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Thursday, January 26, 2012

No time, must blog...

This month flew by and as January and February all always challenges there is no exception this year either. I've had a persistent sinus infection, cold, ice, snow, rain, warm temps... we've seen it all.

We have a new senior horse we are boarding named Buzzy, he arrived here under weight but is now gaining steadily and that makes me feel good. All the other horse babies are doing great and getting through the winter without any issues.

We are boarding two dogs right now that are very sweet and grooming is picking up which is also nice. I love working with animals and wish to do so all the time! I have a little part time job on the side right now to help with the winter heating bills but don't enjoy being away from the farm.

Tomorrow I will be bringing in some hay from a local farmer and next week getting sawdust. I have some great coupons for senior feed which is always expensive so we will be stocked up on that for awhile. I am looking forward to some drier weather to finish the projects outside. I always get a little jittery during these months cause I hate to be cooped up for long.

I am thankful for our big tractor with the 4x4 and good tires. We are able to spread manure and do the things that need to be done regardless of how high the mud or snow is around here!

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