues certainly and issues of pain and suffering and that is different. Loyalty to an old friend, a senior horse is important for the owner as well as the horse. It brings me great joy to care for a senior horse who is full of heart and spirit. Although they may walk slower, their vision and hearing may be less, and they certainly need to have their food softer, so what.... The air is still fresh, the sun is still warm, they still call to the herd. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

MoJo waits for Griff

Farm sits, pet sits, supplies and horsey curiosity

We fed the horses went to a neighboring farm and let their horses out and then went to a pet sit gig. Afterwards, we went back to our farm and let our horses out and then returned to the other farm and cleaned stalls. Next was TLC, the bank, and back to our barn to drop off feed. We jumped back into the truck and off to get the last of the sawdust we bought and brought it back and unloaded it into the barn.

We got an invite out to a late lunch and then cruised around Wadsworth for awhile. When we were dropped off back at the barn we ran down to another farm and picked up another round bale. Kylie and I dumped it out in the big pasture for the other herd to graze on tomorrow.

Observe the horse above stalking us before we get the bale off the truck! We picked the stalls and fed them and returned home to get warm. It was a busy day and pretty cold out actually, especially when the wind blows.

Tomorrow will be a day to catch up on school work, house cleaning and a pet sit. I hope to ride Cody and Kylie and I will have to work Aubrey as this week we haven't had time. Kylie will probably try riding him again Sunday while we have Shirley around for extra help. He's starting to fill out more and he is doing well with our little herd of buddies. I am glad he is starting to bond.

Angel looks great and will be out chasing geldings away from the hay in no time.

The rest of today

This morning was slow because we were tired after working for 14 hours yesterday. We rode Cody and Griff and his son came over to move the sofa in the barn to the upstairs loft. We moved the mowers somewhere else and he took his John Deere home. He's been working on a scooter and gave it a test ride and I came along. He's working on a motorcycle now that someone gave him and so it will be interesting to take a ride on it when he is finished, provided I can talk him into it! The picture here is one of my favorites of Griff, as you can see he can really get carried away sometimes.

The power steering fluid on Big Red is leaking so Griff is going to replace the hose for me. I emptied the spreader and we parked both the spreader and the tractor together where the sofa used to be so I don't have to hook it up all of the time. I can't wait to get the back blade from friends so I can go get rid of some ground hog holes in the pasture.

I started a fire tonight because it was cold in the barn and I just felt chilled. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angel has her day!

Angel started dropping weight, then started loosing it more rapidly and her energy level plummeted. I changed her feeding program and also called her caretakers to schedule a vet visit. She was on thyroid medicine and hadn't had her blood checked in at least three years plus she had foundered in the past.

The good news for Angel is she doesn't need the thyroid medicine and the feeding program is putting weight back on her. She had a pocket on the side of her face due to a tooth issue. As far as anyone knows she hadn't had any dentistry work done in several years and she is 25. It is really important with senior horses to have their teeth checked regularly.

Since the blood work came back with no real issues, Dr. Naso was ready to work on Angel's teeth. This picture looks really scary but Angel was sedated and she had a special piece of equipment in her mouth to keep it open while Dr. Naso worked on her teeth. Angel had several dental issues going on which prevented her from properly chewing and getting the most out of her food.

Once the Dr. was finished, Angel immediately started to eat hay in her stall which we removed for an hour so she could come out of the sedation. The procedure didn't kill her appetite that's for sure. She should be able to get more out of her food and she is officially on Purina Senior which is an awesome food for putting on weight. She is getting some corn oil and will be starting with some beet pulp tomorrow to fortify her even more. I also have added a complete supplement to her diet.

Soon she will have enough energy to be queen of the herd and let Preacher know who's boss!
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Cody & Me

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Bareback Cody

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Hay Hog!

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Sleepy Nana

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Run Preacher run! Saddle Oil? Chaos and other nonsense

I was so excited this morning to let Preacher and Echo out to munch the giant round bale in the paddock but.... Preacher was afraid to go near it! He hid in the arena and Echo was behind him because they thought it was a strange looking greenish predator. I walked out and grabbed a handful of hay and then the two horses were thinking about mugging me for it!

Daniel decided to lick the bucket with the saddle oil in it that I used to soak my bridle. Now we have a really smelly Golden Retriever with a very oily backside. This too shall pass.

Anyone who could call or be disruptive today did and Kylie and I went to the big pasture and prayed together. It's hard to choose to do what is right and it can bring persecution but God promises peace and protection. I refuse to live in fear any longer so I am ignoring the chaos and other nonsense that from time to time seems to creep into my life. In spite of what was meant to harm me out of another persons anger, I am still happy and feel blessed. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giant shredded wheat, a city boy turned farmer!

