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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Running late all day

Last night was a sleep disaster, still now homework done, over slept some this morning and was late from that point on. It turned out to be a nice day anyway but still I felt like my head was spinning most of the time.

Kylie spent the day with her dad at a horse training event and seemed to have a pretty good time. It was interesting to hear how it went and it seems Dave and Kylie have two different schools of though on training and apparently she let her father know it. He wasn't angry about it so that is good. I will enjoy seeing how this progresses over time.

We finally got our little farm sign up out front. I'd like to improve the way things look on the side of the house but that won't probably happen till the spring.

I'm going to bed now to try and get a good night's sleep. I will have a clearer mind to catch up on things. Kylie is very tired too after her big day and will want to sleep in I think.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

The week is catching up to me tonight, I am really wiped out. Going to skip homework tonight because I am too tired to read. I'll dive into it tomorrow and knock it all out. My sweet girl, my Kylie that I love is going on a little trip tomorrow with her dad for the day. I know she will have lots of fun but I will miss her.

I might sneak in a nap tomorrow and maybe watch some TV we'll see. I know I'll feel different after getting some rest.

Today was a hot day with threats of storms but nothing happening. I hope it cools down now to a comfortable temperature, I love the fall. We have a fireplace now and I look forward to enjoying it this year.

As Ms. Scarlett O'Hara once said, "Tomorrow is another day, I'll think about it tomorrow", or something to that affect.

Annabelle in her tent she woke up when I tried taking this pic

My Life

It's my daughter and I who live here along with 4 dogs, 4 cats, 5 birds, a bunny, 3 of our own horses, and our boarders horses.

Two dogs where naughty this morning, our Cockatoo Annabelle wanted to join in on one of Kylie's online classes and was very vocal. It's hot so Annabelle got a misting bath to give her something else to do besides chime in.

Lockie also required a misting bath as his tail feathers are getting ragged. Annabelle has taken to sleeping in her parrot tent at night which is so cute. Emmie came home late this evening for a can of cat food. She goes to the old house be then comes back.

We had company and all four dogs launched themselves in mid air to secure a place on the couch but were quickly removed.

Bunny likes dog treats, go figure. The horses are all about food, petting and treats. The barn heated up today, you would think we were past that now but it was humid.

All is well and quiet now. Too quiet... what are they all plotting and scheming? Not really, just sleeping peacefully. This is a place of peace most of the time and humor and delightful personalities in all of the beautiful creatures that live here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Golden tied to the cross ties of shame

I sometimes take one or two of my dogs to do morning chores. This morning I took my two Golden's who are supposed to be the best and most well behaved breed... right.

Lets see, after the poop eating fest Daniel the one standing, decided to go two doors down for a visit and to find some more nasty things to eat. After chasing him down I tied them both the the cross ties of shame while finishing feeding the horses.

We have a much younger Collie mix who is always in trouble in the house but does a great job in the morning in the barn. He is always right by my side and waits for me by the door. Micah, the usual problem child has shown up the angelic Golden's in barn etiquette.

Cody and a not so fashionable fashion statement!

Okay Cody, I like duct tape but come on??  Besides wearing it he was also thinking it might make a great supplement to his diet.... uh no.

Okay, how bout leaving some room for the human?

My bed, only one problem there is no room for me. Everyone eventually moved around and gave up a teensy space for me to sleep. I never complain about this in winter because it's like being swaddled in warmth.

The summer is okay with the AC. Four panting dogs at night is like riding a roller coaster while I'm sleeping!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cody is a handsome boy

Loving working with him getting into shape. Kylie is enjoying time with him also. We had a good day today.

Losing weight and feeling great

Besides a bout with a sinus infection or something who knows I have been feeling great. Better than I did a year ago that's for sure. Best of all (drum roll) I am losing weight. Haven't weighed in but the jeans are getting looser. That is life saving and long over due. I haven't been watching what I eat but I am so busy I don't eat as much and of course I work a lot and mostly physical stuff.

I am much happier moving around all of the time instead of being pinned behind a desk or inside all of the time. Even not feeling well I can't stand to be idle long. I hope to lose one or two pants sizes the next few months. I don't care if I am ever skinny again but being a healthier weight would be a dream come true. I expect to be in a size 12 again in a few weeks. Keeping fingers crossed and doing my chores. Miller Mfg. PDF1BLUE Large Stable Fork

Monday, September 20, 2010

Groundhogs be afraid, be very afraid

Kylie did a great job cleaning a couple of horse stalls tonight and did some math testing. I got caught up on my homework again. After chores we took a nice bucket full of used cat litter and some feed bags and made our way out to visit some groundhog holes. We dumped the litter in one hole and smoked up another really good.

