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Monday, October 17, 2011

Best day of my life

First, an update on Ben who is in a wonderful foster home. Ben was so ill that he can't be vaccinated for a month because of his weakened condition. When he gains weight, a skin infection is being addressed, and he is free from parasites he will be able to be bathed, vaccinated and neutered. As of now, Ben is out of danger and in good and loving hands. If Ben were to have remained where he was when we found him he surely would not have survived much longer.

Now, exciting news. I got to be a part of my first dog assessment with a very highly respected trainer. Will the dog who came here as a rescue from a drug house passed with flying colors. Not to say that Will doesn't need to be worked with more but he is doing great. I was so proud of him today, it was awesome.

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  1. I know I was elated to hear that Will's evaluation went so well. I know that the Husband and I are hoping that this means we can bring him home soon. Provided DUR approves our application.