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Friday, August 1, 2014

My Birthday

Today started out as a very interesting day, it started early and last night was a very late night. I spent my night applying for jobs and trying to think of ways to keep us going until I get a job. My first call this morning was with legal aide, I am going to need some help with the collectors that are hounding me, yes they hound even when you have no income.

The second call was from a very nice reporter from Huffington Post, we talked on the phone several times this week, he was waiting for the unemployment figures to be released to the news to publish his story. I was able to contribute and he used some of my thoughts in his story. Sadly, this nice man informed me that he has done many stories on the topic and people are no longer interested. He also said that based on percentages over 9 million people are still unemployed. There is a great deal of suffering in this country, all around us but no one is interested anymore.

I set up a account at a suggestion of a couple of friends, one of them donated, the one who just a few months ago lost her home. Another friend I've known for a long time and who has a large family and many rescue animals stopped by to share her families groceries with us. These groceries are better than we would have bought for ourselves and she gave us enough to get us through two weeks.

Lastly, a person I have never met and lives in another country who is also a single parent and on disability who is my good friend because we talk to each other everyday on the internet and try to be a comfort to each other sent me help. I ask her not to but she knows first hand what we are going through and also the years of stress and struggle that we have been through and she said she couldn't stand by and not help in some way.

I feel new strength today because of the people who have cared what happens to us, more than anything that is the best part about being in this situation. Many people go through similar things, worse things and when they do they become more complete as people. They take what God has given them and they bless other's with it, that is the beauty of Christ of God as it was intended to be. How fortunate I am to have been the recipient of this marvelous gift from God.

I honestly didn't think anyone would step up and help for two reasons, things are so very tough for people and people don't want to get involved or even maybe they think I am some kind of con artist. I'm really sorry for anyone in any of these categories, you know all this time while I've been on unemployment if God gave me an opportunity to give a few dollars here or there I did, I never told anyone except Kylie.

It has been a good birthday, I've spent it with the ones I love. I will continue to mine for jobs and keep pushing as hard as I can to get one, I will try my best to keep my classes up which is truly difficult right now because my mind is on other things and I will do my best to love and cherish my little family for as long as we are all together.

It's hard to believe we've had to go through this for a second time in three years, it's not like I haven't been tempted to say Lord why, I have but although I haven't heard an answer yet I don't feel alone or forsaken.

So, happy birthday to me and God bless everyone and there families. 

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