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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long very odd day....

My plans were thwarted, the ones where I was going to relax a little today. Things that should have taken just a couple of hours just ate up the day. The fence was tested today by an unsuspecting victim and it all works very well!

The big three went out and had a nice time this afternoon. Our new horse friends got out a little to figure out the area around the barn and the arena. With the big pasture open things seem to be getting back to normal. Everyone will get a chance to be out even the little ones and that's a good feeling. I want this place to be a good place for horses and I like seeing them happy.

Sawdust came out of the truck fairly easy and the stalls were cleaned and layered with fresh sawdust. I will probably pick up another load soon and make a trip to Amish Country for some oats for winter.

We did manage to make a nice fire tonight and this house is easy to clean so tomorrow I will tidy it up.

The new family is moved into the old house and they stopped by to finalize paperwork. They are really nice and I think there will be some fun to be had as the kids will spend time together and with all the animals. I want to visit the chickens now that they have been moved in to!

The fire is really warm and relaxing and the dogs are all sleeping. Kylie is here and drawing. We'll go to bed in a little while but it is nice to just have some time to hang out.

I'm thinking about making stew this week and chili for colder weather. I can't believe Thanksgiving will be coming up soon.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purina Mills - Member Home

Purina Mills - Member Home

This too funny not to share

Hooves of Mass Destruction is Renamed

Echo is a beautiful horse and is very funny. He has spirit and a lot of personality and into mischief much like Little Bit. I have called him Hooves of Mass Destruction but to be fair... it should be Lips of Mass Destruction. His lip dexterity is incredible...

In the A.M., Musical Horses, Fence, Sawdust, and other Nonsense

Walked out of the house today at a few minutes to 8 o'clock and managed to stay out with the exception of a bathroom break and a quick bite to eat.

After chores I worked on the fence till it was complete, and connected wires to make sure everything is hot. I finished around noon and then cut down some of the brush along the split rail fence and overgrown weeds and grass through the new pass to the big pasture.

Kylie joined me and we let loose the Pony and Bit... the ultimate test of electric fence is the diabolical mini "Little Bit". I'd say within 10 minutes he was happily grazing on the other side of the fence. He scooted under the tape barely touching it.

I unplugged the fence, tweaked the connecting wires and stuck Bit back inside his part of the pasture. Slowly Bit walks the fence line casually assessing it... turns and looks at me while I am standing by the charger and turns and walks away... I left him and Pony out while we went on to our next project which was the sawdust run. When we returned Bit was where he was supposed to be.... for now.

When we returned we put the truck in the barn with the sawdust because we didn't have time to unload it as Kylie wanted to go to a friends house for a Halloween get together. We also had two new horses in the barn as the horse fairy stopped by while we were gone.

We let the three big horses out so they could learn their new path to the big pasture. They did fine and cautiously sniffed the fence without touching. Echo danced around and then they all dropped their heads for a nice graze.

I dropped Kylie off and came back to feed and bring the big three in. They didn't come to me when I called even though it was feeding time because they had been off the pasture for a few weeks. I walked out and Preacher met me and walked with me to the barn, the others followed and Preacher stopped and waited for me when they got to far ahead. Everyone was fed and watered and settled.

Now as for the horse fairy, the plan was to bring horses early in the morning but that didn't happen. The plan was to bring two specific horses... that didn't happen. The plan was to bring buckets and feeders... can you guess?? that didn't happen. We will be getting one more horse tomorrow from the horse fairy and he was reminded about buckets and feeders. Also, we have a surprise guest named Colton.  He is a very young two year old horse who is just started his training... the horse fairy thinks this might be a good horse for a certain young girl to work with. I am tempted to say he is a horse lunatic but we'll see.

Two major things accomplished today. I am very tired and stiff. Tomorrow I hope to have some peace in the morning and enjoy some time with Kylie and the other animals we have before unloading the sawdust and attending to some other chores and cleaning up.

The winterizing of the house is the next project, grooming all the dogs, and unpacking stuff that is still sitting on the front porch. Of course, we'll see what other curve balls come up each day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Colder, New Neighbors, the Diabolical Mini, Lowkie gets a Lesson

Getting cold it seems pretty fast and I haven't adjusted yet. It seems colder now then in winter because it has such a chill.

New neighbors are in my old farm house! A nice paint horse, a goat, and a sheep now reside there also and two dogs of course.

The diabolical mini.... says it all. He opens doors, sneaks past people, hypnotizes people for treats and all in a very cute little package.

Lowkie my Pionus Parrot got a lesson in socializing today. Haven't had much time for him the past few months. I gave him a bath and held him and let him hang out with  me most of the morning. He's very sweet but must learn to leave the safety of the top of his cage. He's very handsome and tame but shy. He also has a temper when he doesn't want to step up.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grease Guns, Egg Beaters, Fences and Doing a Man's Job

I learned to use a grease gun today on the manure spreader. I actually have one of my very own now thanks to Griff the neighbor and I also have a hand egg beater which is very cool for some scrambled eggs.

