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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Friday, September 30, 2011

One dimensional verses three dimensional

Heaven help us, I am in a philosophical writing mood! I meet lots of people and animals now and there are all sorts. I have the privilege of meeting dogs, horses, cats and birds that may have been emotionally injured or neglected and they come here to heal. I have met some really wonderful loving and giving people and also people who want to get "rid of" a pet or it's just a dog etc.

When I tell an animal's particular story to someone who is a caring person the reply is always the same "how could someone do that" to an animal. Well, I have a theory, I see things and feel things when I come into contact with an animal, I like to think of it as seeing them in 3D. Not everyone sees the world like that, they can only experience a one dimensional world. I'm not sure if people are born a sort of way or it depends on their life experiences and the amount of adversity they have experienced. I do know that experiencing a lot of pain and neglect as a child seems to heighten someone's ability to have empathy with another soul that has suffered.

One thing I am sure of, animals see the world in 3D because they grieve, they feel abandonment, and they love very deeply. They don't want to "get rid of" someone or it's just a human. Ours is a throw away society where things or sometimes pets are there for pleasure, status or whatever and then they are no longer needed and that is it. It is unfortunate for pets but also I have to remember it is so for children and people too in some cases. Plenty of children are neglected and abandoned either physically or emotionally or both.

As far as experiencing the not so good things in life as a child, I suffered and it wasn't easy but now looking back I would change little simply because of the person it has made me today. Sometimes it still isn't easy because there are flashbacks but I have lots of furry and feathery companions and counselors who understand.

I'm thankful for the good human friends I have made that feel the same and together we have helped some of these little creatures heal and find new homes. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tired but happy

Today I was bent on working hard and getting things done. Stalls got done early and I indeed kept busy. I went with a friend thrift shopping and we looked for things to wear on Sunday because I am going to a charity event. It should be fun and lots of food etc.

Kylie and I rode our horses this evening for a little while. I needed to wear myself out totally. It keeps me from stressing about different things right now. I got some calls from some customers for more business this week which is always good. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sheba and Cruiser

These two dogs lost their homes and met each other here at Kindred Acres. They have been good friends and have comforted each other through their life transition and now both of them have adoptive families who will be taking them home soon.

I love them both and I am so happy to have been able to help them out along their journey for a better life. Dogs Unlimited Rescue stepped in to help me find them new homes and they are an awesome rescue. Both have been vetted and their shots updated by the rescue. I wished they could have gone together since they are so cute but it is all good just having someone to give them the love they deserve. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cruiser Dude in his new coat

A whirlwind life

Chewy got returned to the rescue because he was protecting his food from the other dogs. He needed time to become a part of the household and that takes time. He's such a smart and sweet boy, the real person for him is out there. Sheba has a pending application and Cruiser is on the website for adoption. I hate to split them up they are so cute together.

Will is awesome and is in his final phase of training with Jennifer and is being socialized now with other dogs a little. Will is such a great dog and I know he has a very wonderful future. I wish people had as much resilience as these animals do after all they have suffered. Animals are so forgiving, science says they live in the moment but I know they have memories yet they carry on and rise to the occasion of a new life without hashing out the past.

Satire had a colic scare but is fine now. It was a stressful three days but it seems everything is going to be okay. Mare Girl almost got sick to but thank goodness she snapped out of it. Seniors are so fragile and it takes patience and caution to make sure they stay healthy.

Kylie is riding Aubrey beautifully and I am riding Cody more now and loving it. I had a beautiful fire last night with friends and starlight. Yesterday was truly a good day and I enjoyed the old oak tree and the beauty around me.

Man troubles plagued last weekend but it seems I survived the week and had a terrific weekend. Thanks to good friends. I have lost weight and am really thrilled about it, losing weight can really cheer you up for sure.

Business is picking up for October and I had a productive business meeting last week and hope to have another this week. My dad, has after all these years become supportive and even somewhat proud of me. I haven't really been close to my biological dad and he isn't the type to be supportive or approachable but I guess growing old gives pause for thought.

I hope for some cooler, sunnier days before the cold and damp returns. It would be nice to enjoy fall and get the farm ready for winter. My little part time job is very fun and I am meeting lots of animal folks. I really love helping pets and people.

