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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend and Today

The weekend was interesting with major snow on Friday and a major thunderstorm last night. My brother Greg was down for the weekend and we all had fun watching a movie and showing off the latest youtube videos.

Work as usual around the barn and we picked up more sawdust. I was able to work on the phones more on Sunday and that is good.

Today was a marathon day with feeding and some stall cleaning early, work on the phones, back to the stalls and then two golden retrievers to shave. Once they were finished it was feeding horses again, going to the bank and back to finish the rest of the stalls. I should have gone back on the phones but I'm really whooped. It was a full day. Tomorrow A.M. I'll try to make up some time.

It is good to get more grooming calls because it is a better way to earn money. I hope to build up more clients this year.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cooper Sleeping

When Boys are Bad

Brooms speak louder than words in my house. Here is a classic example of what happens when the broom comes into play. The picture displays the broom held by me and the boys. The bad boys.... all four male dogs and my brother Greg on the couch in time out. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My brother is the best and my all day sinus headache

This weekend went pretty well for me. My brother came down Friday evening as he usually does to help me with stuff over the weekend. The two dogs we kenneled went home Friday night.

We got some things cleaned up and straightened up while the weather was decent. Greg my brother cleaned the back room in the block building up this morning. We mainly use that part of the building for storage but it was out of control for sure. We also moved the old furnace into the neighbors truck so it wasn't laying around on the ground anymore. I hate when things are just left and it looks junky, I just can't have that here.

We burned a pile of branches and weeds along with my large collection of empty feed bags and Greg moved more sawdust into the barn.

One really nice thing this weekend was turning loose Pony, Bit, Cody and Aubrey all out together. They were their own little herd and stayed out all day.

Preacher has thrown Echo over for the mare sadly. Angel doesn't really want to hang out with another horse but Preacher is hanging no matter what. So, the barn melodrama plays out before our eyes. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spectacular day for horses and their owners

This morning was beautiful and I enjoyed breakfast in the sun room with the birds. Nana our Umbrella Cockatoo perches and watches the sunrise every morning and she is very happy, then she wants breakfast. She greats me with I love you and what are you doing and little noises letting me know she wants some of my pancake. She sometimes gets impatient with the microwave and will turn the volume up a bit to let me know.

I let the dogs out I am kenneling and fed the horses and started chores and when everyone was done eating I started letting them out. For the first time, Cody, Aubrey, Pony and Bit all went out together in the big pasture  as a herd and spent the day their in the sunshine. Echo and Preacher got some time with Angel and Satire got to cruise the barn and visit here and there.

The stalls are nice and aired out and it was a pleasure to work and not freeze to death. We have our share of mud but the brisk wind will cure that very soon. I did a temporary fix on the man door on the barn that opens to the back yard and did a little phone work and some this and thats.

I tried taking a nap and got a phone call with some drama but it passed. The owner of the two dogs I am kenneling picked them up tonight so that is less to do tomorrow.

I'm tired and hope to sleep well tonight. I sincerely hope we get a few days rest from the bitter cold and winter weather to catch up on some things around here and get some much needed vitamins from the sun. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine, that's what I'm talking about

Big yellow was way over due for an oil change and tire rotation so that has been done as of today. Walmart is the best when it comes to tires cause I bought them there and I can get them rotated and checked anytime. The truck drives better now and the engine sounds better.

Today was a routine work day at the barn but the warmer weather and the ice melt off sure is nice. Tomorrow is manure spreader day which will be fun and I won't be freezing my tail off doing it.

Nothing else happening except for a little drama but I am at the point where I am starting not to care when people just keep stirring things up.

Plenty of fish has yielded some interesting people for me to talk to so that should be a great distraction. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Haired Pony

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A good days work and some fun too!

Feeding horses, computer work and then Tractor Supply. Eureka, I have discovered a very cheap product that is made of lime and stone to use on the honeycombed mats in the stalls. The crushed limestone is low and the discovery of this product will solve that problem.

We met a really nice prospective new boarder today with a senior horse and I am really excited about it because it sounds like it would be a great fit.

Kylie and I worked all day in the barn and then she had a visit from her dad and they played with Pony and Bit and we raised the jumps higher and it was amazing to see them sail over them.

Blew out some cobwebs in the barn since it was a sunny day and you just feel like doing more on a sunny day.

Everyone got out to romp a bit and I am really tired now because I was outside working for most of the day. I just want to crash and sleep well.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Little Jumpers of Kindred Acres

Great day in the barn!

Had a great time in the barn today playing with Shirley, the horses, and Emmie. I keep trying to teach my barn cat Emmie how to lunge but she is stubborn (but cute). She must always supervise the training of the horses, the picking of stalls, and our sad attempt of digging out the side barn door.

Everyone except Satire jumped over a Cavaletti, he was very graceful clearing the PVC though. The miniature named Bit and his best bud pony did a grand job of jumping and everyone had a turn even Angel. Cody made it over but started to limp again so he is on stall rest for a couple of more days.

I gave Preacher a rub down and he tolerated me fairly well and Echo wanted to play of course. I love them all and am glad instead of working and running I stopped enjoyed things too. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's thawing, ice, and happier times

I was feeling whooped this morning so I fed the horses and went back to sleep. I took my time getting going until about 1:00. My brother and I made a trip to the store and I picked up some Sudafed which has made me feel much better.

Shirley and I played around with hoses and we tried to dig out the sliding door on the side of the barn but it is too soon. The ice and snow on the roof of the arena has finally slid off and what is left on the horse barn is just about down also.

