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Friday, November 4, 2011

A most difficult post tonight

I have wanted to write about what has happened in the barn this week but I wanted to wait till the right time to form the right words. It is with sadness that I say that Satire our most senior horse passed away Monday. It came as a shock and he was happy and spirited until the end. Even now, it seems strange to be writing this and to not believe that in the morning when I do chores that he isn't in his stall. I say not in his stall because I know his body in this life is gone but his spirit is still with us. I kind of sum it up as bodies are like shoes and they wear out but you can still walk without them.

A splendid spirit called Satire passed through all of us and touched our lives in a unique way. He was once a fine show horse and well known but I was blessed to know him as he was in the latter part of his days. I saw the heart and soul in him for his family, his herd mates, and the people who met him at my barn.

The quality in Satire was deeper than his outward appearance, it was the courage he in-bodied to live his life with passion. Satire had passion about everything he did and a great love that was inspiring to all that met him. Grace and elegance on the outside and great character on the inside.

His family deeply mourns him and that is a testament to his life. A splendid spirit indeed has passed through us and continues to live in our hearts and minds. Satire is free of the bondage of age, of tiring, and suffering and is embracing the wind in a youthful gallop, not away from us but along side of us.


  1. That is beautiful Carol. Thank you.

  2. Very beautiful & well written. Thank you Carol for caring for my Baby Boy Satire~ there will never be another. Nice to see people recognize what I saw in him

  3. I know it is a little late but I was just sitting around doing nothing and came across this and just wanted to say a job well done with the words.