In between people stopping by, going to the feed store, and doing a pet sit I managed to get most of the fence finished as far as stringing the tape. I will make two gates tomorrow and Dave put the wire through the trench and it is ready to be hooked up. I will also have to run a wire to the charger tomorrow which will not be a big deal. It was pretty chilly today and I had a real sinus headache for most of it but managed to stay on top of things.

Interesting that when you do jobs that men usually do and you are a women people look at it totally different and especially other women. It seems that women don't think women are capable of doing certain things. Best of all women are more likely to believe a man's opinion usually more than their own kind. I must say I enjoy sitting back smiling about this now, there was a time where I would find this very frustrating but find it amusing now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slow Morning, Oiling the Spreader, Catching Up

This morning was slow for me. I kept laying back down. I had a sore throat and a terrible sinus headache. After noon I rallied and went outside to get some things done. I started with unloading the truck and mowing and mulching around the barn and the front yard while spreading some manure on the lawn for next year. I mowed and mulched the backyard and straightened somethings out to make it easer to keep up with the bunny cage and the bird cages. I blew all the oak leaves around the base of the giant oak tree behind the house.

I moved on to oiling the ground driven manure spreader. The insides are made of wood and in order to preserve and protect them from the weather and manure the boards should be coated with motor oil. My neighbor has an abundance of used motor oil so I set about spreading it over the boards. I need a grease gun to grease the fittings and it is ready for winter.

I went back to the house and started cleaning the sun room and the bird cages. I accomplished the cleaning and swept and mopped the floor and then moved onto the kitchen, bathroom and living room. I just have to dust tomorrow and things will be somewhat caught up. I still have to winterize and hang the rest of my pictures but I'll get to it in the next couple of weeks.

Next on the agenda will be to bathe and groom all the dogs and trim the bunny. Theodore is a French Angora and can get really matted if not taken care of properly.

I did take time this morning to play with the dogs and Annabelle and I enjoyed a nice game of potholder tug of war. I held Lowkie for a few minutes last night. He really likes to be cuddled sometimes.

Tomorrow, fencing. I have the rest of the fasteners to finish stringing the fence and Dave will bring the electric to run in the ground to connect everything to the charger. I have a pet sit, need to hit Tractor Supply and fencing. Friday the horses should be able to go to the big pasture. I will be very happy as they need to be out instead of standing around.

I will have to make a sawdust run either Friday or Saturday as tomorrow I will be working on.. guess... what.. fencing.

After finishing cleaning in the house and doing some laundry out to the barn and did some cleaning there too. Kylie deburred the pony and bit and walked Satire. Everyone got a little hay when we finished and Satire got his last feeding tonight.

It was a good day and things are looking better. I think tonight I will sleep well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Braced for a Storm, Moved Stuff, Bathrooms are Important

Heard about having high winds yesterday and was keeping watch. Kept the barn closed down and horses in. Shirley took the big guys out and ran them around in the arena this morning.

Moved stuff, got caught in the beginning of the rain. Done moving thank goodness. The storm could have been really bad but wasn't much here. I knew something was up when it was blowing cold air and then I got a real gust of hot air in the face. Always a sign of possible Tornado. How do I know this? Grew up on the Ohio River in a valley and we had Tornadoes routinely in the summer. I always have my Twister Radar on in my head.

The basement in this house is better to hide in so that is comforting should we ever get the real thing. This house is shielded more than the old house. Trees were always coming down around the old house and wheel barrows being blow across the pasture etc.

Forgot to unlock the back building today where the bathroom is. There was distress caused by this. I recall being at a boarding stable that didn't provide a bathroom. Not cool... I also remember people using the stall instead.. way not cool.

Tomorrow bird cages cause I didn't get to them today. Feed store to get senior food bags. Kylie is off to a home school get together for the afternoon. I will get sawdust I think on Thursday because certain people might be around and I could talk them into taking it out of the truck.

Since the barn was in lock down we fed the horses at six, came back at 7:00 and picked stalls. We let everyone stretch their legs a bit and they got some extra hay. Everyone is looking good for the winter. Still need to get a little more fat onto pony and Satire.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Slower Day for a Change

Today I did chores in the early a.m. and went back to sleep for a few hours. I feel much better now, I need sleep or eventually it catches up with me.

Kylie had a dentist appointment and I had an appointment to help a family with their new dog and did a home visit.

We came back and cleaned stalls and went to Fairlawn to the Dollar Store and rented a movie from the Red Box.

I am all anxious because here it is 9:00 or so and I am not worrying about getting school work done. I passed my behavioral course, the teacher posted grades right away and I got full credit for my final paper.

Tomorrow I have some things to take out of the old garage and I am finished with the old property. I am waiting for fence fasteners and the pasture will be done. My brother is going to put a new ring on the toilet because it leaks and I am cleaning all bird cages.

