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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life changes

The past few weeks I obtained my Ohio Loan Officer's licenses, went to Indianapolis for training, got my own company webpage set up and have started marketing myself. It will not be easy starting into the slower months of the year for the mortgage business but I am excited to get my first loan application and start working with people again.

I met with Kylie's teachers last week and it was a wonderful experience. First, the teachers at the career center are the most up beat positive teachers I have ever met. Kylie made the honor roll with a 4.0 gpa and her precision machine teacher has already been approached by a company that wants to offer her an internship with the understanding that they would pay for her college, even sponsoring her for becoming an engineer. Kylie has been chosen by her teacher to learn the CNC programming that normally only the seniors would learn and he is expecting her to compete regionally, at state level and at national level.

Kylie's science teacher brought her in during the conference and told her that she should be in a higher science class and she will be taking physics next year. All of her teachers knew she was being considered for an internship and were so excited to speak to me about her. Kylie is the treasurer for the Key Club and she is also working with the teacher that heads up peer tutoring and is helping others in the school. Kylie has found the perfect place to blossom.

Sadly, many people look down on kids that go to the career center, not all students take advantage of what is available and there are some students that just want to as little as possible but the career center is a wonderful place where the teachers care about the students and will do everything they can to help them succeed. The kids get real life experience at the career center and I am so happy Kylie made the choice to go there. She will start her internship in the summer and then will work half days and go to school half days for her senior year, she will also get college credits while she is working.

I was so worried that I would not be able to help Kylie get through college, she loves her precision teacher, she loves learning and has taken to all that has been shown to her and it has all fallen into place. I have to thank God for watching over Kylie.

My new job is a challenge because I am not the typical sales person and it's an adjustment but I do love helping people and especially helping them buy a house or refinancing and easing the financial burden. Times have been extremely tough for me and I have great pleasure at the thought of making it easier for others.

I do hope to make connections in my own community and in the surrounding rural communities. There are many programs available to help people. 

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