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Thursday, February 23, 2017

I feel excited

It seems like my life is all about chores and work 7 days a week and it can become monotonous. The last couple of days things have started moving and I am excited. Hugh is coming this weekend and I have to get the stall ready and do some fence repairs but am really eager to finally get him here to begin his new life.

Next week I am closing on the farm I am buying, I will be moving there in the spring. The next few months will be a series of chain reactions with work to be done here to get ready for the move and renovation. The floors are being upgraded from carpet to wood for when my step son and his family move in.

At the new place I will have to install new fencing and have some repairs done in the stalls and barn. There is a pond and a small riding arena with a house and 10 acres. This will be the last time I move, it will be my home and where my horses will be buried someday.

There is a sunroom for the birds, the pond is for my brother who will be retiring in the fall and will live with me. The arena is for me, I will be able to spend time with Cody without having to be outside in the mud etc. There will be no boarders or the hassle of people trying to run a barn that isn't theirs or people tramping through where I live.

The dogs will have plenty of room and there is an extra bedroom for when family visits. It is not a fancy house but it has been remodeled and there is geothermal that was installed last year.

I know I will probably work as much as I do now but I am excited and feel like the future is going to be something fun and exciting at least for awhile. I am also excited that Dusty and his family will be living here and his two little girls will have a nice place to make many memories.

I wanted to take what my dad left me and do good with it and helping Dusty and family and my brother are two ways that I can do that. Kylie is on her own now but I did get her a nice little car. Of course I am helping the donkey by giving him a home and I am tempted to take a couple of goats but we will see.

I am grateful that things are easier now, I am grateful to my dad but mostly I am thankful to God from which all things come. I have said many times I have been blessed so much and it was true and continues to be true.

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