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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorrow... touches me again

Today I learned through a friend that one of my beloved horses passed away. William who had been abused and was a terrible cribber passed with colic. I am grieving, I'm so sad and I had no where else to share my grief except to blog.

I grieve for the memory of standing in the midst of a small herd of horses almost every day. They all are woven into the fabric of my heart. I watched Will so closely to make sure he didn't crib and avoided colic. It's tragic to me to hear he is gone. Will never got the deep love he craved, people didn't understand him and he didn't trust people.

His owner loved him I know but when you board horses there is so much you can't control. When they are home or you are with them almost all of the time you can do more to prevent things sometimes.

My precious Mare Girl, Polo, Rauls, Satire, and William who was still young have all went away. It's hard to think about, they all touched my life in special ways. I haven't forgotten them or the others that allowed me to be apart of their lives and hearts.

I am saying a prayer for William tonight and the others. No matter how far away or how my life has changed they will always be a part of it.

My horses are doing well since we moved them to a nice little farm and I have made a change in my employment which allows me to work from home. Kylie needed me and it gives some time to be with Cody and the other animals without killing myself with such a long commute.

I know that I am very blessed to have survived and been able to keep my animals and provide a home for my daughter, but my heart gets restless with memories of the ones I left behind. I would have suffered anything to be able to care for them. Life is funny and perhaps God thought better for me, perhaps He thought it was time for me to be better taken care of. I don't know except to trust Him and allow Him to wipe away the tears in my heart for William. 

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