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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cold, but sunshine is good

It seems winter is right around the corner, the dogs and horses have exceptionally heavy coats a month early so look out. To catch up, Sheba is settled in her new home and happy, Cruiser is also settled, Chewy is pending and Will goes home with his new family tomorrow. Will has been here since June and has come a long way with his behavior and manners. I'm really proud of Will, I'll miss him but he will now have his own family which is the ultimate blessing for him.

Since we are blessed to have some sunshine today, I will be cleaning bird cages and moving some dirt. The manure spreader will be ready to go tomorrow because I will have a tire mounted and that's the last of the issues. Dave fixed the webbing and I am going to patch up the wood and oil the whole thing today too.

This week will be spent getting ready for the not so easy weather ahead of us. I have to make a place for the spreader in the barn so we can use it instead of the little spreader and lawn tractor. Once I clean the lawn tractor up it will be time to send it out for repairs and maybe next year trade it for something sturdier, we'll see.

My brother who is a saint will be helping with laundry and cleaning today. It is hard to get to everything around here because it is after all a working farm. Kylie went trick or treating last night at a friends and stayed overnight. It is great to have an evening to just be an adult and do my own thing which I did do.

Kylie rode Aubrey for the first time with a bit on Thursday, they both did very well. I need to do some major grooming on our horses as they all have burrs all over them from the pasture. I also need to buy another round bail for the paddock.

With all that said, I hope to more productive this week around here and focus on what needs to be done. We've had three hard frosts now and lots of rain. Rain... too much of a good thing!

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