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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Men too much drama or not enough

Oh, too bad I can't spill all on this blog right now. Men are so frustrating and there is just no easy way of dealing with them I fear. Ugh.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

With blessings comes challenges

My truck break line is leaking really bad so I took it in to have it fixed which is going to be expensive. We have been blessed a lot lately with boarders and dogs coming in for kenneling and grooming. The blessing with the truck is that I noticed it before I got on route 18 and knew there was a big issue. Griff drove me to one of my pet sitting appointments and found the leak for me.

Today Mare Girl got a bad cut and bruise on her head and had to be sown up. Shirley had issues with her refrigerator and Griff had a flare up with his hands. I was busy with chores, dog grooming, pet sitting and Mare Girl. The heat was really bad and it's supposed to be hot again tomorrow. Shirley is letting me borrow a fly mask for Mare Girl while she heals to keep the would covered. Shirley and I will doctor her up till she's healed.

The blacksmith came today and trimmed pony and Cody's feet. Cody had an abscess apparently that had worked itself out and Aubrey's feet didn't need a trim. It was good to see Randy and get caught up on all the barn news.

Kylie is getting ready for her little trip at the end of the week and is excited, she has been looking forward to it for a long time. She is making costumes and she is almost done with school. She played with her little herd today in the barn and held pony for the blacksmith.

It has been a long day and so I think another shower is in order and a last check on the horses and Mare Girl. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Grooming and Kenneling

Our busy season has begun and we had a full day of pet sitting, some grooming, and some overnight stays. Regular chores of course and the day flew by. I am trying some different foods on our dogs because we have gone pretty much raw. I am learning as I go and it's interesting and not as complicated as one might think.

The big manure spreader will be fixed very soon I just have to get some simple parts at tractor supply. I'll be glad because 10 horses do produce plenty of poop and I'd to like to make just one trip to spread. The weather was really nice this evening and Kylie and I played in the arena with the big ball for the horses. We had fun as the horses looked on.

Preacher has a diaper on his boo boo foot with Dora the explorer as the theme, Satire had matching leg wraps (matching his halter). He climbed the sawdust pile and demolished some hay. Preacher also molested two bales of hay and dragged them down into the arena. He got a sharp word from Shirley. Echo got his ear hairs trimmed sort of.... Shirley also gave him a sharp word for being such a wiggle worm.

The two new babies named Jackson and Willy are very settled already. Everyone enjoyed the big pasture and Mare Girl was very cute trotting out to the big pasture leading the way for Echo. I hope to get her weight up by wintertime so the more grass the better.

Kylie has decided that we are really sheppards we care and tend to animals. Sometimes it feels that way because we are always looking out for their safety and best interest.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain but not dangerous

I let the two new horses out today in the morning to give them some pasture time. They were very good going out and came back when I called. The blacksmith came to help with Satire's foot, Mare Girl got a trim and no more soaking Preachers foot!

I did a good cleaning of the kennel and I'm getting ready for clients. I trimmed a goats feet for the first time. It wasn't hard except for convincing the goat he should let us. I learned from my friend Nancy about some good things nutritionally for horses which I will be trying on my own horses.

I let my own horses out to the big pasture and they thought they should stay out longer when  storm blew in. They got soaked in a good rain which made Cody's coat as white as snow but they learned their lesson when a big clap of thunder scared them. They ran really fast back to the barn and I told them they should have come when they were called!

I accomplished some tasks involving paperwork today. There's plenty of paperwork and record keeping to do and I am improving in keeping better records. It's easy to just keep working and not stop to take care of details.

The grass and trees are so green, I enjoyed looking out the window during the rain and seeing quick beams of sunlight poking through the clouds. The wet ground is becoming the challenge and it will affect hay production so lets hope for a few steady days of dry weather!

Pray Isaiah 54: Created in His own image

Pray Isaiah 54: Created in His own image: "'And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of ..."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ups and the downs

This morning went well and the new horse babies are settling in very fast. Today was vet day for Shirley's herd. Preacher's abscess is all better, Echo had a little maintenance done in a private place, and Satire got a leg checkup.

