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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I've been too busy to blog but we have had some great days and not so great days. I lost my brakes on the truck going through an intersection and live to tell about it. I didn't hit anyone and they didn't hit me but if it had happened two seconds earlier or later I am sure I'd have been smashed.

The air conditioner died on us and I thought boy here we go again. Today a client pulled in the drive to drop their dogs off and they happened to do air conditioning repair. The air will be fixed by Saturday.

I had a tough time with a fencing panel issue that was just unbelievable but resolved now. The horses and dogs are doing well, the birds and bunny too. We have a steady flow of customers for kenneling and repeat customers. I am very happy because this is my first year and the first three are tough.

Now about Will, he is a great dog. Will was locked in a basement and then chained to a tree for months in inter city Cleveland. He was very sick and in pain and very aggressive. The APL felt it best to put him down but another rescue stepped in and they sedated him and got him off the tree. Will was then taken to the vet where he was treated and was heart worm positive. He was under weight and had sores all over his head and ears. Next, they brought me Will.

Animals are so forgiving, Will was here five minutes and he just came over and put his head in my arms. He has put on weight, the sores are healed, and he is undergoing heart worm treatment. Luckily, Will is in the early stages and the treatment is not as harsh. He is a wonderful dog and will make a family very happy once he is neutered and done with treatment.

I am happy to make a difference in Will's life. He is very calm and happy now and is getting used to a lot of petting and the rescue has given him the best food and treats. I let Will have my block building alone so he doesn't have to be crated or caged. I will be very excited to see him get a new family that will give him the love and care he deserves.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am hoping it will be a good day. Lots of work of course but it would be nice to have a normal day instead of who knows what next. I have been helped by many nice people lately. It means a great deal to me to have such good friends and my brother Greg who is such a blessing.

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