I hope to start writing again on and some of the other websites I will actually be paid to write for and get my name out there.

The family we farm sat for came back and are very happy with our service, they are really nice and have offered to take Kylie to a church retreat with them in a couple of weeks. Another family from the church we go to when we actually go is picking Kylie up so she can participate in their family  home school group. It means a great deal to me that so many people are helping me especially with Kylie so that she doesn't miss out on everything because I work so much.

Another family we are friends with offered to take Kylie along with them next year when they go on a mini-vacation for an anime function. It is hard to cover all the basis as a single parent, her dad is participating more in her life but I am still the primary caregiver. We are very close and she goes everywhere with me but she needs to do kid things and she needs to be in church.

The Lord has provided  for this to happen and truly that is at the top of my list of blessing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Life at this Moment

I haven't watched TV in two months... since I finished my paper I have the urge to turn on the TV but my darling daughter would rather play her flute :(

We have basic cable and don't watch much TV but would I love to have cable just sometimes to unwind.

Final Paper Done!

Yes, finished submitted done. So relieved to have a break to regroup. I just feel free right now. I will for sure have a passing grade and I bought the book and can still study behavior over the winter.

Life at this moment is okay.

One Paper Down, One More to Go

Finished one paper tonight and will have to do the big one all in one day tomorrow. I have submitted lots of work these past two days and my grade is coming up quickly. The instructor for my behavior class is awesome and is allowing me to make up my work. I am so happy to have someone who is willing to work with me.

Sleepy now... must rest brain cells...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exhausted but Today isn't Finished

We started out with feeding the horses at 8:00 today then we went to the farm we are sitting for our last visit. We got back around 11:00 and we had helpers here to work on the fence (Yippee!) Around noon Michelle brought Marley her dog over for a shave and bath. I finished Marley around 1:00 and started to help with the fence again. We fed Satire and I visited with Michelle the boarder and William Raul's owner.

We finished up work on the fence and went to do a pet sit at one of my client's house and I took Kylie to get a birthday present for a friend and then dropped her off at her friends for a sleepover. I came back to the farm and did the chores but I will soon be leaving for another pet sit. Still two papers to write and another feeding for Satire.

Good long day for sure but much accomplished. Thanks to my neighbor Andrew I have the mother of all leaf blowers for the barn. He sold me his electric one because he has a huge gas powered one now. I missed my little one Dave let me borrow because I could clean up the barn at night very fast and was spoiled. Unfortunately, the barn was too much for it and it pooped out (no pun intended).

I am sorry about my own little ones, it has been a week or two since I've really  spent time with the birds and bunny. The dogs are near me most of the time but the little creatures I must stop and give them some attention. Cages need to be cleaned etc. I am hoping once the fence is done and I have a break from school I will be able to get to other things and get Kylie on a better schedule.

Here is a picture of the cows waiting for me to throw them their hay. I enjoyed the farm sitting and will see them again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crunching Assignments, Leafs, Run Chicken Run

Tonight I am working on crunching in three weeks of assignments to make up a grade for my behavior class. I may work very late so I am thinking about coffee or at least some hot chocolate.

Leafs, the fall brings lots of color and also menacing assassin in the disguise of pretty shades just waiting for a horse to come along and munch them. After finals Sunday the fence work will be in overdrive to get everyone to the big pasture by next week. I'll get the small paddock cleaned up of leaf vermin for winter once all the red maple leaves drop. The pony and little bit are going out alone on the big pasture in the meantime to get some weight back on pony for winter.

Saving the best for last, farm sitting is a very interesting job. We have been sitting a farm all week without incidence until this morning. Two hens escaped their coop and were running around the machine shop. Armed with a trash can lid and Kylie ready with a blanket we chased them around tractors and tools under tables and work benches.  Kylie cornered one who flew and ended up running over top of her head, she wasn't injured but it was certainly a harrowing experience for her.

Finally, the hens slowed down long enough for the blanket to be thrown over them one at a time. The last one was very sly, she almost made it back under the coop out of reach when I trapped her with a garbage can lid. All of the chickens were in a ruckus over the chase and the roosters were really worked up. As I took the broom and launched the hens out from underneath the pen so we could catch them, a waive of chickens roared from one end to the pen to the other in utter chaos.

I quote " No Chicken ever Escapes Tweety's Farm" I am a big fan of the movie Chicken Run, one of my favorites, just didn't think I'd make a guest appearance!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One More View

The Promise

A Rare Moment

The Fence & the First Strand, Plan B, Taking a Break, TP, Pasture Friend

Working on the fence today and I usually work with a quarter inch wide tape because it holds its tension better but for the sake of visibility I am trying one inch this time. I don't buy all the fancy fasteners that are sold for stringing the fence but have my ways of making it sturdy and tense while making sure it has a good current. Unfortunately, it rained on me twice and I had to go get the roll of fence wire from the old property and hunt down the really nice fence handles I have too. I found them and got one line strung and secured at the end to the wooden post. I will be finished with the new lane fence tomorrow and it will have a gate built in to it for driving machinery in and out.