Satire is 33 years young and so full of life with plenty of personality. Best of all, Satire is a very happy horse! His life is moving into a new level of retirement and taking it easy because of his age but he's very content because he knows he's loved, he has a forever herd, and great care. Satire enjoys eating, finding his way to the big pasture, his big cozy stall and all the love and petting he gets from everyone. Honestly he loves his life and makes the most out of each day and it's a good life for one so young!

My herd was out most of the day and they were glad to come in and rest in their stalls. We got some more things done to better organize things in the barn and all the chores done. Shirley helped soak preachers foot and some other things and I always appreciate her helping out. She was tired and I know she wanted to go home but she stayed a little longer.

Tomorrow will be interesting because I am grooming two dogs and I am going to attempt to trim a goats feet with some guidance from the owner who isn't able to do it right now. I believe I will become very skilled as my animal care career continues. Thursday a three week pet sit begins and we will have kenneling over the holiday weekend.

The floors got cleaned in the house and the dishes are done. Kylie and Ben helped out and I cooked dinner too. Soon, the last feeding and then lights out for me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy busy...

6:30 this morning I wake up thinking we can't use a 6ft gate in the make shift stall it has to be a corral panel that is a stand alone. I decided to double up the panels and firm them up with ties. It worked! I moved horses and cleaned stalls for the new arrivals and set them up with hay and water.

The horse babies arrived! We did have to make a change later in the day because Willie needed to have his bud Jackson next to him. Mare Girl moved to where Pony and Bit was and it turned out really good for her because she has more privacy and it is cozy. Aubrey and Pony and Bit where tormenting each other through the corral bars but they will settle in together really fast. Everyone went out to the big pasture except for the new babies and they were out in the back paddock.

We changed the racks where we hang leads and tools and put another wheel on another gate. I did take a break during lunch time and got something to eat today. We came back and did stalls, soaked Preachers foot and fed everyone.

We also did dishes, laundry, and house stuff to try and keep things from getting totally out of control in the housekeeping area. Tomorrow I will finish organizing the barn and then we will try and clean out the area down the drive and spray out the block building. Starting Thursday the pet sitting, kenneling, grooming and canine classes are going to take off and it will be double time. I hope to get as much work done before Thursday.

Kylie is wrapping up her school work and doing very well. She and Ben have been great helps with all the little projects and I took them for DQ this evening for a reward. Hope to get to bed soon cause I am really sleepy now!

Preacher is a great patient! Look no lead rope!

Soaking his boo boo foot and eating his hay.. What a good boy!

Rolling after a rainstorm is sooooo much fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hungry Sheep!

I forgot to mention that in the midst of the chaos I delivered a six hundred pond round bale to a client's house and as soon as we rolled it off the truck this smart little sheep jumped on top of it and started chowing down.

Preacher is till having his foot soaked twice a day but the abscess is starting to drain and he is putting more weight on it. He seems to be feeling better and honestly I think he likes the attention and being babied. Echo is out of control now because he is in charge of the mare, HIS MARE! Satire is happy just going in and out of the barn and playing a little in the pasture. Our horses are almost completely on pasture now and look great. The two little ones still need to be shaved now that it's hot. This week we will try to get that done and all of our dogs bathed and brushed. I am tired just thinking about it....  

My assistants, Ben & Kylie

Emmie scowls, I am taking to long (get back to work)

A client's kitty hiding

The weekend was a blur

In spite of being incredibly busy the past three days (whirlwind busy), I love my life and relish the work and seeing things come together. All grass at this house and my other house has been cut, gaits have been hung, and hinges have been repaired. We will be getting two new horses in tomorrow for boarding and we have put together a stall to move Aubrey in and he will be next to his little buddies, pony and bit.

We made a mad dash to Tractor Supply today to get more gaits and mats. Yesterday was shopping all morning and I took a stab at trying to snap off a huge limb that broke but was still attached to a tree. I drove Big Red over to the old property and Griff and I hooked up chains but we couldn't get it to break off so some cutting and we'll try again later. I mowed around trees in the pasture to cut down the burr bushes before they get started. Once the new horses come in and everything is settled, I will be devoting my week to repairing the split rail fence and getting the house cleaned up again.

It was supposed to rain the next few days so we went and got a load of hay on the back of the pick up last night.  We'll need more in a couple of weeks and the boulders will be gone by then which leaves two more piles to move in the area that was used to dump or store things. Once the piles are gone I will fence the area in as a small paddock. Also, I have gotten permission from a neighbor to fence in a section across my fence onto his property.