We cleaned stalls this evening and it was nice not to freeze our fannies off for a change. Cody was lame yesterday and he was stiff in his legs tonight but not limping. Aubrey got some loving and petting and playing in the arena and angel went out for a little while too.

The wind has picked up outside because I can hear it. The driveway has frozen for the night and is very icy. It will be slippery till everything melts. I am looking forward to the warmer weather this week. I drove Big Red today and it enjoyed it more because of the warmer air up there!

I drove on the higher ground on the pasture and through some of the trees. One thing I have to say for it is there is plenty of traction and I feel confident it will be reliable regardless of the weather. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Super cold last night, super dramatic day

Okay, so my life may seem dull but what I don't blog about isn't. Plenty of drama here with my teenager daughter, her father, her father's family, and the neighbor.

My farm sitting jobs are interesting too as I meet plenty of interesting people who do amazing things with their animals. Yesterday I did doggie daycare for a part chow/german shepperd he turned out to be a great dog and he was a rescue and I look forward to working with him to help him and his owner build confidence.

Cold and bitter last night I did not linger outside. I worked on the phones some and it went well and I have managed to get some homework done. Kylie has the flu and I am teetering on the brink of something myself but I still feel pretty good.

Back is much better and my stress level is much lower today. I went to see my doctor for a checkup and he said I was doing great. Heart good, blood pressure and weight was going down.

I hope to have a quieter weekend and a more normal week next week. I will be boarding two dogs the entire week but that will go well as the furnace in the block building is doing great. Micah got a much needed bath cause he was stinky. I hope to get them all cleaned up soon.

Well off to work on the phones and then in the barn. There is a huge eve of ice and snow hanging off the arena waiting to fall and crush someone. I won't be using the side door until it falls. I rode big red yesterday, always fun. Can't wait to clean her up and shine her in the spring. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching up on the blog

Found a supreme deal on shavings yesterday that just knocked me out! I am not telling how cheap but the stuff is great and I got it at a fraction of the price because they were frozen. No problem thawing them out, drying them and using them.

Found a cheaper supplier for bulk shavings by chance and got a call from a non-profit for employment. I had an interview today and I am really interested. I would be coaching impaired adults in grooming dogs. Two fold blessing here, working with animals and helping people. I love it! Don't know if I'll get the job but I am interested. It would be part time to start so that would work out well for me.

I have two more weeks of school and then I am officially done for awhile. My grade is low so I will have to pull it out of the fire but will do it if I try hard enough.

Been checking out singles on Plenty of Fish lately and have come across a couple of horse people that seem worth checking out. Some exchanging of messages is a good start as I have to get back in the game after a 10 year stretch of being alone. I am scared to death but I will just have to suck it up and just go for it. 


The greatest heights and the lowest depths that is what love is in the human realm. God's love and animal's love are so pure and so comforting. We as humans feel ecstasy and agony and make things so complicated. We impale each other instead of mimicking what is pure and good.

I have always been childish when it comes to romantic love and it has been difficult because I never had a real model relationship growing up. I know for certain though that my heart when it feels love is pure, God has given me a good heart and it has been broken deeply but still I hope. God can heal all wounds and I hope I never loose my love to bitterness.

I wish it were as simple as giving and receiving unconditional love for humankind but it is not and so we have a lot more to learn from God and His loving Creatures. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back pain is not too bad today and chores are all done

My back was sore but it didn't go completely out today which is a blessing. Shirley and I took care of chores and we threw Aubrey and Angel in with the main herd. All went well with everyone and there were no major issues or injuries.

Angel looks a little bewildered being the only mare in a whole arena full of geldings. Preacher the leader of the herd kept after Cody and Aubrey but left Angel alone. Cody and Echo just wanted to follow Angel around and make nice.

It was fun but the cold seems to make me pretty sleepy these days. I am getting tired of the cold and grey for sure.

I started a fire tonight thinking that would be the best thing and it seems to have created a nicer environment. I'll take a hot shower tonight on my back and see if I can get those sore muscles to let go. Tomorrow is a work day and I hope to accomplish more this week and get my focus back on what my goals in life are instead of trapezing around wondering what the men are doing and having a mid life crisis which doesn't pay the bills I might add.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back pain.... yuk

Okay, like every so often my back goes out. Now, it is out and I hope it doesn't last long. No bending over and I need help standing up. It is not cool when you have farm things to do and have a bad back pain.

I will rest it tonight and hope it shapes up tomorrow otherwise, Kylie will be doing way more work in the barn. Motrin is my friend for sure!

Cooper with me and my blanket

Cody gets a trim!

Saturday afternoon just enjoying the day

I worked some today on the phones and will again later this afternoon. I tried a nap but the dogs would not stop barking at random cars. All is quiet otherwise though. I can't say this week was the best I've had sort of okay. The weather is getting tiring as we have had cold and snow or ice most days. It is gray way too many months here in northern Ohio and towards the end of the season it gets to be a real psychological downer. It will be happy days when we get a little taste of springtime.

Cody got his hooves trimmed yesterday and Randy said that Aubrey's feet were good. My friend Debbie Parker stopped by with a little present, a nice penciled drawing of William and Rauls.

My brother and neighbor are not feeling well and it seems they have the flu. They can keep it hopefully and not give it to us.

We are going to get more snow later so maybe I'll start a fire. I haven't started one in a couple of weeks. Micah is going to get a bath tonight since he was kind enough to roll in the middle of a pee spot in one of the stalls in the barn and now is super stinky.