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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dry sawdust and getting back into the rhythm

The places we have had to board our horses bought cheap bulk sawdust, it was never seasoned and always looked damp. I always felt like they spent more money because they had to use more and the stalls were harder to clean. Of course I had a great source for kiln dry sawdust that was very reasonable at the old farm, I have to spend a little more now but I am sticking with the dryer sawdust, it makes such a difference and you use less. It always bothered me having damp looking sawdust for Cody to sleep in but it is all good now.

The first couple of days all the horses had some anxiety about letting them out and bringing them mainly because they didn't want to let each other out of their sight. Today was better, they came when called and went in a little calmer except for Cody who is still over anxious about where Pony and Bit are at all times. Cody truly missed them and both he and Aubrey have better dispositions.

As for me I am happy to be able to do the chores again in the same way I did them for years. I guess it is therapy for me and I certainly have more peace of mind and less guilt about having to board Cody out.

Driving to the barn yesterday morning I thought of the horses we boarded that crossed over to the other side, I felt a comfort in knowing I always carry their memory with me as I do my horse chores and watch my horses grazing in the pasture.

The dogs know something is up, they know things are being moved and changed and they are anxious when we get home from taking care of the horses. I just keep thinking soon we will all be together again.

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