The next project is to work on the block building and get things together for the dogs that will be boarded. I have a plan so I hope it works. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine and busy

Scrappy came for his weekly visit today and when I went to let Preacher out he turned up lame. Poor Preacher he has an abscess and his foot has to be soaked. Everyone went out to the big pasture today at one time or another. I had an appointment for pet sitting and made it to tractor supply. I got some grass cut but ran out of gas and moved on to the next job. 

I spent a fair amount of time trying to hang a gait in the barn and managed to get it just about right. I hid my new pack of drill bits because every time I get drill tips or bits they end up scattered all over by someone and I can never find them. In other words, no one ever puts things away or back where they found them.

I came in just before 9:00 from the barn, I am going to get cleaned up and head out to feed Satire one last time. Tomorrow I have to move a giant hay bail for someone else and buy some groceries. It's supposed to be nice outside so I will be working on split rail fence I think and more mowing.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, gaits, and friends

Yes, rain again. I got our horses out early to the big pasture and I let the others out in the back paddock. I wanted to mow but that didn't work out so I worked in the barn on gaits instead. I had a cup of coffee with Griff this morning and Ben the boy who lives down the street brought back our WII censer that he volunteered to take apart and fix. He fixed it and stayed and helped Kylie and I rehang some gaits in the barn. We put together some gait panels to make a stall in case we get two horses in but there has been no commitment yet.

I groomed a dog and cleaned the block building. After chores I was done so I went out and had a bite with Griff. Kylie had fun today and got some help with her costumes. It was a good day considering the weather. Tomorrow I hope to finish the gait project, go to the feed store, and cut some grass. Hope it's nice. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sawdust delivered and moved!

We got sawdust delivered from Ready to Haul and the rain has caused so much mud we didn't want to chance the truck getting stuck. We had it dumped in the parking lot on a tarp and I made some calls.

With help from a couple of boys from the neighborhood Kylie and I moved the pile inside with wheelbarrows. We cleaned stalls and loaded them up. Thankfully we got all of it in before it got wet. I got soaked and I'm beat but it was worth it.

The horses had a glorious time outside today between the rains and are inside for the rest of the day. Started a fire to get warm.

Naughty Satire gets caught tossing hay!

Our oak trees

My find at Good Will of cool plates and a very delicious breakfast

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The ground is saturated, my growing up daughter, and life

I cut some grass today, cleaned the stalls early and let the horses out early before any major storms hit. I cleaned the drain in front of the barn because it had plenty of stuff in it from last fall and winter. The puppy played with Daniel and seemed to be having more fun and he was more relaxed than yesterday.

Kylie went to a friend's birthday party and it was a costume party. Kylie helped her friend make a costume for the party last week. Kylie sews and comes up with amazing things and is really good at budgeting. She is someone to be proud of and has grown so much these past few months and matured. She works hard around here to help me and does very well on her school work. I am very proud of who she is as a person too because she is strong and intelligent. She reads her Bible every night and tries to pray and have faith. All these things prepare her for life.

My life is taking an interesting twist these days. I feel closer to my goal here at the farm but still need to work harder. I'm happier inside now and feel better about myself in general. The possible romance budding here with a good friend is kind of spicing things up some. It's taken time but that is good because it's genuine. I am learning new things everyday about myself through these experiences. When you stop learning you die right! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Working with puppies

We have a new client who is boarding a dog with us over the weekend and he is 5 months old and his name is Bailey. I introduced him to Daniel today who is a playful Golden and after awhile Bailey got an idea about playing. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to work with young dogs and see them play and learn. We worked on socializing and leash basics. Lots of things scare Bailey in a strange environment so we explored and also my cat buttons was around for Bailey to sniff.

It's great to have four dogs to use with this kind of work because I can choose between different sizes and temperaments. I have a larger fenced in yard so running and playing is safe.

The heat is gone finally and it seems the storms for at least tonight. Mowing tomorrow as the grass is huge again. My allergies are going crazy which is typical right now and I am betting it's going to be especially bad this year. Yeah for antihistamines! Sawdust coming next week to so lots of dust. If it is cooler next week, Kylie and I need to ride Cody and do some Aubrey work. Aubrey has grown and he's filled out nicely. He's very happy here and plays with the two little ones.