Since it was really wet and cold when Kylie's dad came to help we moved the operation into the barn (plan b) and he raised some of the stall doors and adjusted some pressure at the bottom so they would be easier to open and close. Sunday might be a possibility for putting in the rest of the t-posts but I can get the fasteners on the sleeves by then as not to loose time. Interesting enough one stall door wheel was not cooperating and still was pressing to hard on the door. I suggested we just step on it... I could of used a crowbar to look professional but instead I just stepped on it. Presto... fixed.

I called my academic counselor and worked out a plan to take a leave of absence from school in order to focus more on the business and getting established or better yet being able to survive.

Two women in one house and a half a roll of TP. We had reached a critical level of emergency. Three things we don't run out of around here and ignore, tp, cat food, and Annabelle's Avi-cakes.

The pony and mini were out in the big pasture today and I stopped working long enough to see what they were up to and noticed Bit standing by Raul's grave. The pony was much further down near the end of the pasture but Bit was grazing near Rauls. Bit looked up and saw me and then went to join pon

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Moo

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Grandma Goat

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A Tom

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Baby Goat

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Farn Sitting

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Tractor Supply, Hair Color, Naps, and Fencing

We went to Tractor Supply today and got some stuff to rig things around the barn. I really love making things safe and convenient and I get carried away in the hardware section sometimes. I bought some metal plates to fix some of the fence post holding up the split rails that have split apart, I also bought a split nozzle so a short piece of hose can be added to the pump for washing hands and rinsing things.

I don't have a lot of grey hair yet but my hair color has gotten very dull. With that said, it is time to do a little doctoring up. I am always in barn clothes and dirty but once in awhile I like to take time to do something to feel more like a women like my hair and some makeup. Growing my hair long again will make me happier too.

I took a nap today but I always feel worse when I wake up. I think I need to take a day and sleep. It's hard because I always have things to do and I like keeping busy. Winter will give us a break and of course once the fencing is done.

Speaking of fencing... got the fasteners on the posts today. I will make a gate tomorrow provided I can find my gate handles. I will put the connector in the ground and we will put the rest of the t-post in around the leach field in the next few days. I hope to be done by the weekend. Tomorrow I will be ready to string the first of the fence tape. It will look very nice.

Got my new electric Dremel to replace the rechargable one. I would get half way through shorting a dogs nails and it would die on me. I hate clipping dogs nails and hitting the quick. I just can't do it so I clip the tips and then Dremel them down. Most dogs don't mind the Dremel at all and I know I won't hurt them. It has five speeds and is reasonably quiet too.

Time for homework, I keep procrastinating.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Musical Stalls, Thanks to Skunks, Fencing

We started today with a farm sit and came back to the barn to do some tiding up. After Satires 1:00 feeding I went into the house but was tired and tried taking a nap. I managed to snooze a little. The family that leased the old house came and started moving and taking out carpet. We went to see how they were doing and answer some of their questions. I really like them and it seems they are very excited about the house and the land. It is a very peaceful place and these folks will be very good for the house.

We started chores and got everyone in and Kylie's dad helped move some wood and work on the rearrangement of fence. I had gotten a call earlier for grooming a skunked dog and they didn't get home till 7:00. I told them to come on over and I gave him a couple of baths and dried him. The smell was neutralized and he was a great dog.

Calls are picking up for us and that's good. I really love the flexibility and versatility of doing the many things I get to do with animals. I'm always learning and meeting truly interesting people.

We did some shifting with different horses in different stalls because Echo aka as hooves of mass destruction or muzzle of mass destruction (take your pick) needed to be in a stall next to a wall instead of another horses doorway. All of the stalls have a place for the horses to hang their heads out which is nice but sometimes complicated when you are walking them in and out of their stalls. We will see how the new arrangement works for everyone, hopefully things will go as expected.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Farm Sitting, Dog Grooming, and School Work

We have been farm sitting for friends since Saturday. They have 5 cows, at least 12 goats, peafowl, turkeys, ducks and geese, 20 or so chickens and about 30 rabbits. I don't think I missed anyone... oh yeah and a cat.

They have a dog and some other cats but others have taken them for the week. The chores take a little over an hour but have been fun. Kylie's favorites are the chickens and the rabbits. I like the two buck goats and the two smaller steers. Lots of smells and noises to be sure. Tempting to get some goats and chickens but not the right time with all that's going on.

We got a call from a friend that owns a kennel that was in need of someone on short notice to do some bathing for her today. Kylie and I did 8 dogs in 4 hours and they were all so cute. We had a nice time and it is good work that pays well.

This week is finals and I haven't done any school work in two weeks, I was to exhausted and couldn't think about focusing on anything else but taking care of the horses.

I have a slim chance of pulling off at least a passing grade. If I don't I'll have to pay for the classes out of pocket and take them again to graduate. I am going to try my best. After this week I requested as much time off as I was allowed so I have 29 days to not think about school work and concentrate on getting the word out about what we do here and to get things winterized.

