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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunshine abounds and happier days

Yesterday I let my horses out for a couple of hours on the big pasture. I let them out before evening feeding time and they came trotting back when I called them. When the grass is green they don't always come back on their own but they did well. I checked them last night and this morning to make sure I didn't see any signs of colic and they are all good. Less grain in the evening from now on when they go to the big pasture so they don't get overwhelmed.

I will be happy when I can let them out most of the day and night. I am sure they will delight in being out also. I am fighting off the drowsy feeling which is from my sinuses. There is so much to do and so many plans I have for this summer. I can't afford to nap through it!

Kylie is getting ready for her mini vacation in the first week of June. Friends are taking her because I will have to stay behind and work. I want her to have a great time and I'll miss being with her but right now it is important to focus on the business here.

We have had a couple of people from Cleveland come down and get aged manure for their gardens. They were very happy to get it and I was happy that they love their gardens so much and the fresh good food that comes from it. I wish things were more like the old ways instead of the throw away society we have now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Emmie busted napping back to work!

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A little boy I know plays with a kite!

Some down time to update website and create database

Raining and cold. Time to tidy the house and work on the business website and make some changes. I will be adding bio information on some of the people who will be teaching here and information about signing up for a class.

Time to store receipts electronically and track income. I have the applications just need to build the customized data base to do it. The iphone is the best tool, I can deposit checks on it from home, scan receipts and send to my computer and of course the calender feature is awesome. I can also scan business cards now since I have a huge collection and the information goes directly to my iphone contacts.

My memory isn't that great when I am running here and there and always thinking hours ahead so it is important to use the tools on my phone to keep my life organized as much as possible if that is possible, I'm just saying....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pray Isaiah 54: Be a blessing to others

Pray Isaiah 54: Be a blessing to others: "2 Corinthians 9:11 11 You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity w..."

Finding peace

Today was a more up day than I've had in awhile! We had severe winds last night and lost power for a few hours but everything was back to normal mid morning. I had some important paper work to prepare and mail and got that out of the way. I had a great interview for a long term pet sitting gig and mowed the 1/2 acre that is going to fenced as a dog off leash play area. I also found a great deal on snow fencing which I will use in that area to keep dogs safe.

I started cleaning the block building and am hoping to use the next two weeks on beautification of the property, painting and fence repair and expansion because after that I will be very busy and I'm really happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

I will be kenneling a dog for the next two days and have a farm sit to do. I really hope we don't have any more storms and maybe a couple of dry days but who knows. Mare Girl is doing well and still needs to be putting on weight but is going outside with the other horses and no tummy problems.

We decided to save gas we are going to let the pony and little bit in the back yard to munch grass. They seemed to be pleased to help the economy out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is a much better day

The past couple of days things have been challenging on the farm with Aubrey stretching the fence and a pine tree falling over the paddock fence. A door was blown off the barn between the backyard and the barn. All are fixed now but my first reactions is why now. It's funny but it's almost if it's a test in discouragement but solutions are found almost right away.

Kylie's testing is now done and my breakfast with other pet professionals turned out very productive and was truly a turning point I think. I am hoping to paint the block building and make it more colorful and fun. Tomorrow I hope to start working in earnest on the block building where the doggie daycare is and also trimming the fence line etc. to make everything look more attractive.

We escaped storms but they are due to arrive tonight late which is bad because you really can't see what is going on. I got to visit with my friend again and we started reading a book together by John Eldridge which inspires me.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emmie's story

I feel compelled to tell Emmie our beloved cat (barn manager) personal story. Emmie was less than a year old and on her last day at a shelter before being destroyed. A friend who rescues animals called me and ask if I would take a cat for my barn and that if I said yes she'd transport her to me.

When I got home from work I found a delicate, sweet, but fiercely independent Kitty in a crate in my garage. Emmie took awhile to warm up but she has been a faithful mouser in our old barn and in our new one. She has trudged through deep snow to accompany me while doing chores and no matter how cold she will walk in my foot steps. Sometimes she has allowed me to pick her up and carry her from the mud room to the barn and back in extreme weather conditions but no matter what she insists on going with me.

When we moved Emmie stood guard over our old house until a family moved into it. The old house and barn is just a field away from our farm. Emmie loves the bigger barn and spends her days napping, mousing, and supervising all the day to day work. Emmie escorts the horses in and out of their stalls to pasture or to be exercised. She is always inspecting the new sawdust as it is being unloaded as well as feed and hay. Batting around a frozen road apple is not beneath her either!