I really enjoy the horses and taking care of them. Angel is struggling with weight, Satire is happy and knows what he wants at all times! Preacher is calmer and Echo has playmates. Cody is happy having his own little herd and Aubrey feels accepted. The two little ones are happy being part of a herd and always into mischief anyway. I love them all very much.

Having blogging withdrawls

Blogging site was down all day yesterday, last night and this morning. I really missed it. Of course there was things to blog about but now... sadly I am not in the mood. Maybe later!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Midday update, tractor things

Found this thingy in the barn that I think came off a hydrant kit but it fits on the tractor throttle and for now makes a great knob. This is exciting! Griff found enough red paint to fix the tractor up so sometime this summer it's going to get a makeover. Of course, somewhere inconspicuous I will paint a flower on it just for fun.

Hot today, so took the make do screens out and turned air on. It's to muggy out to just do windows. We leaned out the feed room and took an old cooler out to put the prepared senior food in so the flies won't be an issue. When it is hot like this I prefer working in the morning and evening outside and doing the computer/inside work in the afternoon. I hope we get some days still where the temps are reasonable. I still have fencing things to take care of and sprucing up to do outside. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sun and dirt

The weather is nice and the day was hotter and more humid. The horses were moving a little slower and the house was pretty hot inside. I worked outside most of the day and got some sun and a little burned. I mowed at the other house, did barn chores, drove the boarders horses in from the back pasture and moved gate sections for a friend.

It was all dirty work and I was very happy to come in and get cleaned up at the end of the day. Tomorrow will be spent here doing work and taking care of the things around the house like fixing the hinges on one of the doors and hopefully shaving the pony and bit.

The dogs are in need of a really good bath to get the loose fur out. They are shedding more now and we have tumbleweeds of dog fur in the house. I vacuumed, cooked, and Kylie worked on school work and did the dishes plus some laundry.

The interesting thing about this house is that they never replaced all the windows and the old ones they sealed. I broke the seals and put in temporary screens so we can enjoy the natural air. Now all we need is a screen door and for the spring and fall it would be tolerable instead of running the air conditioning all the time.

We had a great breakfast this morning with fresh eggs from our neighbors chickens, fried potatoes, and left over sloppy joes with melted cheese. I wasn't hungry all day! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little taste of heaven on earth today

Starting your own business in this economy is a pretty tall order, stressful and a bit dangerous. Fast forward, we are ending our first year and the last three months have been the absolute hardest financially.

The weather has played a factor and the high utility bills plus building a customer base slowly. I'm more confident now in my abilities all the way around and am more at ease with my skills. We are finally gaining ground and the realization of achieving goals and dreams is looming in front of me, yeah!

One big hurdle this month was the gas bill, help came from two fronts and we have galloped over it! What I am leading up to is this, the best part of this whole journey is watching God move all around me. I'm in a position where I walk more by faith and believing seen and unseen.

Today God moved, and He not only helped me but helped a dear friend with better transportation for her children. I got to play a role in helping and witness how God can tailor outcomes based on our needs and not what our thoughts can have us believe. I sat and watched my friend worry about the what ifs and those defeating thoughts we all have which are not there by accident. We forget that as Christians there is a spiritual realm and as God leads us the enemy tries to discourage. We must know that discouragement and negativity don't come from our loving Lord and we must cast them down and embrace the gentle loving guidance of the Lord in our hearts. The outcome today was an answer to prayer and amazing for us both.

The Lord has sent a buyer who is a Pastor of a local church to purchase the boulders we are selling and He also sent me a new customer today for kenneling and training. Everyday is truly amazing for all of us really if we take time to notice but today was even closer I think to a little taste of heaven for me because I felt loved by my family, friends, and the Lord. I love the picture I took of the fence and the dirt road.

A seat with a view

Emmie quits work early after long day of child sitting!

Pepsi the cat watches a crow intensely

Monday, May 9, 2011

Springtime at the farm, Shirley lurking with the camera!

Our first event here May 21 - Learn how to massage your horse!

