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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

People wonder why... senior horses?

The end of the farm is near because I have to get financing and am unable to. I have rolled around in my head why stay here with the house needing so much work and there are nicer farms out there. But... there is something special about this place, it is special because of the peace it brings to the animals that come here.

People looking for a social experience, fancy stuff etc. wouldn't be happy to board here. The people who have retired old horses on the other hand find peace here because their horse will find a safe place within a herd without being bullied, a stall large enough to really walk around in, sunlight coming in all day long, a window to the outside, and a window in side to see other horses. There is an arena to come in out of the weather and a paddock with soft orchard grass hay to eat. A 5 acre pasture that looks like a place a wild horse might be found, an ancient oak tree and a long tree line for shade.

Each horse knows they are loved, watched, and cared for. I know them all by name, what they like, if something is off, They all give me affection. The ones who have come here that couldn't see so well or hear so well put their trust in me to guide them so they aren't afraid.

Owners need help with their seniors and seniors need a peaceful restful place. This place is close enough to drive to for families that they can see their horses regularly and that's important. It really doesn't look like much in a cosmetic sort of way but it is a very spiritual place none the less.

Regardless how things turn out, I know this place has done a service to many animals and owners. It doesn't seem like much in the big scheme of things but it has made a dent even if a small one.

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