I have also had two customers for behavioral consultation for dogs and am renting out the groom building as a kennel when needed. Our website is getting a lot of traffic and we are getting more calls and emails now. The other house is leased to a really nice family and we need 3 horse boarders still. Things are picking up. We should also be called in for more grooming at my friends as the holidays approach.

I wouldn't mind being able to take a nap once in awhile sometime. Feeling strong but can always use extra sleep or super powers whichever... :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grieving, an Empty Stall, the Walk to the Barn

Yesterday was hard. It was time. Rauls was ready. I tried to give him food but he wouldn't swallow. He wanted out and we took him to the pasture, he didn't want to come back into the barn. He looked beyond the barn to the large pasture with the big oak tree and we let him lead us there. Rauls knew where he was and that we were all with him and loved him. Saying goodbye was hard I wanted to be selfish and keep him and touch his soft coat longer but knowing what was ahead if we didn't let him go was not comforting. So one last caress.

This morning I looked for him in his stall because we had nice times in the morning. Rauls wasn't there and I am sad. But, there is a view from the sun room and also when walking from the back door to the barn. It is a place in a sweet pasture under a nice oak tree. I know where a horse rests nearby who's soul has great spirit but ancient body longed to return to the earth. He is free of age, and body to embrace the wind and is the wind.

I will grieve for many mornings to come but I have no regrets in knowing Rauls even for the short time he was here at the farm. There are moments, people, animals that can change your life forever. If I did not know what my purpose was in life before, I do now. A 34 year old horse made a difference. He changed the world for the better because other horses will come here and follow him down the same path and we will help them along their journey with love and patience.

I am full of sorrow for loosing Rauls because I loved him very much but I have joy for knowing him. Love is always a risk and most certainly guarantees happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow. I can't end this without saying that God's love is greater than ours and even though our hearts may burst with happiness or sorrow His is still greater. How wonderful of God to share Rauls with all of us and trust us to care for him. Loosing Rauls in this life was very painful but the Lord loves all of His creatures and they as we are also belong to Him and will return to Him in time. No more pain or sorrow, no more blindness or hunger, only to be free and to be the wind again.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weather, A Pasture Friend, and The Bird and The Cat

The weather was very frisky today between gusts of wind, sun and rain. Very much like a fall day though as it was chilly and a little gloomy at times.

Rauls was a little perkier today and went out a couple of times outside. We didn't want him to feel isolated so we let Little Bit out with him and they did well together. Rauls didn't graze much but he was not stressed by being alone or call to the herd. When Rauls moved Little Bit stayed with him as a herd mate should do.

Rauls steps were faster and his head raised more but he didn't try eating by himself except a little hay this morning. I hand fed him several times and gave him corn oil. The last feeding tonight he accepted the food and swallowed better for me. He's drinking water and is eager to walk so we walked him in the arena for a few minutes.

Shirley cleaned his wound and it is looking much better and healing. I brushed him twice today and got some of his fur smoothed out so he looks more like his old self. His sight is getting very bad but he still responds to hugs and kisses and he still likes being groomed and going outside.

Today was more promising than I expected, we will see how tomorrow goes. I still am not sure if he'll be able to turn around but I will do everything I can as long as he is responsive. I pray if the Lord still has work for him here he'll give him the strength to get better.

We weren't in the house very much today but towards the evening we came up to let the dogs out. I had put Annabelle's blanket over the top of her cage so she could sleep. She has an enormous cage and as we looked up we happened to notice one of our cats sleeping on the blanket at the top of the cage. Would have been an excellent picture except the cat jumped down before I could take it. So there was the cat curled up on the blanket on top of the cage and Annabelle holding onto the bars below the cat peering out at us.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Weeks Worth of Running in a Single Day

5:30 this morning I was up researching loss of appetite in horses. I found information about why they root for dirt at the root level of grass. Also, a vitamin B deficiency causes loss of appetite. Of course there are many things that can cause a horse to go off his feed.

I went back to bed till 7:30 and took care of feeding. I went to Tractor Supply and Kmart then back to the farm. Took Kylie to the orthodontist then to Walmart. From there we got gas and went to the farm in Westfield Center where we will be caring for their animals while they take a vacation.

Afterwards, we hit Town and Country and finally Spencer feed before heading back. I called my neighbor and he dragged over a leaf shredder and we shred hay very affectively. My reason for running all over hecks half acre today is to pick up as many forage and feed products to help Rauls eat and to get weight on him ASAP. If I am not successful in getting him to eat in the next couple of days we will loose him.

I gave him corn oil in chopped hay but the most successful attempts at feeding was with about three pounds of Purina Senior and beer. He didn't jump on it but I scooped out handfuls and slid it into his mouth and he swallowed almost all of it. He looked eager and waited but didn't take it I had to keep putting in his mouth. It is the most he's had in several days. I also made sure he got the roughage along with it.