Get all you can out of your horses movement and impove their health. Learn fifteen massage techniques and a general massage routine. May 21 from nine to noon.Taught by Maria Duthie, Animal Massage Practitioner Cost is $50 For information call. 440-669-6023

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

This morning I didn't feel all that great because my sinuses are just terrible right now and I feel like sleeping all the time. I rested and then went outside and Uncle Gregg came down for a visit. We went shopping for groceries and bird food and came home.

I cut up some fresh vegetables and made hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner and it was all good. Shirley's herd went out to the big pasture for a few minutes today and I helped round them up to come in and they were all very good.

Kylie, Uncle Greg, and I walked the pasture and talked about the wood on the ground and getting it cleaned up. I took the tractor out and ran over some holes we found to make sure they caved in and none of the horses would trip.

Pasture looks fine and the grass is getting tall and not many weeds. To top off the evening Kylie and I went with Griff for ice cream. Now I'm sleepy and ready to go to bed but it was a very nice day and Kylie made me feel good about being her Mom.  

Emmie says "talk to the tail, I'm going in for a nap"

Walking in the big pasture while Emmie supervises

Found a visitor in the barn today

 I was blowing the scattered hay out of the barn today with the leaf blower and look who got blown along with it. The first picture looks like a giant snake but as you can see in the middle picture he or she is on a wash cloth so the snake was pretty small. I took a lot of pictures so the snake got irritated with me and decided to leave. We took him outside and turned him loose in the tall grass.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A very unusual day, God blesses us once again

Kylie was having a friend sleepover tonight and I wanted to clean the house and then go to the store for snacks etc. When you plan on things sometimes everything goes backwards and that was what happened today.

We ended up going to the store in the morning and having breakfast with Griff and to make a long story short we never got back to the farm until after lunch time. When I came in to the house I got a call about the boulders I am selling. The man is a pastor of a local church but used to be an assistant pastor where my parents went to church and he remembered them. It was a wonderful thing and he bought the stone and will pick it up in about a week. They have been on craigslist for a long time and it was such a nice thing to sell them and again we are blessed.

Finally, we managed to do a pretty good job straightening up the place before Kylie's friend arrived. We went to Goodwill so Kylie could help her friend pick out clothes to remake into a costume. We came back and had pizza then I heard a terrible load boom. A terrible accident at the end of our road happened and there was life  flight helicopters and it was only two cars but they were completely destroyed. It had to be high speed and one person was dead at the scene. Very scary and I feel terrible about the accident.

The kids weren't really aware of how bad it was and I am glad because Kylie is very sensitive about things happening. The rest of the evening has been quiet and the girls have been working on creating costumes. All the animals enjoyed Kylie's friend and her teenage sister who dropped her off and stayed to pet them all. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lessons in pasture management

This is part of my old property that I am renting out. The tenants weren't able to mow the grass yet this year. When I bought the place years ago it was brush over my head and a real mess for ninety percent of the two acres. I worked hard to reclaim the land and bring out the lovely grass you see here and to have a pristine pasture for the horses. I mowed at the right length to control weed population, I spread manure year after year (it isn't seeded with weeds like people think, it's just the wood chips can cause to much acid in the soil so you need more organic material like grass clippings to keep the balance) and now it's beautiful and lush all over. 

The part in the picture is not fenced and was overgrown but the part that was fenced was already completely stripped of grass. This is spring and the pasture must be rotated or horses limited on the hours they graze. I see the same thing all over and pastures are destroyed because the grass is cropped by horses and not the weeds so the weeds win or you end up with dirt for a pasture. 

So, I explained this to the family living there now and hopefully they will fence in the other side of the property and rotate the horse and two miniatures they have there now. 

I realized while I was mowing the tall grass that I had worked hard every year maintaining that patch of land and it taught me about managing bigger things. My neighbor got his big no turn mower stuck in the grass and mud next door to my old place and I ended up pulling him out which made me chuckle.

Of course, I was tracked down by Griff while I was mowing the old place. Another scowl followed by did you check the oil first. My reply is no because you already did, right? Yes, and it was a quart low, another scowl. I scowled back : |

Ancient apple tree with much character

Still trying Echo?