Tomorrow is Monday and I am grooming and have business to call on and the regular chores. I hope to finally get the house cleaned. I put a new belt on my dryer myself. I asked several manly men to help but it seems it was to scary. It was a ten minute fix once I got the belt and a baboon could have figured it out. I am not a baboon but a very intelligent woman but you get the point :)

Clean clothes is really an important thing and we had them drying outside but the rain kind of blew that apart pretty quick. I am happy to have my dryer back and to have plenty of clean jeans. This isn't the kind of life that allows you to wear anything for long without barn smells and stuff or muddy paw prints to adorn you.

I did my highlights and used my thinning shears on my hair and I'm really happy with the results. It is good to feel better about myself again. Look out world I am ready to paint the town red or at least a little pink!

Daniel with a high four!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chewy's new Furever home!

The visitors

Kylie & her Dad with Aubrey

The power of the blade....

The blade of power!

It was cold and rainy but the day got nicer only it stayed cold. We went to buy some decent shampoo because I have wanted to save money where I can but to be honest with long hair a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do.

I bought the world's biggest poop scoop to and it will make cleaning up easier. We now have eight dogs in for boarding and I have four of my own so there is plenty of things to clean up. Nana got a bag of Avi-cakes today before she got really mad cause she is a bird that isn't patient.

Kylie road Aubrey today to practice riding outside. She is going with her dad on her first trail ride in October and she is nervous. I am a little nervous for her but it will be a great experience for her. Her dad helped me put a back blade on Big Red today so I could start filling in dirt where we had to dig up the water line. Now this whole has been around since spring and there have been plenty of men around to help get the blade on but always some excuse. Finally, I asked Dave to do it as he knew exactly how and it took a total of 5 minutes to attach the blade, another few minutes to figure out the hydraulics and maybe 10 minutes to tell me exactly how to move the dirt.

Move the dirt is what I did and I will finish filling in the hole tomorrow and I can move the dirt that was dumped to fill in the hole on the side of the house. So many things can now be done with such a big piece of equipment. There is plenty of labor intensive jobs around here and one thing that can make it easier is worth a great deal to me.

Next... the big manure spreader must be fixed... before winter... I guess I will have to resort to grabbing someone by the ear and not letting go till it's done....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Mercies yet again!

This morning the well guy made it out and he found the problem. Dennis fixed it without charging me and he didn't have to do that so blessings to him. I still felt pretty run down this morning but I feel 100% better now. The house is a mess but I have decided to take on one room at a time and get us back into an organized state.

Will is doing so good on his walks and yard time. He has turned the corner in his mind and is now content walking along side of me and listening for guidance. Sheba and Cruiser are keeping company again and are doing very well.

I will have five dogs in at once from the same household for a few days. It will be fun I'm sure to learn all the different personalities. I pray for good days and am thankful that we have this place!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another just shoot me now week

We have no water again because of a short in the well pump. It will be fixed tomorrow morning but we had to drag the 100lb water tank down to the neighbors and fill it to keep the horses and other animals in fresh water. Thank the Lord for the neighbor and my good friend Marcie for letting us take a shower at her house.

I am tired and I am not feeling well this week and just hate this. No clean dishes and well just total frustration. I've had cancellations and just really difficult days. I'm tired and I know I'll feel better tomorrow.

Still, I have my dogs and my horses and beautiful days a head. Hopefully, cleaner days as well!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rolling right along

Yesterday I worked for a few hours at a locally owned pet store and had a very good time. I had a really busy day as I had a pet sit for a great little dog named Max and caring for Sheba and Will.

Today we went to the feed store and bought lime for the stalls and feed for the horses. Since we got a delivery of fresh sawdust it was time to blow out the stalls and make them smell fresh. I had to be at a friends house to help with a birthday party that Kylie was invited to.

Jennifer came and helped with Will and Holly came to see Sheba and helped me with the stalls so we could finish them in time. Shirley and Michelle helped with bringing in the big herd and letting out the little one while I was gone.

At the birthday party the golf cart melted down and the girls caught a black snake in a garbage can of all things. We promptly turned him loose. Then it was off to putt  putt and air hockey and the girls had a great time. We went back to Marcie's house and had pizza and I trimmed Honey's nails, she is a senior dog with really long nails and she had a bad experience having them trimmed once and she bled. I used my dremel so I wouldn't hurt her.

