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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The down and dirty

Before I start another rant I have to say I love my new job. I have worked for large banks and smaller ones and this one has the best culture and attitude I've ever experienced. I am truly, truly, blessed with this new job. I have training I'll be flown out for soon and it is really exciting.

Now, I just have to say that our legal system is really disgusting. I had several conversations today with attorney's and received papers from the court which they so very nicely gave to my 14 year old to give to me. Kylie was in tears when I got home. The indifference in this world is unbelievable and I just feel so bad for folks that are subject to it when they are in need.

I have worked on large loan programs targeted towards borrowers who need a break, who never thought in a million years they would live in a safe neighborhood let alone own a home. I personally approved hundreds of loans to change families lives for the better. I did it responsibly by the way. I hope that in the future I again will be able to bless people and give them a chance to own a home and feel safe.

I called my attorney who I have worked with for 20 years and sent him all of my documents today and he is going to go to work on our problem here. I feel better knowing it is in the hands of a man who is a good and caring person, very capable, and that I can trust. Years ago he saved Kylie from a very bad situation. The legal papers had to be done immediately, putting everything aside, he acted quickly and saved her.

I pray God to bless the man who helped me get a car and Lloyd my attorney. The vultures are circling here now and people are turning their backs on me. When circumstances get really bad you begin to see who people really are and their is the judging and the gossip.

I also thank God for the man who hired me and gave me such a wonderful job. I've been told the judge that will be dealing with our case is very hard and callused, hopefully everyone will pray for this man and the situation so that it is just and fair.

Pray for Kylie, she is trying to be strong but as mature as she is this is just to much for a kid to have to deal with alone.

Again, I only wish the keep us all together, the rest, is just unimportant to me. Fear is such a powerful emotion, it is the enemy and I think for the last year I have been living with paralyzing fear. I will be so relieved not to have to live under fear when this is settled and most likely I would have made better decisions if I hadn't been gripped by fear for so long.

Mercy is not really something I've encountered for awhile, it's a shame because God is so merciful. I have to pray (even though it's hard) for the people who I leased this property from, it is the right thing to do, they are not happy and long after this problem is over for me I think they will still be dealing with it.

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