Started out today by feeding horses and turning around and going back to sleep for awhile. I didn't just jump up afterwards either and took things kind of slow the first part of the day. My brother was down for the weekend to help out and we give him plenty to do.

I went out to my barn to do stalls but didn't get very far and then it was off to the farm up the road to pick up two round bales in my truck. Next, to the other farm to do stalls, feed, bring horses in and drop off one round bale (they look like giant shredded wheat without the frosting).

I floored my pickup to get from the bottom of the driveway up into where the bale needed to be dropped. It was on an incline with plenty of mud. We made it and we had to roll the 700lb bale off the truck and then role it the rest of the way up the little hill. My city boy brother got a good taste today of hard work.

We came home and picked our stalls, fed and pushed off the other bale into our paddock. I will have to buy a couple more because there will be bale guarding by the horses and they will have squabbles. My brother went home positive he would sleep well tonight. He said he actually had fun today.

Work hard, burn calories, live well, and be happy. 

Pray Isaiah 54: Pray Isaiah 54: Prayer for all

Pray Isaiah 54: Pray Isaiah 54: Prayer for all: "Pray Isaiah 54: Prayer for all: 'The Lord has laid it upon my heart to pray for Dave and his current wife Chris and the four children he has..."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stalls to clean, round bales, the "community"

This morning started with feeding our horses and driving to our client's house to do stalls, feed, clean the paddock, and let their horse's out. I came home and took a nap as I was sleepy today. Up again later to talk to another client about round bales and  buying some for our place to use while the pasture grows out.

Making friends and having interesting clients makes for other benefits. I meet some really caring people all the time and it's fun in a farm "community" to trade for things. Trading labor, use of equipment or getting things done by someone is really helpful when you are on a budget. It also brings a feeling of good will between people. Prayers are answered this way and we have been blessed over and over again. I also enjoy helping animals and people and I get a great feeling myself just being of service. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Imaginary flies... Angel, good people

Today was a very awesome day! I have a really good farm gig to help our business grow. The vet came out and checked Angel and she doesn't need thyroid meds anymore and the food changes for her are right on target. She is going to need dental work and she is getting complete blood work just to make sure everything is as it should be. I am feeling really good about things for her now because she will get the proper medical and dental care she needs and will be much more comfortable.

The farm may be getting a back blade for the tractor courtesy of the folks that are helping care for Angel. It will come in handy next year with cleaning the driveway off of snow and I'm sure other handy uses.

It was so warm out that it's possible that a fly or two could have been sighted in the barn or maybe they could have been imagined because the day seemed so similar to an actual summer day. I'm just saying...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An incredible day with very good things happening

Today started out feeding horses, phone calls, and catching up with the vet for Angel. We had two very special visitors today named Emily and Carol. They had volunteered here when the farm was used for therapy to help disabled children. Lots of great memories and it is so cool to be able to share the love of this place with others.

Kylie and I had to do work at a neighboring farm and clean the paddock with lots of mud. It was a good days work and we did a pretty good job.

We raced back here to meet the Perkins family who brought us a load of hay. I love this family they have been so good to Kylie and we have all become good friends.

We cleaned our own stalls then and everyone came in and got fed. The horses had a terrific day outside and the barn was aired out from all directions. This month may prove to be the hardest financially after the long cold winter and utilities but things are picking up and I am optimistic.

Tomorrow the vet will check Angel to see how her thyroid is doing because she has been losing too much weight and in a short period of time. I'll feel better having her checked. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine is the best medicine

I worked on the phones today and did okay. Took a ride to Brunswick, went to the feed store, stopped at a paper outlet, and then hit Walmart for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the farm... we cleaned the stalls, I cleaned the block building a little and we took Cody out and saddled him up. He is such a sweet boy. Kylie and I both road for about 45 minutes total. Cody started trying to cut corners with Kylie and go slow when she wanted him to go fast. All good opportunities for her to learn to correct him without having an issue.

We brushed Aubrey and picked his hooves out and practiced having him raise his feet for us so he can be good for the blacksmith.

We fed the horses and back into the house to have some food ourselves and rest for awhile before doing something else. It's so nice that it is almost 8 o'clock and it's still light out. It does make you feel so much better when the sun is out and the temperature us reasonable. Less mud would also be nice but I'll take what we had today and be thankful! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain, bareback, work, and plans

Rain... mmm there's a surprise! It wasn't terribly dreary or maybe I'm just getting used to it. We made the most of it though and I did some phone work, laundry, cleaned the basement a little, cooked some chicken, played with Nana, and Kylie and I played in the barn.

