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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kylie's miracle birthday present

Kylie's birthday is tomorrow and her dad gave her money this year to go shopping. Kylie thought it would be fun to go to Valley Tack because we seldom go there.

We looked for synthetic saddle to see what they cost and I could only find two.  One of the saddles was at the very bottom in the corner and I noticed the tag said $100. We inquired and it in deed was $100 for clearance but the original price was $600. It is a new saddle not a used one so it is really hard to believe we found it at that price. God is good and I felt so good that she could have something special for her birthday. Uncle Gregg bought the stirrups and leathers etc. Kylie is ready to go tomorrow to try it out.

The whole day went really well and we all had a great time. We may be keeping Will through his heartworm treatment which last 60 days. I am happy to help him because he now has a chance of getting a family. Will behaves well and is young and strong, I think he will survive the heartworm treatment.

Tomorrow is supposed to be super hot but it's Kylie's birthday and we will have fun.

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