Emmie who came to us on her last day. A little furry blessing in every way. I love happy endings!

Sniffing each other out

Nana watching the show through her window

A dog and pony show in the back yard!

Kindred Acres Farm

Kindred Acres boards senior horses but we also are going to be offering special services for dog owners and their beloved pets! I have a private building set up just for doggie daycare, overnight stays and dog grooming. This side hasn't been utilized enough.

We have use of an indoor arena and an outdoor fenced area for play time. Starting in May we will be offering equine and canine massage classes. In June a variety of classes will be offered exclusively for dogs!

The summer will bring with it lots of opportunity and fun. The goal is to be able to offer a kids camp through the summer. We are planning one in July and I am hoping for even more next summer as we grow our services. 

Why Mare Girl why?

Angel is back to normal, she left me a present this morning in her bucket. I find this annoying but it's one of her quirks. 

Caught again, Emmie (aka barn manager) scowls and says get back to work

Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin (with lyrics)

Soaking wet

Kylie had her testing today and when I got home I did stalls and moved some of the equipment back into the barn. Everything was clean from the rain but very wet. I'm cold and wet now and am looking forward to a nice shower, a movie and a good sleep.

I waited for Kylie to finish her testing and got to visit with my friend Kim who also home schools. I really enjoyed just sitting and talking. Kim is like a true sister to me and we have many things in common. Kylie is relieved to have gotten part of the testing done and she goes again Wednesday and that's it. I'm so proud of her.

I'm tempted to light a fire tonight to give the house some warm dry heat. Glad we did the roof last year and the gutters, this place would have been a mess again by now. 

The beauty of Satire

Satire is our 33 year old young horse! He still has plenty of spirit and appreciates a good nap. I was fortunate enough to catch him relaxing today while the rain beat down on the roof of the barn. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, rainy Easter....

This is a picture from the view of the feed room this morning. Indeed it is a gloomy picture to be sure. It drizzled most of the day and we went scavenging  with Griff. Uncle Gregg did some cooking and we had a nice meal.

I didn't make a big fuss this year about it being Easter because our lives have changed so much and we are moving so fast.

It is also difficult to be focused when we have had so many gloomy days for months. All projects outside are on standby and the worst part is the horses really can't go out as much. This evening we did stalls and let everyone out for awhile but I much prefer them being out most of the day.

With all the farm things aside, Easter is about the precious gift of salvation. Jesus has risen, my Redeemer lives!

Pray Isaiah 54: Be a blessing to others

Pray Isaiah 54: Be a blessing to others: "2 Corinthians 9:11 11 You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity w..."

Riding lessons of a different sort

This evening I got restless and decided to clean things up in the barn and start a fire in the back to burn some sticker bushes before they got started.

Kylie wanted to ride Cody and Griff wanted to give us both a lesson on riding a scooter (we call it his man scooter which of course he doesn't like). Anyway, first I try and ride which was hilarious because he is on back and I get nervous and hit the gas and he flies around like a daddy long leg on the back trying not to fall off.

I take a spin by myself and did pretty pathetic but started to get the hang of it. Next, he helps Kylie learn and being so young of course she did well right off the bat. She had a good time with the scooter and then she rode Cody bareback. I put the saddle on him and rode too and almost got Griff on but he wiggled out of it. We did get a commitment from him that he would soon and I think he will.

We had fun tonight and it's nice to be able to spend an evening relaxing and doing fun things instead of working or worrying. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm not sure what we will do but Kylie might try riding Aubrey. I think the horses were sad to see the scooter go in hopes that maybe it would get ridden more and they would be ridden less! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kylie is a fast learner she did better than I did!

Kylie learns to ride a scooter for the first time

Oh just a few more sunny days please!!!

Today I started out shopping with my brother for Easter dinner. I came home and Griff took me for another ride on the bike but this time I told him if he went ridiculously fast again it would be for the last time. He obliged hard as it was for him to go a little slower. We got a little more dirt dumped in the hole beside the house so it's looking better and better.

Andrew, our neighbor who is like a younger brother to me gave us some really nice patio furniture and a coffee table. He has been so good to us. I put the furniture by the block building where there is a fire pit. We need some nice gravel there and it will be awesome because the furniture is nice, the fire pit, there is a grill and the building has water and all the amenities. I think Griff the grill master will be jealous.