We took him to the big pasture but he called to the herd so we are going to take the miniature out with him tomorrow so he'll have someone to graze with which is very important to induce him to eat.

Satire is doing wonderfully and is very hungry come feeding time and finishes all of his food. He is strong and will be back up to a good weight by winter I'm sure.

All of the other horses are doing well and are happy. Cody enjoys having friends and playing around with "Hooves of mass destruction" HMD aka as Echo.

My birds are hanging in there, I know they miss me but I spend a little time in the morning with me. The dogs and I have part of the evening any way.

I'm sleepy now, really tired. I will sleep well and sound tonight and hopefully Rauls and I will be brighter in the morning. Sending up prayers for Rauls and to except God's will.

Beet Pulp, Chopped Hay, and Corn Oil Here I come

Today I am going to get these items as we need all the help we can get before we loose Rauls. Read some great articles on seniors and the chopped hay sounds like something worth looking at. Corn oil is for the emergency we have to get more weight quickly. Beet Pulp is a very good thing but only if he'll eat it.

Open to suggestions here of course. He really enjoyed soaked hay tonight but he can't get much down because of his teeth. I feel like we have some good alternatives now. Can't wait to get to the store.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visitors, Teenagers, Barn and a Bitter Sweet Homecoming

A friend stopped by to see the farm and she is not a farm person. She is an animal lover but not to my extreme. It was fun to watch her with the horses. I have been very busy and Kylie is a great help but she has to do her school work. Today I had to put my foot down and get her priorities straight.

Hauled some barn stuff over from the old barn and am getting ready to redo the fence where we have to create new access to the big pasture. We'll have help over the weekend and several things may be done quickly I am hoping.

I was overjoyed to see our older gentlemen come home but our sweet boy Rauls is not eating and losing weight very fast. I'm afraid if he doesn't eat we'll not have much time with him. Satire looks great and lost some weight but is still in great condition and his energy level is much higher.

I didn't take pictures of the homecoming but I'd like to paint one with words:

A silver wisp, a gentle spirit rest over me
Soft caresses of a warm velvet muzzle
Dark pools of light glimmer in my direction as soft eyelashes brush against my face
Breath sweet, eager, gently warms my hair
My soul melts together in harmony with an ancient love
A silver wisp, a gentle spirit rest over me
Near, not fleeting, nor shallow, only lasting.

The Meter Man Returns

Okay, we need some of that eerie music playing in the background here. First the meter man checks the meter on the front porch... the dogs launch themselves towards the door and windows in a yapping and deep throated (big Daniel) bark. The threat passes as the intruder (the meter man) gets in the car. I wait for it...

The dogs discover the intruder in the back yard reading the barn meter. A even bigger burst occurs, just so happens this is where all the birds and bunny are housed (the sun room). The dogs lunge and bounce up and down in front of the windows and there is a deep growl. Meanwhile, the birds are freaking out and the bunny looks like it could be a heart attack for him. They were all still napping and didn't anticipate the sound barrier being broken in their sun room.

I look out the window and wave to the meter man as he walks back to his car. He does not waive back, the clear expression on his face is one of relief. He was brave checking the meters, especially with beware of dog sign on the fence but he is glad to be done with this brush with death or being licked excessively take your pick. That is... if the dogs should have gotten out (evil laugh).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feed stores, Tack, Stable Doors and Deals after Dark

Started out the day by packing up the feed I can't use and took it back to Spencer. I talked to the hardware guru there and we got some springs and caps to make our stall door latches safer. We visited the Litchfield Tack Shop and bought some used leads that were really nice.

We then proceeded to Medina Farmer's Exchange to buy new feed and they had some of what I needed, we then headed to Tractor Supply to pick up the rest. We are now good to go for the seniors coming home from the hospital.

Shortly after arriving home I unloaded the truck, tried mowing down one of the piles the previous owner left and got the mower stuck. I pushed it off the mound of dirt and kept going. We did chores and Kylie's dad came to spend time with her and I promptly put the bag of hardware I bought to fix the stall latches in his hand and he started the doors. Afterwards, he and Kylie lunged Cody and spent time together.

After dark the family that has fallen in love with the old house came by to talk about the lease agreement. They have more animals then we do (it's an omen) they have chickens, a sheep, and a goat. One horse, two geckos, finches and a bunny.

Remarkable day and a blessed one. Tomorrow will be even more exciting I'm sure.

What can I say?

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings C is for Cookie

Sesame Street: P is For Princess available everywhere on DVD!

Monday, October 11, 2010


God Remembers All of His Creation

  1. Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come,
    Why should my heart be lonely, and long for heav’n and home,
    When Jesus is my portion? My constant Friend is He:
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.
    • Refrain:
      I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
      For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.
  2. “Let not your heart be troubled,” His tender word I hear,
    And resting on His goodness, I lose my doubts and fears;
    Though by the path He leadeth, but one step I may see;
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.
  3. Whenever I am tempted, whenever clouds arise,
    When songs give place to sighing, when hope within me dies,
    I draw the closer to Him, from care He sets me free;
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
    His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

Breaking News

Rauls has Spirit! Doctor says he can be treated and can come home!!! Both Satire and Rauls are coming home soon. What a Merciful God to allow them to be brought home again! I am overcome with joy!!

