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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kylie's evening, Cooper toots

Kylie had a friend over for the first time at the new house, they stayed up all night and had a pretty good time. Kylie has to live grown up sometimes too much and needs to be a child once and awhile, she of course is growing into a young woman fast but there is still time for child times.

I noticed while trying to sit and watch TV that Cooper our little Sheltie toots a lot. He is always next to me napping when I am on the couch and if I am paying attention I hear a little phhzzz. Of course he always looks so innocent... not.

We spent time yesterday putting stone in the horses stalls, today when we picked the stalls they were much better and easier to clean. Winter is coming and it is time to get things accomplished while the weather is decent.

Now that the truck has been fixed it is time to start stock piling fire wood. We have storage here and it will be important to burn wood to keep the cost of heating down.

The little horses were out all day today, they were tired when they came in. They had a round bale to eat and some nice sunshine. They are in need of a good brushing, they are woolie and wild looking. Cody and Aubrey are muddy and since I am off tomorrow, Kylie and I will spend some fun time with them and get them cleaned up.

It's nice to be home a little and have time to settle in and enjoy the house. I really enjoy the community and Kylie and I like going to eat at the local diner. The sunshine and beauty is something precious to me not so much because it has rained quiet a bit but because I am in an office all day long all week. I love underwriting and I love the company I work for but my heart belongs to nature and being part of it. I hope next year there will be time to spend doing things outside, being with the horses, and long quiet evenings. 

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