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Monday, March 6, 2017

Vet calls

Hugh was gelded before he came and the vet that did it cut him on the side instead of directly below which would have drained easier. He got an infection before coming and they had him on antibiotics. The infection was much worse by Wednesday and I called my vet to come out.

When you sedate a donkey they actually can get very hard to handle as they fight it, my vet chose not to sedate Hugh and they proceeded to clean out the infection with iodine and gauze without it. Hugh was swollen and in pain and he put up a fight but they held him and got it done.

He got a shot of antibiotic which is what he should have had in the first place and washed down with the hose after that, we also started him on bute. His wound is still draining but the swelling and infection is gone now.

The amazing thing about Hugh is after his incision was cleaned and after he had reared and fought and bit he immediately walked over to the vet and vet tech and put his head down against their chests as if he were sorry and grateful. The other amazing thing is I chose not to tie Hugh up to hose his wound down every day with cold water and instead confined him in a smaller area and followed him around with the hose and he stopped and let me clean the entire area out thoroughly.

Cody hit his head in the stall Sunday and his eye was swollen shut, I had the vet out again because I wasn't sure if he had injured his eye, the vet determined nothing was wrong with his eye he had hit his head and that is why it was swollen.

I have had my horses for many years and never have vet visits but we have had a few recently. Hugh really had a tough time before he got here, I am glad I could get him feeling better and now he will heal without any more issues.

I spend more time now with the horses in the evenings just petting them and babying them. I enjoy petting Hugh but I also know it is important that each one get special attention. Hugh has felt well enough now to sniff the other horses over the fence, they play spat a little but I think they will all get along. Hugh seems to like Little Bit and doesn't show any aggression in the stall over the divider. Bit on the other hand does lay his ears back and spin around at Hugh when he thinks Hugh wants his hay which Hugh does but he can't get at it.

I miss Pony very much, I know Bit does too but I think that Hugh was meant for us and hopefully we will have good times together. 

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