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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revisiting one of my favorite youtube video's

I love the song Amazing Grace and it is even better when someone sings it with a beautiful voice. This version is very special and I love the song the way he sings it before the words, the melody and the way maybe the slaves sang it first. I love it because it touches the deepest part of my soul. Imagine being forced to come to a place and being sold, having your own beliefs and religion and suddenly being separated from your family and heritage and maybe even not allowed to practice your own beliefs.

Slaves were not allowed to learn to read, yet they learned about God. They cried out to Him but where and when did He reveal Himself to them. Why would they embrace the God of their oppressors and sing such beautiful songs in His name. I can only assume that somewhere they found each other against all odds.

Yes, I love this video because it reminds me that the Lord loves all people. It also reminds me that to be in His image I must do the same.  In fact, if the Lord dwells in our heart truly how can we not love unconditionally all of the Lord's creation including all of mankind.

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