Appointments, Cleaning the Barn, a Helper, the Neighbor and Hope

Had an early appointment today for a possible new boarder, I will hear in a couple of days. Used the leaf blower in the barn to clean the dust and dirt off the concrete and around the mats, it was great.

Received a call from a family who wanted to see the old house and showed it this afternoon. Waited to hear about Rauls and there wasn't much news except his blood work came back lower then before. Still, tests tomorrow and prayers today.

I had a helper today with stalls and spreading and it was fun thanks! I gave an old TV set to the neighbor who needed a better one and he and I went to the old house to get it while the family that saw it earlier came back to look again. Good sign.

This has been a rough month and the hardest I think so far but if we get through it then things will be better. It's funny how life can be so demanding yet so good at the same time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Great Day and a Sad Day All in One

Today went fast with the usual doing this and that. We did our last farm sit this morning and we babied our handsome patient in the barn. The neighbor came over and gave me a ride on his motorcycle which I haven't been on one in years and felt like a kid again. We pressure washed the dog care building and got it ready for use as a possible kennel. It has a furnace and hot water so it's perfect.

Our senior horse of the barn went to the hospital for pre-scheduled test this evening, and it was very difficult for us. He called to us and his herd mates and when he did he called out a part of my soul. He is the one responsible for a decision I have made about our barn going forward. I feel the reason for this place and where I am at in my life now is to care for retired and geriatric horses. I think some people will think me crazy and frankly many barns don't want the risk or the extra work but I embrace it actually.

I've done some research about the stables in Homerville that offers the same type of care and I think it is a good thing. I'm praying for help and guidance in taking this step and asking the Creator of all things to bless us in all that we do going forward and that He may give us wisdom and the gifts of the spirit to pour out the love and mercy to these horses as He has so generously poured out to us in kind.

I also pray that the Lord will comfort us through loss as that is one part of this decision that will be difficult. The crossing over... handing the lead rope over to the Almighty and saying goodbye. He is more worthy than we are to care for his creatures but it's still hard and I am human.

Dog Grooming Tools

Some nifty grooming tools!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

kylie & Rauls

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My Golf Swing, Groundhog Wars, and Stuff

I have an old fashion sickle that is very sharp, it looks like a golf club. This evening I completed phase one of the rearranging of fence project on the farm. I swung with angst and severed all stems of what I think is elderberry stalks or something similar to it and they had an inch or more diameter but they were hollow which made it possible to cut them without something gas powered.

It was nice to see the pile underneath the overgrowth and it seems the previous owner stacked fence posts with huge spikes sticking out, wire fencing which I will drag instead of carry away, and some large boards. The groundhogs have a condo going on underneath and after moving the pile of stuff (phase II) they will be relocated (phase III)

We had a promising day with prospective boarders and a great dog boarding opportunity with grooming included. The patient started out a little rough this morning but is holding his own. This evening I made sure he ate all of his new food by feeding him by hand which he enjoys and is very gentle. He took his medicine like a champ and is all settled for the night.

We did our farm sit tonight and loved on their horses a little, tormented our neighbor Griff and harassed Annabelle before she went night, night.

We are on the move!

Pretty good day today. The patient is doing better and eating. I had fun with two Maltese dogs.  We had a blast at the Works house for dinner. Somehow we got on the subject of animals and flatulence while eating dinner. Really a nice visit and a break from the nonsense.

We had the honor of farm sitting tonight and the rest of the weekend for someone who goes and buys old or neglected (or both) horses from the auction to save them and give them a happy ending. They aren't a non-profit just folks that want to do something good. I envy them in they can do something wonderful with their barn for horses that have been abandoned. It's purely love without the dishonesty and pettiness that goes along with this business. It is also done without ego or living their lives through these animals. It was also an honor to care for their senior who is extremely old. I wasn't sure if I would see him again after the last time I sat their horses but there he was in the arena as that is where he stays all of the time. I also saw horses that were skeletal the last time as new arrivals filled out and happy.

I managed to do some work on today and have an opportunity to write some articles for money for two other sights so we will see how that goes. The problem is finding the time to pump a story out that is worthy of print (grammar and punctuation aren't my strengths).

The thermometer came today and I am afraid it is not up to snuff so I will probably send it back and hopefully get a better one before we have another casualty.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dog Grooming and Banking

Our senior horse patient is doing great this morning and is eating and drinking much better. I groomed two very sweet and beautiful Maltese babies today for my old boss at the bank. Tonight we will be horse sitting at another farm and we were invited to eat dinner with friends from church.

