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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunshine in darkness

Yesterday, one of the nicest things happened, a friend read my blog and saw that Dusti had passed away and they called and came over and brought us dinner. My friend Cindy understood that it was like loosing a family member because she too had lost her beloved dog. Kindness, should never be taken for granted, someone cared how I felt and that was the true gift and a precious one.

I also had an old friend stop by, one I hadn't seen in years and he is doing well and is the person, sometimes silly but a good person and he made me laugh.

Still no job leads which worries me because I worry about keeping Cody and Aubrey at the boarding barn. We can get by on very little but I have to be able to pay the horse board.

Saturday, all three dogs got bathed, groomed and dried. They were all really happy to get cleaned up and I missed Dusti, he was the hardest to groom because he was so old and couldn't stand up for me to do him right, he'd have to sit down after awhile. Dusti loved to be brushed and he had a beautiful coat of light gold with long feathers on his legs. Dusti had a marvelous tail and I would trip it up and he was just beautiful.

Even vacuuming is hard because when I would vacuum Dusti would lay down somewhere and then have to move and I'd direct him to where he could lay down and not have to get up. Every night at bedtime the three dogs get up but there is not the fourth and I miss him. He always got up next to me because he hated thunderstorm, I know I will always think of him when it thunders. It's hard to see the snow too because he loved to roll in it. I see him when it snows in my heart just loving it.

We are almost out of wood and will have to buy some more because the cold is back and will be here for awhile longer. I don't have the truck now so the wood and hay will have to be delivered.

Cooper looks like he gained 20 pounds, he's a Sheltie wtih a beautiful full coat that I fluffed and used the dryer to blow the loose hair out and he is just a little puff ball. He's so proud of his clean fluffy coat, all the dogs have been strutting, I know they feel better and now there won't be so much loos dog hair in the house.

I have to clean the pony stall today which I hate, there is no drainage so it is always harder to clean. We put the coats back on the horses because the nights again will be in teens. I love all the animals so much, Nana had a great meal yesterday, she had a taste of everything we ate. I pray for us all to make it through this winter and I get a good job and that we will all be safe and together.

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