So many years I have had Cody and not spent much time with him because of working full time and taking care of Kylie and trying to keep up my old property. He always had an awesome pasture, huge stall, and two little buddies for company but it was far from the days when I rode him everyday till sundown on the work days and spent most of the weekend with him.

I had him at home which was nice because I knew he'd never be mistreated but we lost some of our close bonding over time. Now, with Kylie it's a dream come true to be able to share him with her. He is so gentle and deserves the one on one time and love. Kylie is working on her balance and seat by riding Cody. I lead him around while Kylie rode him bareback to feel the motion and movement. She was able to sit a trot a little and yesterday she was actually able to post once she got her seat right and her legs and feet in the right position.

We have a lot of time to work on things and just enjoy the moments together. A pony cart is a priority because she really wants to drive Pony and he already knows what to do. I look forward to more fun times exploring the different possibilities with Kylie and the horses this year.

I might have another job lined up working part time at another farm very close to home. Things are picking up as spring approaches and I'm very glad of that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terrific day here at the farm

I've been busy building another blog and haven't kept up with the farm news! It's rained and snowed and thawed here. I thought I blew out my windshield wiper motor but didn't thank goodness. Griff came over to coach me and we found the fuse that blew.

I practiced backing with a horse trailer at a friends house and will be driving her SUV and trailer tomorrow with a horse in it!!

We had a wonderful day in the barn today. Kylie is moving up to riding Aubrey with just reins and a halter with one of us leading him. Kylie sat his trot for the first time and had been studying posting and seems to have it right off the bat. Then we pulled old man Cody out for some fun. Kylie road him around and cantered for the first time. He's so gentle and sweet and patient. I'm so proud of him now because he is a great horse for her to build confidence on while working with Aubrey.

I rode Cody too and I managed to get my old self pulled up in the saddle without the mounting block. It wasn't graceful but I did it anyway, twice! I really enjoyed the ride and so wish I could do it every day.

Shirley was such a help and a patient teacher. I never learned much about riding except the basics and so between the three of us I think Aubrey will turn out splendid. Next we are going to throw an english saddle on Cody for Kylie to work on balance while Aubrey goes through his basic training.

Kylie and I went to a teen/parent relationship meeting at church and I am so grateful for what they were teaching. I only wish  my mom would have taken time and I could have learned about Godly relationships when I was a young women. Kylie's life is opening up now and she has really been blessed by God. He is a good Father!  

Aubrey with reins

Making memories

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enjoying the arena

Nana being nice!
Today I worked my hours, I notarized something for a friend, dog sat Scrappy, and spread manure. I also cooked a decent dinner and Nana threw a plate of vegetables at me while I was trying to say grace! She didn't want veggies she wanted pasta and I can tell you that her picture does not appear under the word patient in the dictionary.

Kylie and I had some fun in the arena this evening while cleaning stalls by playing with horses and watching them play with each other.

Bit and pony are always fun to watch as they get into mischief regularly. Echo and Aubrey played like children together and this was the first time they were put together alone. Old Cody man didn't really care about doing much.

It's nice to actually hang out and do fun things instead of always worrying or working. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain, rain, go away come back another year!

I was sleepy today and didn't get enough hours in on the phones but I can make them up. I took a nap, updated my neighbor Andrew because he called to find out what the latest drama is around here.

I was called out on a farm job to clean the paddocks in the rain. It was interesting and very muddy. My feet are wet so I think it's time for a change of socks!

This evening I'll do stalls here and take it easy.

I had a phone conference with Kylie's teacher concerning her progress with homeschooling. Her teacher said that Kylie was doing very well and we had just a few things we needed to work on but no major issues. It was a real relief and I haven't helped her as much as I wish I could of especially these past two months.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dog fur

I was really ambitious today and started trimming my own dogs! Since they will soon start shedding their coats in massive amounts I thought I'd reduce some what will fall out.

Many people don't know that shaving a coat on a dog can possibly ruin it for life. I have two goldens and a sheltie which spells lots of hair and feathers on legs etc. Micah is a collie mix but has fur more like a smooth coated collie.

I prefer not to shave my dogs coats down but to trim it with scissors or use a clipper with a special shield that prevents it from being cut short.

I trimmed all their feet and nails today and trimmed Dustie and he got a bath. The other two long haired dogs will get some suds tomorrow. I have a nice drier to blow their coats out too. House cleaning will now be easier.

I plan on shaving the pony and mini this year professionally to see if I can become skilled in doing horse coats. I have the clippers and am going to try to systematically shave them . They both look like two round puff balls with hooves.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Changing schedules

I finally had to concede that working a part time job I had to start in the morning like I have for 20 years. I guess I am a creature of habit. Anyway, that should resolve my anxiety issues and my time management issues.