We got the smaller mower stuck in the mud today and Kylie and I pushed it out and got really muddy which actually was a lot of fun. I'm going to pull out some fence posts tomorrow if it doesn't rain and try to gradually get things fixed up. Once I get the back blade for the tractor I am going to move some stuff and smooth it out in the back.

Mare girl is doing well but down on weight, I know she'll fill out nice once she gets out on pasture most of the time. Preacher and Echo and her are now their own happy herd. I'm happy for her after all these years of being alone, she's living a proper life now.

Things are really challenging right now but in spite of the finances being so lean I can't remember when I've had better times. I really want to see this place blossom and share it with others. Maybe someday we could do a non-profit and open up opportunity for kids to experience life with horses and other creatures. Let's hope the good Lord allows things to progress and bless us.

A very fine evening

Today was the last day of our farm sit and we said goodbye to the baby goat. I have to confess that Kylie and I both were sad when we left. When we got back home we unloaded sawdust and feed from the truck and I spent  some time visiting with Shirley and enjoying the horses.

I came in the house and took a long needed nap, I'm finally feeling rested because we've been working hard at other farms and doing our own work for a few weeks now and it's nice to have a weekend off. Late afternoon I cleaned our stalls and we exercised our own horses and Kylie enjoyed playing with and Bit. They enjoyed it too. Tomorrow I will start shaving their fur because they will start getting to hot with such heavy coats. I'm going to groom Cody and trim his whiskers!

I'm sitting here now at this late hour watching the lightening outside and I just got home. I had a really nice evening with someone I'm pretty fond of and we talked and laughed together. When the weather improves theres some projects we'll work on that I'm looking forward to doing. There is a comfort level that is emerging and I sort of like it and their is a certain amount of trust that is growing. A welcome change I think at this stage of my life. I'll sleep well tonight. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The sound is amazing

Last day, going fast, the sun

Tomorrow is our last day of farm sitting and we will miss the little goat baby. I want to take her home each day she is so precious.

Griff gave me a ride on his motorcycle today and of course went very fast. I felt scared and held on for dear life. I can remember being 17 and going for a ride on a motorcycle while living in England. We were going a 100 mph and it was exhilarating, now I am just closing my eyes and hoping nothing will happen.

The sun was out but it was cold.  I hear it will rain again which I wish would not happen for a few more days. It would be nice to get out of this funk of wet rainy days. 

The mother load (okay had to take just one more pic)

The Mare Girl resumes life and sharing with Echo

A Peacock

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cody hides under the mud

I stepped on it

Earlier today, Preacher is tailed by a branch!

This Manure watch has been cancelled!

Last check of the day on Angel, she pooped more and she ate hay with great enthusiasm. She also drank a whole bucket of water with electrolytes. I picked her stall, added some dry sawdust and moved her around in the arena.

She gave me a little mare ear-tude tonight to let me know she had some spunk and I better watch myself. I am happy to have her back to her normal somewhat pushy self. 

Angel is much, much better

Three awesome piles in her stall, she banged her hoof on the stall wall during feeding time wanting grain which she can't have till tomorrow. She went out and attacked the grass on her hand walking.

Thank you Lord for her recovery!


Mare Girl! Look what you can do!

Yes, I did it, I took a picture of poop! Life saving poop. Horses can't throw up, they get blockages and they can die or have very expensive surgeries and maybe they will live or not.

This is a moment to celebrate for Angel, she's been sick for almost three days. Hopefully, her digestive system will return to normal and she will be enjoying the big pasture soon! 

Checking the fence line

Doing a little aeration work with the agricultural tires, the root system supports it very well. 

Green pastures

Groundhog hole be gone - the 7500lb hole crusher declares war for the spring!

Lorieli misses her family

There's a sale at the shoe store!

I mean, the chickens ran out of feed this morning....

Mare girl better

She moved stuff through

her gut, some but would be great to see more.

She ate all good.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before bedtime Mare Girl update

Angel is a little less energetic than earlier. She decided to eat some grass and moved up to hay after that but nothing passing yet. It is so important for her to start moving things through and for the blockage to dissolve. We are hoping by morning to see things turn around, if not then we will be having another vet visit and then who knows.

A few prayers for her please. Another late night visit to make sure she's alright too.  

Mare Girl this afternoon

Thanks to Dr. Naso at Willow Creek! Angel has been passing stuff but getting colicky on and off this afternoon. Dr. Naso did another tube with something to dissolve the blockage. The routine now begins again with walking, a little hay, and a little grass every two hours or so.

