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Friday, June 15, 2012

Good the bad and the everyday

Lets start out with the bad, this place will be going up for sale soon but hopefully with a new job I can still get financing and save the day, prayer and patience is needed here. If no offers come in right away there is still time.

Now for the good news, I got my background check and fingerprints done for the job (this is required when working in the banking industry) and of course it is all clear, no ax murder or fraud in my history! So, I am good to go on June 25th for the new job and I'm getting pretty excited.

I went to Gabriel Brothers and bought a nice bag to carry stuff in back and forth to work and we did the half off thing at the Salvation Army for some jeans and casual pants and a pair of shoes that are comfortable, I got a new belt too so I am ready to go.

I have a good friend at a large car dealership who is looking for an economy car for me to get into. The big yellow truck is paid for and is a great farm truck so I am keeping it but it gets like 10 miles to the gallon so I will be broke fast without a decent ride.

Josh is a young man who lives nearby who wanted a job for the summer, today was his second day. I was very pleased to see him show up the first day with work boots and gloves. He did a great job, loves the animals and is eager to learn about farming.

The stalls were done by 10:00 a.m. and I was just beside myself in the afternoon just sitting. Today we replaced light bulbs in the barn, cleaned the arena and watered it down so Sarah and Kylie could ride. They rode yesterday too so it was nice to see them having fun.

We got the usual giant round bale of hay for the pasture. Tomorrow, we are going to move more rubber gravel around the kennel building and try to eliminate weeds. Mike helped me adjust the black blade on Big Red and it is doing a better job now of scraping and moving.

Polo is doing great with my little herd, he runs out when they go out and eats with them and plays and grooms a little with all of them. My horses are so gentle and kind, it isn't easy for an older horse to be in a herd sometimes but they all move and let him in and just accept him as their own.

Mare Girl had a fit because Will was taken to a horse show and they both screamed when he got off the trailer for each other. Jackson got some love and attention too from Jill and Sarah. He is such a big teddy bear he just loves being petted and scratched.

Pony and Bit made a run for the feed when I let them out and got a bite or two before I caught them and dragged them off.

I am thankful for the weather being cooler. I hate it when it is really hot, we need some rain to keep the  dust down. I ordered sawdust so it will be here before I start my job. The goal is to have all the chores done before I get home and I can spend time with Kylie and the animals.

Kylie has taken over the kennel job and is doing great. She is also going to feed the horses in the morning so I can go straight to work. She is telling everyone she is the barn manager now. She can do anything I can and I'm proud of her. She also got her school work done and is officially in ninth grade. They grow up so fast. She drove the truck from the back paddock to the front of the house and parked it. She does pretty good driving but I am still anxious so I am not sure I am the best teacher.

I can't believe the week is almost gone, it's just amazing

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