I was kicked out of my class because I missed attendance. I am not grieving over this. I should have withdrew before this last one but didn't. I don't recall having super powers and there were higher priorities for me now.

I have one job lined up this week for the business so I pray the phone rings more. I did get some leads on more farm sitting jobs which is awesome for me.

The house is due for a good cleaning but I will pace myself so I am not overwhelmed.

Update on Angel our only mare in a barn full of geldings, she was seen rubbing her head against Echo. Since she was in a pasture for 15 years alone without any other horses she really has been very perplexed at being with them now. She prefers to hang out with humans but it is best for her to bond if she can with another horse. The geldings, including little bit and much to her frustration are all fascinated by her. 

That a girl!

Brrr.... it is cold again but not as cold as it was

Today was a good day but a day I stayed in the house more than usual. Kylie and Uncle Greg and I had a quiet day mostly but it was a good family day. I kenneled two dogs overnight and they went home this morning.

I am hoping to be up bright and early tomorrow and ready to work.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have mud!

Today was a very good day. I didn't accomplish a ton of stuff by way of farming, cleaning or working but it was a very successful day in other ways.

Emmie the barn manager (I mean cat) supervised the blowing up of the large ball for the horses to play with in the arena. Everyone had a chance tonight to get acquainted with the big red ball. Angel the mare thought is was worse than the geldings! Aubrey feared it and Echo of course loved it. Bit resented the fact that it was taller than he was!

We emptied the teeming manure spreader in the pasture and later cleaned stalls and that was it for the barn.

My business is picking up as far as kenneling and grooming which I thank the good Lord for!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prayer, found this thought it was good

1. Get Alone With God. (Put the world behind you, and seek the kingdom of God when you
2. Pray In The Name Of Jesus. Recognize Jesus’ Dominion, Authority, Power, & Glory
(There is no greater name in heaven or in earth. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God
3. Pray For The Lord To Be Glorified By Answering Your Prayer. (Can you see God’s
glory in the simple act of giving you a piece of bread? Even the very hairs of your head are
numbered. Jesus knows His sheep individually)
4. Have Faith. Believe and Trust In God. (Otherwise why even bother to open your mouth.
You must believe that God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.)
5. Be Clear, Definite, and Specific. (God is not the author of confusion. He gives us a spirit
of a sound mind.)
6. Be Humble. (Only the blood of Jesus allows us to kneel in the presence of the living God.)
7. Lift Up Holy Hands.(Show submission and reverence to the Almighty)
8. Be Persistent. (Like the widow, keep on asking. Keep on seeking. Keep on knocking.
Wrestle in prayer like Jacob wrestled with the angel).
9. Be Bold. (Through Jesus, we have confidence to boldly approach the throne of glory to
receive mercy so that we have grace in times of need)
10. Pray With Understanding Concerning The Will Of God. (With all your getting, get
understand. Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. God is the Father of
Light. In Him is no darkness. Sin shall not have dominion over you. Jesus said “Get
behind Me, Satan!” God’s thoughts toward you are peace, and not evil, to bring you to an
expected end.)
11. Thank God for His Mercy, Even In Allowing You To Pray. (Jesus is the author and
finisher of our faith. God’s mercy and goodness is forever.)
12. Be Watchful. Look and listen. (Expect to see results. Stand and see the salvation of the

The Lord renews my strength!

We have had some trying times here this past month with some relationship woes but the Lord has seen me through and renewed my strength. Here I sit after the worst possible news that should have broken my heart again and I'm joyful and happy.

I struggled a little last night falling to sleep but I slept peacefully. I have the gift of prophetic dreams and I had one the night before and that is what nailed the coffin for someone who has hurt me deeply in the past. His unfaithfulness and lies to everyone in his life is just prolific.

The Lord has heard my prayers and wiped my tears away. I am so happy to be here and to go and feed my horses in the barn, for the part time job that I have and all the new calls for business I have received. I am not worthy of His love or Mercy but He has seen fit to give me both abundantly. My daughter is amazing and I have true friends who care about me in my life now.

I now pray for His protection in the few months for myself, Kylie, the farm and the one who wishes to inflict more hurt. I pray he will find peace and the face of the Almighty and be transformed in Jesus's name.

For all of us, love and love big, step out upon the water and hold fast to your dreams and your beliefs. The good Lord did not put us here to play tidily winks!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Here's to my beautiful daughter

I am very blessed to have a special person in my life. Kylie is my daughter and she is awesome. We are very close. I love her so much and want the world for her. She needs everyone's prayers right now to keep her strong and help her.