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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moving dirt and moving on

Last night was a rough night for me because I broke off contact with someone that I cared about. I have been grieving for about a month now and it's been difficult for me. I am blessed with many good friends and they have been here to support me, especially my brother.

Today, I remembered that the Lord gave the commandment in the Old Testament that it was proper to mourn for thirty days and then the mourning should end and it was time to carry on. I took this to heart this morning and also found some closure. I handled things as maturely as I could but it still hurt.

It is time to focus on my life, my daughter, and the farm. I'm so blessed and I'm happy that I made a good decision to get out of a bad situation. I moved a lot of dirt today on the farm and things are looking much better. We brought home a huge round bale of hay and the horses went wild for it.

Kylie is spending the first night at her dads house and hopefully it will all go well. She's getting closer to her dad now and at her age that's important. The manure spreader is on it's way to be fixed and so things are coming together. 

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