This week was somewhat of a challenge and I have had to deal with something I hate which is when people are untruthful. Working at the banking all these years I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with dishonesty in other people very much. I pretty much know when someone isn't being truthful and choose to overlook it most of the time if it isn't harmful but I am learning that when your livelihood depends on it then it's different.

Still, I am a child of the most High. Where people fail He does not and I know we will be taken care of by Him.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fatigue, Plaid, and Difficult Patients

I'm working hard at night putting together plans and pricing things out for some fence changes plus I'm full of caffeine and adrenalin for one reason or another. I know I have to get back on a normal sleep cycle to feel better.

Older men love to wear plaid. Shame on me for not snapping a picture of Rauls in all his vet wrap splendor because we ran out of blue and had to switch to green and it was plaid in the worst way around his belly to keep him out of his stitches.

Rauls is beautiful on the outside and the inside, he is very mannerly, and is very sweet. But... he likes playing with his stitched up side, wants to be spoon fed hay cubes and decided he didn't want to eat his regular food. Also, he did a giant pucker for the thermometer and does okay with the syringe in his mouth with his meds. I think this is because even though he is a wonderful horse he is still a man :)

The word pucker has a whole new meaning

I managed to take horses temperature today rectally for the first time. It didn't take lone nor did it take long to order a infrared thermometer either. It will be here Saturday and I will be a happier stable owner and caregiver because of it! I'm sure the horses will be relieved as well ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kindred Acres Farm (aka) Kinburred Acres Farm

The harvest

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:

The LORD Is My Shepherd
A Psalm of David.
1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters. Rev. 7.17
3 He restoreth my soul:
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil;
my cup runneth over.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

The Farm in the A.M.

What did the ornamental bunny do to you Micah?

My mother had an ornamental bunny she kept by her fireplace and now I keep it next to mine. The bunny is placed at the corner looking outward. Observe the picture, my collie aka herding dog Micah has angst against this bunny it seems.

Randomly Kylie and I catch Micah walking over to the bunny and poke it with the end of his nose. Here is a picture of how I find the bunny eventually every day and today the final poke and the bunny was knocked over.

Pony and Kylie practice driving

First fire of the season

Learning the Biz

Talked to several boarding stable owners today, vets and other people in related businesses. I am beginning to get a better idea of what services are included in most boarding agreements as far as reasonable care and what is beyond that and is done only on a fee basis.

Kylie and I spent another two hours tonight trying to figure out how to help one of the horses boarding with us. This included a trip to the store and a couple of different strategies to find something that worked.

When we left it looked like we managed to secure the incision area enough to prevent dirt from coming in contact with it and keeping a very soft muzzle from removing it. I hope it works tonight and we can get through the next few days until the vet returns without it becoming contaminated.

I feel there is a purpose for this stable that hasn't come to fruition yet and it is going to be to the benefit of horses in a special way.


Before I write the first sentence of this blog, I am wondering how many people who read this will either say wow I know exactly what you mean or that just sounds crazy.

I bought this property recently and have been out in the pasture on my small tractor almost every day. I pass by one particular place in this pasture and every time I do I feel a horse is buried there. I've mentioned this to my daughter who kind of thought it was mysterious and another person who dismissed it.

Today someone who lives near by and who knew the particulars about the burial confirmed my intuitive feeling.

There are certain times when I get feelings or have a dream that seems to be along the lines of a premonition and I'm one of those people who can't watch violence or horror on TV without being affected even though it's fake.  One example of what I mean by dreams happened when my daughter was very young and a babysitter was taking her around a person who was unsafe. Kylie was to young to tell me exactly what was going on. I had a very disturbing dream and the next day I questioned the sitter and put the pieces together and fired her.

Unfortunately, I can't share all of what I feel or sense lately but maybe that's for the best. I wonder how many people have the same experiences but don't talk about them because they think it sounds crazy or people read this and think it is crazy.

If you are the latter then raspberries to you! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

I love my family so much

This post will probably appeal more to people who have been abandoned by a parent either emotionally, physically, or both. I'm one of those people. My parents abandoned 6 children and I ended up with someone who was a friend of my grandmother when I was a baby.

The thing about abandonment issues and sometimes abuse issues is that you may understand them and you may feel better at times about them but they are always with you. You carry them with you through your life.

It's late tonight and I am sitting by the fire and looking at my daughter who is sleeping. She is the only person in my life that I have ever been completely apart of. When you don't fit into your biological family or your substitute family it is like standing outside the glass looking in. This was my life until Kylie was born.

The animals are all sleeping and my dogs are always very close. These animals are a comfort to me because I am excepted by them. Abandonment issues lurk even here because in my heart I am afraid to embrace home for fear of losing it. It was so in my old home and now in this one. It is the fear of loss.

Still, I am so thankful for all that surrounds me tonight, the quiet peaceful sleep, the warmth of the fire. How blessed I am as I try to grasp at a small glimmer of hope that here is a place for me and I can allow myself to feel that I belong.