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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hurricanes, Elections and Hay Shortages

My router got ruined with the power outage with our little hurricane storm out here in the boonies. I couldn't do much on the internet for two weeks without WiFi. The storm was bad but it could have been worse, it was of course for many others.

Kylie and I followed the election pretty close and I took her with me when I voted. This election was so important, I really believe Romney was the wrong person at this time and wouldn't have been prepared to face the issues that are presently facing our country. I really have respect for President Obama, he didn't start his term with the best of circumstances, he's been insulted and treated so disrespectfully because of his race, name and heritage, more so than any other president. Any president of the United States deserves the respect of Americans, we must all stand behind our President for the world to see, if we don't than we bring shame upon ourselves.

The most recent trauma in my world is the hay shortage. I have had to think fast in recent days on what to do to survive it. I have learned a few things recently, that I was a very honest barn manager, I also know why people thought the worst or that they might be cheated because they most likely were at one barn or another.

I bought better feed than I could afford given the board I was charging, I always made sure I brought hay in and even though sometimes the sawdust got a little low I pulled it together to keep things going. I didn't have the money to stock pile things and I had to go week to week but the supplies were there when they needed to be. Not one horse ever got slighted food, hay or my attention to their well being regardless of how their owners may have treated me. I loved them all. I went without food and so did Kylie, if I had to go short on something it was always taken from my animals. It may not have seemed to some people like I was doing a good job but they had no idea what I had to go through to get it done.

There are so many people in the horse business that are just not nice people, that aren't trustworthy and take advantage without really caring much about the animals themselves. The hay gouging is just so wrong, what will people who have horses that they honestly love do when it is tough enough to keep them when hay prices are reasonable. How many horses will starve, be abandoned, taken to auction because of the hay prices. I hate this, I hate it when people are just all about the money. Anyone who has read my blog much knows I hate materialism and selfishness.

I am back to managing resources closely with my horses making sure I use good judgement and provide for them with round bales and beet pulp and a mixture of a good food source. I have my heels dug in to face the worst. If I have to put the labor in to do it I'm ready.

It would be nice though to just sit back and enjoy them but for now being able to keep them and meet their needs will have to do.

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