This just the beginning of terrorizing the little fury menaces. I hate killing animals, even groundhogs but if it comes down to a horse or a groundhog the little furry hole diggers have to go.... one way or another.

Emmie followed and supervised the whole deal. She walked back most of the way but then we toted her like a sack of potatoes part way.  We threw her in the basement for the night so she could eat and we heard her spatting with the other cats.

We need lots of stinky cat litter as the groundhogs don't like to dig out their holes through smelly cat poo (evil laugh). So, keep it coming Emmie, Tiger Lilly, Buttons and Sweetie.

Feeling worse then better

I started taking an antibiotic yesterday and thought I felt pretty good last night. As often the case, when you start taking medicine you feel lousy and then you start to feel better. At least that's how I feel today. I know eventually I will get my energy back which is much needed right now.

Kylie is a big help to me. I am so proud of the person she is becoming as she continues to grow. Of all the wonderful blessings in my life there is none greater than Kylie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A rewarding moment

Today, we started out early. I pooped out about 1:00 this afternoon as I am so tired and feel sick from congestion in my ears and drainage. Been taking lots of ibuprofen so my stomach has been hurting too. I've been taking naps to keep up with things but I'm feeling a little better this evening.

Kylie had a great day today with the boarders and her pony. She loves the barn and hanging around with everyone.

We threw a saddle on Cody and I rode him for the first time in a long time and led Kylie around on his back. I'll have to take some pictures. He looked cute in his big old western saddle and English bridle. He neck reins just fine but I like direct reining for balance and to work him. I know he enjoyed it and Kylie certainly did, she wouldn't get down till she got a leg cramp.

Worked on advertising too as a good friend reminded me that I should. I need to focus on getting customers for the Dog Grooming end of things.

An early morning

We had a pet sit this  morning and then moved onto feeding the herd. Kylie and I lunged Cody and made him look all pretty. Since he is starting his new career and hopefully be ridden some now it is time to get some muscle on his butt! He is a good weight but needs to firm up a bit. What fun! Kylie is not sore from riding but I am sure I will be, to be that young again. Of course, I was not as fortunate as to have horses when I was her age. I would of loved it but it wasn't possible then. Now, is the time and I have to get some muscle too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pony goes over PVC

Beauty for Ashes

Kylie and her dad spending time together. They both had a very good time ending the day with Dave riding Cody bareback and Kylie riding her pony around in the big pasture.

Pony and Cody did well. The exciting part is the healing of a relationship with the two of them sharing something in common.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Battery almost dead...

One more discussion question to go and I am all caught up! Except my battery is almost dead. I will have to plug into a power source soon or I will crash in the midst of blogging (oh, no) must get power.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trying a new strategy

Preacher is a great horse and I enjoy taking care of him but he worries about his food and that worries me. He stresses out when Echo goes into his own stall and Preacher ends up losing mouthfuls of feed. I tried placing his feeder by his window to the outside instead of by his water buckets. This worked today because he didn't come rushing and throwing the feed out into the isle way. He dunked one mouthful in his bucket so it will be interesting to see how this goes the next few days.

I got a call for dog grooming and de-skunked a Husky today. He was a very good boy and he smelled better than when he came. Kylie is still sick but did help me with the chores this evening but came in got in her PJ's and went to her room. I went to Aldis to get some things for her to eat and to make her feel better and to keep her hydrated.

If I finish one presentation tonight I will be caught up in school finally. If I can stay on track I might be able to salvage my grades before the courses are over. I can't wait to be finished with school because it will be one less thing to do and manage.

Warning, viewer discretion is advised

This blog contains descriptions that some readers may find offensive (grossed out).  I have decided to a very sophisticated and in depth study of the fly.  Since my barn is right outside my back door and I have dogs who must come in and go out about a thousand times a day (and night) we seem to have ample specimens in the house to conduct experiments on.

I was thinking early this morning hence this post, that the flies are all over feed in the barn with malaises in it and we just happen to have some in the pantry that my brother bought. The kitchen is where they hang out and drive me crazy and I am tired of swatting and having fly smudge all over the walls and cabinets (if you have a week stomach turn to another blog and come back getting gross here).  Cooper tries his best and so does Annabelle to eliminate the flies by snapping but they aren't fast enough.

