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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Beautiful Life

  • Pieces of hay on the bathroom floor every day
  • Sawdust in the pockets of my hoodies
  • Burrs that have migrated through the laundry and attached themselves to my pajamas and underwear
  • Dog hair under the TV stand the size of large bunnies
  • Seed shells all over the floor in the sun room from untidy parrots
  • Unidentified clumps of stuff (from the barn) attached to every pair of shoes I own
  • Bed comforters that have more dog hair on it than a dog does
  • Dog toys that have had their time outside for a few weeks suddenly appearing in my bed or in the couch
  • Did I mention dog hair?
  • A canine audience when I go to the bathroom
  • A giant angry crowd of cats at the food bowl in the morning in the barn
  • Any single type of rodent carcass lovingly left by the barn doors by one of the cats
  • A screaming Cockatoo when I microwave my breakfast because she has no concept of cooking time
  • Being tackled by four dogs at one time when I come into the house
  • A food crazed bunny when I let the dogs out at night because I walked by his cage
  • Did I mention dog hair? Puke, eating the puke, rolling in worse.. to name a few ungodly things dogs do just before they want to lick my face
  • I did forget to mention dog and horse toots and horse sneezes (complete with slobber) on my clean shirt

These... are a few of my favorite things!

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