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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hugh arrives

Friday was hot and I had a tank top on and was burning up while working on the stall for Hugh who arrived Saturday morning. The transport went fine and he got off the trailer and slowly went in the barn. Little Bit and the horses gave him a sounding greeting and Little Bit especially was excited.

We led Hugh into the stall and he sniffed around and Little Bit and him looked each other over. Saturday was cold and the wind was awful. Hugh's foster mom helped me put up fence so Hugh had his own smaller space attached to a larger pasture. I let the horses out briefly and they wanted to smell Hugh but he kept his distance. I brushed Hugh though and let them smell the brush and they looked like they were not sure what that smell was because it wasn't a horse.

I froze yesterday, it took a hot shower and a hot fire to get the chill out. Later that night I tried giving Hugh his medicine and he wouldn't eat it in grain or applesauce but he did do pretty well when I mixed it up in a syringe and put it in his mouth but he didn't particularly like me afterwards.

This morning he was fine and he ventured out of his stall and looked around and stood in the sunshine. It was cold but the wind wasn't blowing and so we weren't all freezing to death. I was so tired from the day before I took a couple of naps before going out and walking Hugh some.

Dusty and Jessie and their little girls stopped by and we all went to visit Hugh. I should have taken a picture of Lee hugging and kissing him, she is only two and half and she loved him and he seemed to love them all. What a happy and beautiful moment.

Little Bit is laying his ears back and kicking at Hugh through the divider between them when I hay them both, but when Hugh walks outside Bit calls for him. I can't tell you how I miss our Pony still, I had some sad moments fixing up the stall and wishing Pony were still with us. I know that Bit still misses Pony too but it is good to give a home to another animal. It is good to share a home and love, Hugh wasn't abused but owned by an elderly lady that couldn't keep him anymore.

You know I prayed about bringing another animal home and in so many ways I felt peace about this even though I don't have experience with Donkey's I have just always wanted one. The Lord has blessed me again with something good. 

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