Anyway, I pulled out a large flat white bowl and poured some malaises around the lip and then into the bowl and filled it with water. I walked a few feet away and watched. Indeed it drew them in, one finally gave into the temptation and then once the leader of the fly herd saw that it was okay they all flew down and perched on the bowl in the malaises. They were lined up in a nice neat row around the bowl. It seems that after awhile of being fly piggies they got kind of drunk on the malaises. I have proven that you can catch flies with malaises (sugar same difference).

I am just waiting for them to fall into the bowl of water and hopefully I can get them out of the house. I am quit certain there are no fly rescue groups out there sort of PETA's for insects that are going to come and get me and close down my malaises house.

Okay, you can open your eyes now it's over.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

As the sun goes down

Beautiful day after last nights rain. The flies still persist but not as bad. Bought Rawls his own cooking utensils at the Dollar Store today so I could mix and mash his food a little better for him.  Most of the handsome boys got a bath today and they all look so beautiful.

Just settling down to do homework I'm too tired to cook so I will have to find something easy. Kylie is not feeling well today so I have let her rest. I bought the dogs each a toy at the Dollar Store so there is plenty of romping in the living room. Daniel is a retriever so he tries to fit all of the toys in his mouth. I played with Lowkie and Annabelle and petted them. Annabelle loves to be stroked and preened on her head.

Hopefully, I'll get caught up on school work and get Kylie on a daily routine for hers and things will fall into place a little easier. 


Satire is a very beautiful and very smart horse. He knows exactly what is expected of him when asked to do something like put his fly mask and halter on and going through the gait etc. When he first came here he seemed melancholy and as Michelle said sometimes a little depressed. I like to see all animals happy as I speak animal better than human (those who know me get this).

Lately,  I see more animation in Satire as he is very responsive and more engaged in his environment. He winy's for Kylie when he sees her and he is very excited to go out in the morning. Yesterday he came to the outside door and kept calling. Kylie knew what he wanted. Satire wasn't sure where the herd was and she walked him to the pasture so he could see them.

Although Satire likes his window as all the horses do he does like the attention we give him if we walk up to his stall. Rawls and Satire enjoy scratches and hugs when they come into the arena ahead of the herd. Rawls will even stand still for a hug or two which is nice because he is so soft.

I haven't seen the melancholy look in Satire now for a while which is great. He also rolls in the arena before he goes outside every day. He is so smart, he knows what to do for the bugs.  He has been exploring because the last couple days we have found many burrs on his halter.

It is nice to see horses do what horses like to do. The pasture is such a big plus here. Horses and humans alike can enjoy it. The crab apples of course are a big seller (Preacher told me).

Settling in

After months of grueling work that started in the block building, barn, and then house, plus the move from the old house this morning while making coffee I felt like I was at home.

We painted and have hung only some of our curtains. We started hanging some of our pictures and I have a few in the kitchen. I have to fix holes around the window in the living room with joint compound and rehang the trim. I need to fix areas in the sun room, actually the entire top of the walls in the sun room where you can see outside because they didn't finish the job when the previous owners started to remodel. The birds will not be able to tolerate the draft in winter so it must be done soon. I could keep going but the list is too long.

This morning walking in the kitchen and seeing something on the open space of the walls like some of the things from the old home I was comforted. Being able to feel like I'm home is important and important to Kylie.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A wonderful surprise today!

We went to the old house to check the mail box and we saw something on the front porch. Lo and behold there was Tiger Lilly! She has been missing at least a month. I pulled in the drive and called her and she started wailing. We brought her home and she was starving. She's in the basement now with Buttons and Sweetie.

Emmie has taken to sleeping in the barn now on the couch. She walks up and down the barn as I walk horses in and out as if she is an escort. I have to tell her to scoot a little faster or she'll get mushed. Emmie is a very hard worker and even comes and sits in the stall while I pick it. She does get nosy if there's food around so everyone has to watch their snacks.

Possible new boarder

Very nice couple. Primarily trail ride and they have a 10 yr old gelding. Hope I hear from them!

Friday, September 10, 2010

One more thing, for all the tractor lovers out there

Ford Tractor

Today was fun, more please

We had an adventurous day today here at Kindred Acres. First, chores and then a man in black comes with a pressure washer. Big Red gets a good clean up. Friends stop by and I bought lunch for Griffe and a pie to ply him for working on the tractor although he really likes it. But just in case...

