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Monday, November 4, 2013

Long busy week, short weekend

I had several things to get done this week during the day. I try to plan things and take my hour lunch to do them. I took Kylie back to the orthodontist Monday, to Buckeye high school on Tuesday, Wednesday was an oil change, and Thursday was blacksmith day.

Kylie decided to go back to a regular school and is starting in January. I think it is good because she will be able to get used to being around kids her own age and also have access to more classes. I will be able to drive her back and forth to school until she gets her license.

Our Amish blacksmith came and did Aubrey's and Cody's feet, and floated Cody's teeth. The cracks in Cody's hooves are completely gone now after several years of trying to get rid of them. It didn't take Ely long to get them trimmed out.

Saturday I truly for the first time in a long time took the day off. I slept most of the day which is unusual for me. I didn't even go to the barn, I just vegged around the house, I was so tired and I honestly didn't feel well, I did go get groceries in the evening but that was it.

Today I made up for the day of rest yesterday, we went to see the horses, let them out, brushed them and then wormed them. I don't worm them often, only twice a year, after being at the other place with such a small paddock that was never taken care of and so many horses in and out of it I thought it a good idea to worm them good before winter.

I cleaned the ponies stall and charged the Cub Cadet and then dumped the cart. We got the rest of the wood out of the truck and I cleaned up the dirt off of the concrete driveway. I have to get a load of sawdust in the truck this week and shovel it into the pony stall and then get more wood. We will have to stock up for the winter months.

I am not used to the hard work anymore, I have gotten soft in this place, no farm no muscle I guess. I know I have to get out and do some physical labor or something because that is what makes me feel healthier.

This evening I took a hot bath and relaxed, bracing for sore muscles. I feel much better now and hopefully this week will not be so busy. It is enough to work full time and take care of what I have to and also see the horses almost every evening.

I don't look forward to the short daylight, I hate that the most here in Ohio, the short days in winter. It doesn't help that when it is day time that it rains a lot or it's so gloomy.

At least the fire helps, it keeps things cozy and offsets some of the gloom.   

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