Nosy horses, Echo spent most of the day trying to figure out how to start it

Emmie getting a photo shoot while supervising poop scoop in arena

Lokie looking for me while I am in the kitchen

Nana sunning herself this morning, now that there is some sunshine

Manure gone, grass cut, very nice job!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks be to God, store surfing, big plans

I am thanking the Lord because the block building is completely booked for most of June and parts of August already for kenneling. I have a new grooming customer and they are referring another family to me also. They are also interested in taking one of the classes on beginner nose work for dogs that will be taught here.

I am also thanking Him for the trainers I am partnering with who will be teaching canine classes all summer here at the farm. We will have a kids camp and that is just wonderful and in the fall we will be doing kids camp about horses.

Today the manure piles were removed by Griff with a piece of equipment he borrowed and after that we dragged him along to Tractor Supply and a couple of other stores. I tried convincing him if he hung out at the fruit and vegetable section he could pick up women. He did not believe me.

We came home and I worked until now grooming and cleaning the block building afterwards. I cleaned the arena so our special boarder who always does this won't have to worry tomorrow. I did find the pieces I need to fix the manure spreader at tractor supply but using the smaller spreader for right now is just fine.

To top this day off the sky cleared and the sun shone even though it got colder out. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Treated to lunch, great day for a fire

I worked all morning doing some work in the barn and it's cold and very wet today so I came in for lunch. A very nice gentlemen offered to bring over lunch so I made a fire thinking we could all appreciate the warmth and the heat on such a damp day. It was a nice lunch and the fire is still going. We are invited for chocolate pie later this evening and it will be nice to relax.

Manure spreader gets a boo boo

I jumped down from the tractor and took a look back and uh oh...  So, I called Griff and left a message about the unfortunate condition of the spreader.

I went back and continued to clean stalls and came out of the barn straight into Griff with a look of disgust on his face. I knew of course I would get scolded as fixing this would be a messy job cause it's a manure spreader.

After I looked pitiful and ashamed for a half a second he stopped scowling at me and so we figured out what the course of action will be to remedy the situation.

Work in spite of blah weather, the mouse in the house

Threw our horses out in the arena this morning and did some maintenance on stalls. Took out the soiled bedding and blew out the cells in the mats with the leaf blower.  It's necessary to air out the mats every once in awhile to keep the ammonia smell away. Bedding traps odors and causes the cells to warm up which causes ammonia.

The live trap was set last night for our little mouse visitor. This morning the trap was sprung but I wasn't sure we had caught a mouse. Kylie inspected the trap closely and found a little tail sticking out when she peaked in. She is on her way now in the rain to the end of the big pasture to release the little mouse.

We see mice in the barn all of the time and they have a fair chance with the cats but please no mice in the house. Don't have the heart to poison or squish them unless absolutely necessary so this is a good way to move them out without causing suffering. I'm very sensitive to suffering in animals and humans, it's just the way God made me. To much trauma in my childhood most likely is part of it to.

The only animal I can allow to be killed as far as the farm goes is a groundhog that refuses to leave the pasture. I broken leg on a horse is a remote chance but the holes in the pasture is where I draw the line. I will harass them and drive over the holes with my big tractor wheels caving them in but if they come back then it's too bad.

Time for a little lunch and then off to do the rest of the stalls and after that maybe cleaning the house up some. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy day but felt like I did nothing

I got a good nights sleep last night and felt full of energy today. I bleached the block building, bug bombed it and swept it out. We went and picked up six temporary panels for the barn to make an extra stall which we borrowed from a friend. Of course it rained this evening and I hate it because there is so much to do outside.

We had to go to the store this evening and get some cleaning supplies etc. We had company most of the morning with someone who would make a great partner working with dogs and training. I am hopeful it works out well.

Last night was interesting because my daughter let out a blood curdling scream in the kitchen. A little mouse had made it's way onto the counter top which since this house was vacant for awhile we know it had critter issues. She was just taken by surprise\. I'll bet people don't know they make live traps for mice. You simply catch them and take them far, far, away and turn them loose. We'll see how it works out.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Griff takes me to his old friends place

 It was everything he described except for better. Kylie and Uncle Gregg will be in heaven when we go there to fish and have a fire. See for yourself!

Going to a couple of flea markets with Griff

Mojo is seated waiting for Griff to come back from inside Sheetz, he is wearing his dressier bandanna for special occasions.