I came home once to feed the horses and went back for a little while and then came home for the night feeding of the two senior horses. I decided to take a hot bath and watch a movie. Time for quiet and me time. I've been going and going and I just felt like crashing with my dogs and finding myself.

It's been good and it's peaceful. I haven't had time to be thankful and talk to God. It's important that I don't drift away from Him because He is my friend. I know some folks won't understand what I am saying but He is and so there it is.

Tomorrow Will gets a visit from someone who may adopt him and I will groom him and another dog. We will be getting Cruiser back who is a little min pin and I hope the rescue can find him a good home. I never thought I'd be in the position of helping pets find new and good homes but here I am and chugging right along with it. I'm also thankful for many good friends I've made a long the way. When I worked at the bank all those years I met many people and got to know them over a desk but through mutual love of animals I have made life long friends. The friends and family I never had growing up. Yes, God is good. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting checked out

I had to go to a clinic today to have some lumps checked out and I am relieved with very good news. They are not a concern at all according to the doctors. I hate going to a doctor and would rather eat worms but in this case it is what it is and I had to go get checked out.

I had an interesting day with a new dog I am pet sitting for and it was a challenge as well as a learning experience. Will is still doing very well on his walks and play time in the yard. The more he is exposed to the calmer he is becoming.

Tomorrow I hope to spend more time here at the farm cleaning the kenneling rooms. The week is going fast and furious with mostly good news so far. Griff brought over a used mower that doesn't have a deck on it to use to pull the small manure wagon. The wagon needed a new bolt and he put that on for us and we are good to go.

Kylie was very excited because Uncle Gregg let her drive his car down the driveway. She was so excited and proud, it seems like just yesterday she was riding a tricycle.

This morning was cold enough in the house to warrant trying to start a fire. I didn't have much success and then it seemed to warm up. With the drastic change in temps from 90 to 50 it just seems really cold. It is time to fix the dryer belt because it will take forever for clothes to dry on the line. I guess Uncle Gregg and I will attempt the repair this weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally, the heat subsides!

I started a little part time job at a locally owned pet store for some extra money. I loved it the very first day and felt like I belonged there. I get to meet lots of pet owners and their pets and talk about my favorite thing, pets!

We had a couple or super hot days again and I got through it but am really tired of working in the heat. Today was much cooler and it is just easier to get things done. My brother and I went fishing for a little while last night. We call it fishing but what it really is amounts to sitting by the still waters while the breeze blows through the trees and talking about funny stuff. I cast out and just chill.

The horses are also relieved that they can graze in peace and the flies and mosquitoes aren't so much an issue. On one of the super hot days I kept the horses in and they wen't out at dusk and stayed out all night. It was good for them and they ate breakfast and snoozed when the day was at it's hottest.

Learning curves

Jennifer is a great trainer and she has been working with Will the rescue we are boarding. Will was chained to a tree for months when he was found and was very sick and neglected. Will is relatively young but is a very strong dog who hasn't learned social skills yet. Dogs that are chained to a tree don't get much opportunity to meet other dogs or people much less learn manners and basic skills to fit into a home.

Both Will and myself are learning together thanks to Jennifer. Will is learning self control and how to behave and what is generally expected of him in his new environment and I am learning new skills when I help Jennifer with his training. One thing that is on Will's side is his willingness to learn and how sweet he is now that all of his medical issues have been addressed. Good job Will and Jennifer!

Chewy gets a new home

Chewy our little drop off here at the farm got a new family! They have other terriers, a acre and a half, and lots of love! I'm happy for Chewy and I hope to get updates once he settles in to his new home. Thanks to Dogs Unlimited Rescue for all the help in finding Chewy a new home!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blessings abound!

Today was very busy and we had plenty of dogs and the regular chores. Will did great on his walk and yard time and his focus is a 100% better. Shania is a little angel and it looks like she will be in a nice cozy foster home tomorrow and will be instantly spoiled.

We have a sweet little dog in for the weekend named Mocha, she's very pretty and very smart. Sheba is happy all of the time and she will be getting her shots tomorrow along with Shania.

I worked for a few hours at a local family owned pet store and it was fun. It's a blast to be able to work and have animal people all around. I so hope that the farm continues to grow and prosper and bring kindred hearts together.