He got it running without much trouble and took it down the street to the body shop and got the loose muffler welded so it doesn't have a clanking sound. The engine runs really well and all the men at the shop were all a flutter over it because it is huge and rugged looking.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring as far as the next Big Red episode.

Tractor Innurds 

Griffe, I told you not to leave the sandwich out

OKAY you can come back now!

Big Red on the run

Griffe takes pressure washing seriously

Feeling better today

Getting my voice back some! Felt better when I woke up this morning. I swept out the barn and cleaned up a little. I'm trying to get Kylie on a schedule. We both need to work on school work in the afternoon every day during the week.

I have a few things left to work on at the old house but after that the stress of taking care of both should be lifted. I actually like the woman who is taking it. She seems to be a hard worker and an animal lover. She likes to plant flowers and grow a garden. This is all good for the house and the land.

I have a very good feeling about it now and a little peace of mind crept in last night. The first in a long time. Last night it was cool so I enjoyed the foot warmers I have called dogs that sleep close to me and keep me warm especially my feet!

Today I need to clean some bird cages and a litter box. I also need to get a dog washed here over the weekend as they all need a good bath and their nails trimmed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who is this naughty boy?

Thank the good Lord, the house is rented.

What else can I say.

The meter man

8:00 here in the morning. Suddenly, the dogs go wild in a frenzy of barking and running from window to window. Then, a car door. Who would be rude enough to come here at 8:00 in the morning it must  be my imagination. A slow but firm knock at the front door, blast. Still in PJ's I slowly creep into the sun room where my hoodie is as dogs wildly thrash and bark around me in a frenzy of alerting and alarming led by a little shrimp called Cooper.  Daniel steps on my foot, ouch.

Covered by my trusty hoodie I slowly approach the door secretly cursing the visitor. Alas, it is the meter man who wishes to simply read the electric meter on the barn which happens to be in the fenced in area.  I tell him where to go(not the bad place with hockey sticks) and he points out that he knows but the sign says beware of dogs. I wish to point out that he says this as they are all on the porch dancing around him with glee and getting scratches. The dog friendly meter man just wanted to make sure it was safe to check the meter. It is as my dogs are all on the porch dancing around and not in the back in the fenced area. The meter man agrees that they are not in the fenced in area at this time.

So, off he goes and the dogs pile back into the house satisfied that they have indeed let me know we have an early morning visitor.  The meter man gingerly drives back to the gate, lets himself in and does his job. I peak out to see him leave and trying to put the twine back over the gate.  Woof, that was Micah just letting me know he sees the guy leaving.

Happy dogs, and too much excitement for me this morning.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Rawls is a beautiful 34 year-old Arabian gelding stable at our barn who is still very spirited and a graceful mover. Rawls is the last to warm up to me but today he took time for a cuddle. His coat is like silk and he's very sweet.

I also got a snuggle from Satire who is a very sweet and polite boy. Of course the perk of having the barn behind my house is I can visit and love on them all several times a day.

Echo, pony and bit got lots of kisses today from Kylie.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operant Conditioning - loving it

This week in my behavior class for school we are working on understanding operant conditioning. I am loving it as I have plenty of previous classes covering this topic. I can contribute to the class discussion very well this week!

Big Red and Griffe

Our neighbor has big plans for Big Red. He plans on using special cleaning agents on it to clean it up and bring out the color. I can't wait to see it in its awesome redness.

Griffe the diesel mechanic that lives next door is all a flutter over the new tractor and has gone around the neighborhood pointing out that it is the biggest tractor on our road and I'm sure all the guys are just thrilled to hear that.

Griffe has also given me a list of the must do's for it and has instructed me to buy a manual for service as soon as possible. I think our tractor which looks like it might have been beat on some is going to get some good TLC from now on.

Nice little storm

It was supposed to be a big storm but didn't turn out to be much but if it lowers the temperature that works for me. The herd had to come in from playing early and did so reluctantly.  Better safe than sorry for sure. We don't have to run around as much tomorrow so they can go out all day if the weather is good.

Tried a new feeder with Rauls which needs some tweaking but should help keep things neater for his mush. He doesn't understand what all the fuss is!

Tonight is catch up on homework for me and for Kylie. I think we should give Annabelle some homework too!