I was thinking while walking Angel around the arena and why I love senior horses. When a horse can't keep up with the herd anymore they naturally get shunned from the herd because a sick or weak horse attracts predators (in the wild). These horses need a helping hand because like anyone that ages they can't always do everything on their own anymore.

Every senior horse I work with bonds with me and starts to depend on me for help. They'll look for me, wait for me, signal me when they want something (Satire) and appreciate the care I give them. I brush them to comfort them and love on them. I give them pep talks and scold them if they don't put up a fight when they need to. I'll stand with them when the vet comes to do something scary and soothe them. I'll visit them at night and make sure they are okay. I don't want them to suffer and be alone.

I wish the world were a little kinder, it helps me to help others and especially a senior horse. Occasionally, I witness great kindness in people and in animals and I believe it's just a glimpse of God's love and mercy. We need to imitate that as much as we are able to truly be more in His image. 

So irresistible

Mare Girl update

Checked her last night, was a little cranky but ate grass and some hay, no poop :(  This morning, poop ~yeah. But, not enough, she did have gas, trotted a bit and ate some more gas. She needs to drink more water. I predict another visit from the vet around lunch time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A learning experience

This morning a farm sit and I am learning to speak goat! I am picking up on their body language while playing with them. We had another farm sit afterwards and enjoyed the little baby goat once again. We stopped and watched the eagle sitting on the nest and what a big nest!

Before we left in the morning I noticed Angel was off her feed. When we came back she was starting to show signs of colic. I called the vet and sure enough when they came out she was impacted. We are not sure what brought it on, maybe the weather change or not enough water (Angel uses her water bucket as a potty sometimes and then can't get fresh water till morning). I hung another bucket so now she has two in case she messes one of them up.

Anyway, colic = checking every two hours, hand walking, grazing grass, no grain and limited hay. She also got electrolytes. The vet did a sedative, rectal exam, ultra sound, and tubed her. Angel will most likely have to be tubed again if she doesn't start passing some major poop! Poor girl, she has been calm and moved when I asked her to. I brushed her and rubbed her down really good to help relieve some of her discomfort. It's going to be a long night as I will have to check on her.

More rain today, yuk. I want to get so many things done but can't because of the cold and wet. On the positive side, the arena, part of the outdoor grounds, and the block building are going to be used for some events here for canines, and one class of equine massage. It will be nice to bring people in for different things and at the same time offer services to their pets. 

This writer is always a good read

Sunday, April 17, 2011

End of day

Farm sit tonight and two in the morning. Plenty of chores here tomorrow. I think maybe it's time for Pony and Bit to get shaved too. At least maybe I'll start. I like grooming horses it's very relaxing to me most of the time.

Monday... I am so enthused (not)

Okay, I had to take more pics

Farm sit, fish number two

Wind and kind of cold but no rain, that is good I am tired of rain. We did our farm sit with all the wonderful farm animals this morning and checked the eagles nest on the way home. No eagle sitting in the nest as far as we could see. 

We came home to feed Satire and then started out again. We fished and I caught another trout. We also had someone come and load their pickup with free manure. I didn't have to shovel it and they were happy. 

It's nice to get away from the work for awhile. I'm tired today too though, haven't been going to bed at a reasonable time either. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tired and cranky

Yes, tired and as cranky as a honey badger! We worked all day today and barely had time to eat. It was fun at times but wet of course and muddy.

Not much to highlight today, tomorrow should be easier and maybe we'll even go fishing again. It's nice to be home and it will be a good sleep tonight.

We went to TSC and Uncle Greg got a pair of knee high rubber boots for trudging through mud and manure! Always a good investment when the weather is wet.

I might have an opportunity to rent one more stall in May which would be great. I am going to use panels for the two little ones and everyone will be cozy.

Time to start combing craigslist for some supplies we can use. I think when I have some money we are going to get a dishwasher. Okay everyone has one and I haven't for about 11 years now. Yes, I would like this luxury item. 

More about yesterday

We leaving a farm visit and we were lucky enough to see off the road a huge bird nest. It was an eagle's nest and there was an eagle in the nest. People were on the road side and taking pictures, I hope to get some as we will be doing that farm sit for a few more days.

The ducks laid more eggs too and so did the pea hen. Very exciting time of year. One of the other goats is expecting and will have the baby any day now. We will get to see it within hours of birth!

God's creations are so extraordinary, a Master Creator, Artist, and Giver of life.  The world can be so ugly sometimes and cruel but in the midst of it all is such beauty and it renews my spirit daily.