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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold snap

It's cold here, January - February kind of cold where everything freezes. First, higher temperatures and major storms and now within a week super cold and freezing. I just feel like moving in slow motion.

Saturday I took a long nap in the afternoon, I got a much needed deep sleep, I don't know why I seemed to feel better but I did. Sunday we wen't to Granger to get another round bale for the ponies. Mr. R's hay is so much better than anyone's and I've certainly seen enough to compare. The bales also contain more hay and last longer and he sells them to me for a very minimal amount. They are almost all orchard grass from his fields that he tends to very closely.  The ponies are plump and eat all day outside, I put the bale right outside their little shed so they have cover from the wind.

I bought a huge heated bucket last year for Cody, he doesn't need it where he is at now so it really came in handy now with the ponies because their water froze all the way through, eating hay all of the time they drink plenty of water being that hay is dry.

They are happy ponies and I am happy getting everything ready for a cold winter. I don't like having to worry about my animals in bad weather. Cody and Aubrey are situated in a pretty warm barn with all that they need, we exercised them last night and Saturday and they were acting crazy because of the cold snap.

I think of all the days and nights working outside on the farm in all kinds of weather, I really loved it. I can't say the temperatures bothered me that much because you get used to it when you spend time outside everyday.

The early freeze leaves me wondering what the rest of the winter will be like. I have to say I am grateful to God for providing a great source of wood that burns hot and keeps us warm and the good hay and that we are all safe. 

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