Elderberry vs Mulberry

We have three mulberry trees on our old property. They are delicious. I get elderberry and mulberry confused (name only). Here is a pick of elderberries I got from the net and I think we may have these on the new property. Elderberry wine anyone?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lowkie after 9 months

My Pionus parrot who I have had since December who was very neglected just did something special for me tonight! He sat on my arm and got head scratches.  He loves head scratches but only from the safety of sitting on his cage. He won't step up and will bite when asked. Lowkie can't be bribed with food and he likes attention most of all. Lowkie is shy and has slowly learned to trust. He sat on my arm and lowered his head for me to groom the feathers he can't reach. He relaxed all of his feathers and was reluctant to jump back on his cage when I walked over to it with him perched on my arm.

He lets me play with his beak and touch his feet now. All this was slow going but worth it. He even lets me give him kisses and play with him and cuddle!

People who care

It has been years since someone has asked if we needed something from the store. My neighbor actually stopped by and ask if we needed anything as he was going to Walmart. We didn't but it was nice of him to ask especially since he knows I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days. The Lord lifts me up sometimes in the most interesting ways.

Harvesting sunflowers

We have sunflowers the size of satellite dishes at our old place. Today I harvested some of them for my bird Annabelle. It is a treat for her to have a piece cut out of the sunflower head itself with the seeds in place and she can pick them out and eat them herself.

We had two huge burn piles at the old place which we set fire and burned down. I have to cut the entire two acres this week to get it ready for fall.

Had a call from my dad today and he supportive and upbeat which is a stretch for him but it was nice that he wanted me to know he cared (also a stretch for him). His 78th birthday is coming up soon and so I will call him and wish him a happy birthday. He also asked about Kylie which he doesn't usually so that was nice.

I'm starting to feel a little better tonight. My throat is still sore but my glands don't hurt as bad. I was very tired yesterday and had some stomach problems, chills and sweats. I am thinking I caught something because poor Kylie was starting to feel sick and her glands are hurting. I can't get checked by a doctor but I can take her in if it doesn't pass in a couple of days because she has her own insurance. Hopefully it's not strep and just a bug going around.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Experimenting with vinegar

I made it to the grocery store this evening and bought some white vinegar. I have heard from several people that it will repel flies so I experimented. Sure enough, I sprayed around my sink where flies end up when they get into the house. They scattered and didn't come back. I feel so powerful now (evil laugh). I will be spraying some stall doors in the morning.

I've felt sick all day and just want to sleep. I have homework which is due but I am really tired. My glands are swollen so I am thinking I caught something. I should feel better tomorrow. Must spray flies (evil laugh).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little sadness seeps in

Kylie hasn't seen her grandparents in about 4 or 5 years. Her grandfather came up to tow the semi back to his farm and he was two doors down from us. He never stopped by to see her. I'm sad for her, I can't do anything about it but I grieve for her loss.

Great memories

No Tar No Feathers

First official boarder's meeting here at Kindred Acres Farm. I am happy to report I was not tarred and feathered by an angry crowd!  It was a lot of fun and the meeting was chaired by William and Emmie the barn cat who made a motion to eat the desert Shirley brought and we all second it before she broke into it and ate it all herself. 

The herd was happy getting out to pasture and is eating enough.  Weight watchers called today for Echo but he wouldn't come to the phone. Seems he is growing a dimple on his butt from the good eats and it is time to think about his girlish figure.

Everyone was a bit feisty coming in this evening with the new coolness and they knew they had pellets waiting for them.  I think the flies are on their way out and I am glad to see them go.

I feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. Hopefully, it will pass as I have too much to do to get sick.  

Everyone took a turn sitting on Big Red today. I think it will be interesting to learn to shift gears again and I hope I don't freeze or panic and run over a vehicle or something. Apparently the breaks work I just need to remember where they are with all the pedals and gadgets. I think I'll have to put some stickers on everything so I will be able to figure it out when I am actually driving.  Too bad it doesn't have training wheels or we don't have drivers ed for tractors. Look out world here we come! 

Big Red

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Russian

Today a very large tractor came home. I have to give credit to Dave my ex-husband, Kylie's father because he went through a lot of trouble to get it here. First, a trip to PA that was 6 to 8 hours one way. Second, messing around with it hours yesterday evening trying to get it to start as it needs new batteries. Third, trying to get it off the flatbed with ramps.

