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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trails, the horror of the shower and flat pennies

Kylie and I took a really short trail ride but it was great. Cody led, the barn owner followed on foot with her horse (he wasn't accustomed to trails at all and then Aubrey. We hit a little path that wound up a little through the trees and there were things scattered around. Cody walked straight that and through the mud and Aubrey danced around them but he did well. I am so proud of Cody, he would have went anywhere and led the other horses or gone on alone like the old days. He loves trails and I know he has perked up since we have started them.

Nana's white feathers were looking pretty dingy and her spray bottle broke. She was being pretty load the past few days and cranky so Kylie decided it was time for a shower. Nana is not a big fan of water or baths. I have a walk in shower with glass doors and it is a good thing to have when a large parrot doesn't like water. Nana wrapped in a towel was set down in the shower with the shower head laying on the floor and the door promptly closed. Nana climbed half way up the door and Kylie opened it grabbed the shower head and let the water (on low) flow over Nana.

Nana didn't get mad but did want out so after being affronted with a good soaking, Kylie slid the door open and she walked out on her own into a towel. The sunroom is hot in the day time and we put her out there on a nice perch and she enjoyed the sun and preening.  Her feather's are still a little gray on the top of her head but the rest of her body and skin looks much better, her white feathers are pure white and fluffy like they should be. She preened with the oil gland at the base of her tail getting them all in order. She is a tropical bird and should be bathed regularly, especially when it is hot weather. Tomorrow she may get another round to get her head completely clean. We both love her so, she is precious except her cage is next to the fridge and she is always trying to see over the fridge door to see what comes out, she has a veracious appetite.

Today we went to the railroad tracks and collected the pennies Kylie and her friends had put on the track a few days ago, the kids get such a kick out of the flat pennies. We collected some firewood for the fire pit and had a little fire this evening too. The yard work is getting caught up and the dishes are getting unpacked slowly. Next the rest of the books and pictures and we'll be done with getting the garage cleared out.

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation, there were good days and bad days. I did get a chance to rest and to enjoy the house some, I also had some time to think and process. I have to say the best thing I did was spend the afternoon at the barn and riding Cody. It just helped me as I sorely miss the barn and having the horses at home. I miss the lifestyle and even though this place is awesome, the house and all, my soul pines for a farm and the horses just the same. 

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