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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kindred Acres, Kindred Spirits and Christmas Spirit!

Christmas time means something different to everyone, to me I think mostly it is a time to reflect. I didn't have money to buy anyone a gift this Christmas, not even for my daughter. It was hard to get into the spirit of things this year and I believe it is the same for many people this year. Still, money and gifts aren't really what is supposed to be important at this time of year.

This past week, several people have given us gifts, some cash, and many warm wishes to myself and Kylie. I have received a very precious letter from someone who called me earlier this year to help with two dogs that were losing their family and home. The letter was written as a thank you and it was a Christmas present I wasn't expecting, it brought tears to my eyes.

I believe it is the smallest of gestures, the most innocent thoughtfulness that sometimes lifts a heart at a time when it can feel very low. Truly it is the farm, not the mall or the other places people spend so much time and labor to experience Christmas that brings me real joy. This place has brought animals in need and people who care together and changed lives, not just at Christmas but all year round.

The most precious experience of all is walking into the barn Christmas eve after all the horses are fed and they are settled down for the night. The Christ child was born in a stables, a humble beginning by our standards but in the barn at night listening to the quiet contented sounds of horses and the smell of fresh hay and general barn smells it is very much a palace to me.

The herd members comfort each other and they share their days and nights together as a collective one. I sometimes walk in the midst of the herd when they are outside and they allow me to pass among them as part of their own. I know them all as individuals and as a member of the herd.

We have ten horses here at the farm, five parrots, four barn cats, four dogs, and a bunny. Harmony describes the relationships here between me and the animals, as well as, the relationship between the animals themselves. It seems, Kindred after all, is the appropriate namesake of the farm.

I worked many years in a bank, commuting long distances and not really having time to make friends. This year, I have been blessed with close friendships and a better connection with my biological sister (I'm adopted). I never thought I could ever help my sisters, I have two and one has been struggling with alcohol fir many years. They both live in California and so it is hard to do anything to help out but by talking on the phone and sharing concerns I believe I have been helped and I have been able to help support my sisters.

My darling daughter is taking the Christmas without presents from mom in stride, others have been generous so she would not be completely without gifts. Kylie is very mature for her age and knows how fortunate we are to live the life we live. It's a different life but a full one, full of life, love and humor.

I hope tomorrow, Christmas day, that everyone is blessed with family, friends, the wonder of nature, and the loveliest of Gods creatures. The Savior of all creation came to us, was born in a wonderful way, surrounded by love and the warmth of a stable. May everyone remember and embrace the Christ child's beginnings and His journey to give us the greatest gift of love, not just for one day but forever to us His beloved children. 

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