The ramps weren't sufficient so I went driving around route 18 looking for something with a dock. In the meantime, my neighbor Pete who has a towing business saw the dilemma and had Dave pull in the semi and they transfered the tractor onto the tow and lowered it and Dave drove it to my farm 2 doors down.

Dave's semi stalled and is stuck so I took him and Nick home and the trucking company will have to come get the semi tomorrow. That is a lot of trouble for Dave to go through so I am very grateful for his help.

In the meantime, the owner of the truck parts store down the road offered to buy the tractor and possibly at a profit. It is big and complicated so I will have to think it over as I am not sure yet. It needs a battery and it has a hydraulic leak which isn't a big deal it's just money is tight till I get the house rented.

I have plenty of pictures so I'll post them tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for the sweet rain

Flies and heat. It rained and the breeze blew and the air cooled and I am thankful.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today was a decent day

Horses were fed around 9:30 and let out around 2:30 and came in about 8:00.  Tomorrow I am going to feed them around 9:00 and then if there are no storms they will go out at 10:00.  I figured that everyone would be okay with the long day except Satire and Rauls so I'll check on them during the day.

We did a pet sit and I took a nap because I was feeling drowsy. Kylie and I sat down and did world history together and cooked dinner. Then we cleaned stalls and headed out for an 8:00 appointment for a pet sitting gig this weekend.

The tractor isn't here yet because the batteries won't hold a charge but apparently everything else is okay. As soon as the batteries are replaced it should be on its way up here from Seville.

No security deposit on old house yet so I am relisting it again on craigslist. Still have homework of my own a 700 word essay... joy.

Raul's tries anti aging treatment

Raul's, the distinguished one, feels somewhat left out from Kindred Acres recent photo ops exposing new horse fashions.  After all, he is lodged between an exquisite paint and actual royalty but he refuses to be outdone.

Raul's is the oldest in the group of gentlemen stabled at the farm and carries a certain amount of responsibility to keep up appearances.  His latest attempt at a more youthful appearance is evidenced here as he applies a new anti aging formula to his muzzle.

The new regiment is guaranteed to smooth away wrinkles and provide for a more youthful appearance.  We know that Rauls looks very young for his age but we aren't permitted to compromise his exact age here as he has asked us not to.

If Rauls is successful in diminishing wrinkles, the use of this questionable product may spread through the barn.  I will keep my trusty iphone camera handy to take pictures of muzzles and boarders who may be tempted to plaster themselves in green gook in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The crabapple stash

Now with 5 acres of pasture why would two horses have their heads stuck under the brush near the fence line I wonder. Here we have two crabapple junkies standing side by side indulging themselves with tart little crabapples all over the ground.

They kind of look like they've been put in time out at first glance!

A good boarder gone bad...

Here we see Shirley, one of Kindred Acres Farm horse boarders behind bars.  She missed behaved one too many times and the door to the stall of justice closed. Her sentence... 20 minutes.  Preacher, enjoying his new fashion icon status was not amused because her attire was not suitable as it lacked burrs and he clearly did not want to appear in the photo with her.

After careful consideration of Shirley's offenses, her sentence was commuted and we allowed her to be released on probation provided she behaves from now on.

Buttons infection

Cats bite and get abscesses.  I hate this and our cat Buttons got himself bit and got a nice abscess. We took him to our awesome vet and he gave me some special antibiotics. I am an expert at shooting pills down cat's throats so I am happy that we can now get him straightened out.

Of course, when Buttons sees me coming he runs... not fast enough yet! The towel I use to swaddle him in is hidden because for sure he will disappear then! I am a great cat bather and swaddler too. People get bad infections when bitten and I so far haven't had that happen. It's still better than a bird bite from Annabelle.

Trusting my intuition

You'd think by the time someone gets to be in their forties like me that they would know whether there instincts or intuition was reliable. I kept having a feeling about a client and sure enough I got a check and then got a call at the end of the day saying it would bounce.  I have to chuckle because what are you going to do.

Still waiting on a deposit on the house. Faith is what I got right now.

When the sun goes down

Today we started off slower because yesterday was so intense.  I am getting caught up on school but am still struggling with Kylie to get her on a schedule. Did my pet sit thing and then did things inside. Horses went out about 2:30 and came in at 7:00.  Picked all the stalls as the sun was going down. I'm hot but not as hot as I would have been earlier today. The horse babies will sleep well tonight because they had a good day out.

I'm hoping to start the day earlier tomorrow and get Kylie up and on the books.