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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A poem I wrote for a friend awhile back

You won’t admit but God does bestow His love
With every breath, He showers on you from above
May He give you eyes to see each little treasure
To intoxicate with wonder and pleasure
As the sun rises each day, may you prosper more
Each night, His presences does guard your door
Long life to you full of laughter, loved ones, and little sorrow
For we are here for a little while and from His strenghth and faith we must borrow
Your secret He knows and will someday unfold
He knows your true and good heart that you wish to remain untold
Many blessings you have shared with all that surround you
Though it seems these kind gestures are not appreciated abound you
So I pray He blesses you and holds you dear
For remember, He is always near
His hand gently caressing your soul, reached out to you from afar
Even though with life’s trials  it appeared to leave things ajar
I happily share the gift of this prose
As from Him the words freely flowed
All His blessings may He give
In you may He dwell and live

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