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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where my life is now

It's been months since my last post, there have been many changes in my life and more coming this year. We lost pony a couple of months ago to a tumor in his intestines. He was fine one morning, ate his breakfast and I heard a noise coming from the barn in the early afternoon and thought I should check it out, I found him in a full blown colic.

The day was spent with the vet with no changes, next was taking Pony to the vet's hospital for overnight care. I got a call late in the evening that things had taken a turn for the worst so I called a friend and we went and got pony and took him to an emergency equine surgery facility.

When we arrived it was determined that surgery was the only option and he had an 80 percent chance of surviving. Pony was prepped for surgery, I loved on him and he was put under, five  minutes into the surgery it was determined there was a large tumor and it was located where the small intestines joined the large, his chances of survival was now determined to be 20% and that he may never fully recover. I made the decision to stop the surgery and let Pony die in peace.

No one dreamed at the beginning of that long day that the outcome would not be a positive one. I had Pony for 15 years, Little Bit my miniature horse was devastated, they were very closely bonded. At the beginning of the year I had decided I was going to buy a farm I had found not far from Spencer, I wanted all my horses to have a final resting place together, fortunately Pony was small enough that creationism was an option. We will all still move together in the spring but not the way I had wanted it to be.  

I felt guilty selling the house I live in now because dad had bought it for me before he passed away. I decided that instead of selling this house that I would use it for something that would benefit others. I am going to rent it to my step son and his family so his two little daughters will have a home to grow up in and make memories. Eventually he will buy the property when it is possible but in the meantime the children will have a nice home, yard, barn and school district.

My daughter Kylie started college and shortly after decided to move out on her own. I am not completely thrilled about how she did it but it was time for her to try and live her own life. I have been a mother for so many years and because I was a single mom the idea of having time to take care of myself has been the biggest adjustment for me but it has been a good one.

My diabetes is managed with diet and so far I have done really well but I know in the spring I need to loose weight and I need to quit smoking before winter. I feel old sometimes but I am slowly starting to feel better and have more energy because I have something to look forward to.

Little Bit grieved for more than a week but is doing okay now. The herd is out of balance now with just three so I have found a rescued donkey I hope to adopt soon. I have always wanted a donkey, getting one will certainly shake things up around here.

All of the animals are getting older but they all seem to be holding their own. My hope with the new farm that has a small arena that I will finally after all these years be able to ride Cody and spend time with him before he gets much older.

My work has gone very well although I was laid off for two weeks at the beginning of the year. I am learning new things and I am feeling secure for now in my job.

The past few years have been very difficult, I didn't think it would ever let up but I think things are slowly getting better and I am much less stressed over money and financial problems. I am hopeful that this year is going to be good, my brother may be retiring and when he does he will come live with me. The new place has a stocked pond, I know he will be in heaven as he loves to fish.

I never got over losing the farm a few years back, my heart has longed for it ever since we had to leave it. I know I will never truly be happy until I have another farm again. The one I am buying is the last place I will ever live and I want to grow old and have my ashes scattered there. Until I am too old I plan on enjoying every moment and every square foot of the place.

I have a great deal to be thankful for and I still maintain that God has been with me every step of the way. I am very tired of the winter days though and am anticipating longer days of sunlight and the warmth of summertime.

I hope to start blogging again on the new farm, I don't know if the adventures will be as exciting as the ones on the old farm but it will be fun to try. I want to start with a couple of pictures of where I'll be moving and will add more as things unfold.

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