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Friday, March 7, 2014

Waiting is the hardest part

Still no job prospects and the financial noose is beginning to tighten. I had an appointment at the unemployment office and got some good information. I have perfected my resume and found a really good job search website for remote jobs.

I enrolled at Florida Tech to finish my Associates Degree in computer science, I am eligible for financial aid since I am unemployed. The mortgage business is dead and I decided to start working on a way to get into the IT job market, there are plenty of jobs out there. I don't want to be in a line of work anymore that is so unstable. I hope old dogs can be taught new tricks because I am jumping the career ship at a later stage in my life.

Kylie is starting her first job tomorrow, it is part-time and minimum wage but it will help her get money for her driver's license and things she will need for school next year. It's an easy job at a local little country store but it is perfect for a teenager.

Finally, warmer weather. It is easier to be hopeful when the sun comes out and things aren't so bleak looking outside.

I am trying not to go crazy with worry about what will happen and if I will be able to keep us going financially. I have to admit that I am growing tired of always struggling, this past  year was a decent year and I started feeling safe but here I am again, trying to survive without many resources at the moment.

I still miss Dusti, especially at bedtime, I miss holding him and waiting for him to come upstairs. While I am at home I try and spend some time during the day playing with the other dogs, you just never know how much time you have before something happens and I want to enjoy the time I have now because I won't have as much time when I find a job and going to school full-time.

All the horses are doing well, it was warm enough to take their blankets off. Their weight looks good and the ponies were running around in the warm sun today. Kylie rode Cody and Aubrey today, Cody is always ready, Aubrey needs work since she hasn't ridden him with it being so cold. I think Aubrey needs his teeth done, they have never been floated and his wolf teeth may have grown in which might cause discomfort with a bit in his mouth.

I am going to start letting Kylie practice driving with my little Toyota Corolla which is a five speed. She will need her license if she wants to go to the Career Center next year. I might have to commute and wouldn't be able to get her to school because the don't provide busing for the high school students.

Kylie is growing up, she's doing okay. I know I need to get a degree and get a good job for when her college years come I can help her. I am praying that God will open the doors and He will help me along this new journey. 

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