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Thursday, July 14, 2011

All things seemed to fall into place today

I stayed up late last night with a friend but had to get up early. I felt pretty good this morning and had a super busy day. Scrappy came for his weekly visit and he is a great dog, I just love him! Will the dog got into the groom again and did some damage but he is so sweet I can't get upset with him.

Kylie, Shirley and I rode Cody and enjoyed the cooler temperatures. Becky stayed most of the day and she cleaned the kitchen yesterday and did such a beautiful job I was so happy. I hate clutter and not being able to clean the house but with the farm I end up doing more outside and the job is never done.

Griff and I went to Shirley's to sort through somethings she has and we will be going back Saturday. Scrappy got a bath and Griff fixed the door with a bolt so that the door would stay shut and Will wouldn't get into things. I will have to clean up the room tomorrow.

Becky groomed the bunny and gave him some much needed attention. Kylie and her dad started working with Aubrey in earnest. Kylie rode Aubrey in her new saddle and he did well but as he isn't completely broke, Aubrey wasn't let off the lead line. Both did wonderfully and Kylie and her dad got along and she is very happy.

I got my truck back yesterday and have a big repair bill but it so needed the tuneup and the front bearing was going. It drives so much better now.

The lack of sleep is catching up with me and so I will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow Emily is coming to visit and I am sure it will be another day of adventure. 

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