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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hitting the bottom, almost

Hitting bottom or getting to the end of the rope, I am not sure which one is best suited for my situation. I don't really care what happens to me if it were just me but there are other's who depend on me and the worst thing for me is that they will all be hurt and possibly lost.

I have exhausted all of my unemployment benefits, was hired by a company as a contract underwriter for a big project that was cancelled and now have no income. When I say no income I mean just that, even child support has not come in for a month. It is $250 which in the past I have not relied on, if we got it I considered it as a bonus, Kylie has always been fed and clothed and her needs met primarily through my income.

I am one month behind on rent, I paid the horse board till the 15th of August and after that there will be no money to continue boarding them and nowhere to take them. We have almost no food in the house. All of the animals will have to be surrendered soon unless a miracle happens.

Kylie will be starting school in August with all of the dreams a young girl could have, she wants to be an engineer and will be going to the Career Center to work towards that goal.

I have prayed night and day for help, still I have arrived at absolute desperation. I am willing to beg for all of these dependent on me, to feed them and keep them safe. I would beg on the street, on the internet, I would do any job or task that would help them. Basically, I would give my life for them.

With the facts laid out my Paypal account is If my crisis interests you, if you feel compelled please help us. It is humiliating to do this, I am just so crushed inside but there are the ones I must take care of and so I am willing to do this or anything to save them all. 

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