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Saturday, January 25, 2014


I haven't been in the mood the last couple of weeks to write anything. Besides battling the weather I was laid off the beginning of January. I have never been laid off and never had to collect unemployment until now. I had a sinus infection for a month and since my benefits run out at the end of January I got some medication and got my teeth filled.

Pony got sick the week before I was laid off, first time I had to call a vet in 16 years for any of the horses, he kind of got collicky with the weather snap, he's okay now.

The first week off I did sleep a lot, I was just tired, I hadn't had a break since before leaving the farm and I just let myself rest and take medicine and now I actually feel a lot better than I have in a long time.

I spend time submitting job applications, and the rest of the time is trying to take everything in this terrible weather. I have the little ponies here at home and the big ones at a boarding barn. When it is zero out I go to the barn late at night and give them extra hay and water. Most of the time at home is spent feeding the fire to keep the house warm.

The furnace seldom comes on because the fireplace insert keeps the house pretty warm, propane has gone up in price and I am not in a position to buy anything extra right now. Today I got my first unemployment check, the first in my life. It won't be enough to cover everything but we should be okay for about a month, after that I don't know what will happen. I am trying not to freak out, God has gotten us through an awful lot and I just have to believe He has a plan.

Kylie is doing better now, she is at a rough age. She had a costume to make which because of work and keeping everyone going I don't usually participate much when she is working on her character costumes but this time I helped because I had the time. She was very happy that we did things together. The past two years have been tough for her, she's had to go through some scary things and it's taken awhile for her to bounce back.

This week is supposed to be brutal temperature wise, I will hunker down and make sure everyone gets through it. It is a long ride out to the barn at night when the roads are bad, I have to just go a long slowly and carefully.

The ponies have it easier, they have hay all of the time and water and can get outside in the daytime. I hope someday to be able to put a fence up and a shed to bring the big guys home. That would be better and cheaper and so I pray God will help me find another good job and a way to take care of everyone.  

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